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Matt, Unfortunately, my first listen was #492. This was little more than an advertisement for your new sponsor who paid you with several thousands of dollars worth of saw plus whatever money in the future. You were up front about it, but now you are basically a Sawstop employee. I will be interested to see if you will be able or allowed to be objective about this product. I understand you have to keep the lights on, but it isn't much further down the slope to turn into Charles Neil doing ad blogs selling each sponsor's product as the best thing ever. I will try some more of your blogs and see where you land. Best Wishes, PhxEngr
New to woodworking and I have a very small basement workshop. I have also been listening to Woodtalk Online.
Matt Vanderlist has two great podcasts, Matt's Basement Workshop and The Spoken Wood Podcast. The basement workshop does audio and video but more video content. Great for killing time at home but the Spoken Wood podcast is fantastic for a short drive which tends to be the time I want to listen to woodworking content. I subscribe to blogs from woodworkers all over the web but sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything in my google reader. Spoken Wood is Matt or others reading blog posts for the most part and is how I discovered Ron Hock's Blog and several others. Matt is also one of the co hosts of Wood Talk Online, another great show. Check out all of them! You won't be sorry!


By Dad#1a
I enjoy matts podcasts an topics