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Thank you, Scott. Keep your work up no matter how busy you may get.
Still the best NFL Draft Podcast!
Wish there was a little more player comparison. Who the prospects stack up. Who would you take in what round ext.
They can go so deep into day 3 players and give you opinions and scheme fits. There is always something special with each show.
To explore the complete draft this is the only podcast around. A lot of podcasts talk about who they think the top few guys are but here you will meet everybody at this party so if you plan on watching the draft beyond opening night......start right here.
U guys r great. Very in-depth and upto date NFL news. Proud to say I listen to yalls information. Keep up the great wrk!
Love this podcast. These guys know every prospect that has even a remote chance of being drafted. They lose me after the second or third round players but I love to listen anyway. Huge amount of info in every episode.
Scott Wriight and Shane Hallam deliver. Love listening to these guys. Scott has a very regular podcast delivery schedule, and gives you the scoop on prospects you may or may not have heard of. Great stuff.
I've been a fan of the website for years, and while Scott Wright may not have the profile (or the head and shoulders sponsorship) of Mel Kiper Jr, he is just as knowledgable. If you're looking for real analysis that looks beyond the usual stigmas that develop around players, this is your source. Scott has been doing the site for years, but Shane is a relative new-comer to the site/podcast. I get the sense that he's afraid to disagree with Scott, and that gets aggravating. I'm not saying they need to play devil's advocate, but Shane needs to step out of Scott's shadow and be his own man. It would make for a much better podcast.
This is the best draft show avaible on the internet thanks guys!
Truely exceptional conent. Especially when guests like colin linday or frank coyle join in. Some of the best draft content on the web. I like the podcasts better then the actual site. Thanks scott and shane! Love the senior bowl content!!
I've been a NFL Draft nerd a long time. I listen to just about every new episode. It's a little rough around the edges at times, but overall it's very informative and entertaining.
Waitting for the new podcast, really enjoy the show.
Shane and Scott really know their stuff. I have learned a ton from them. Really in depth knowledge. Shane is also without a doubt the most helpful guy on twitter,always answers everything. Give him and Scott a follow. You won't regret it. 5 stars.
This is the #1 best podcast of all. They give more and better analysis than any of the other podcasts. mock drafts are also very accurate. Player evaluations are great, interviews are great.
They know their draft
The best draft show on itunes!
These guys do their homework. Very informed about players. Great analysis. Only drawback is sometimes sound quality, when interviewing players, is not great. Keep up good work.
These guys make no sense in there picks Aj Green out Irving 10? Peterson to Arizona ?what ok first of all learn the Dahm sport and do this over ! Morons
Scott is a great guy. He actually helped me out a few years ago with a podcast I was hosting. Great insights, but get that content up there quicker! Looking forward to more player profiles.
Best draft podcast period.


By spico1i
Great podcast, Love the info and I agree with Scott and Shane, if the Rams' FO think that Bradford can be a franchise QB you got to go get him...and my Lions will love to take Suh in such an instance!
Excellent information from a guy who knows his stuff. For as long as he's been in the business, I'm surprised Scott isn't on TV in some capacity. He's handled his radio shows and website so well that he is Mel Kiper's main rival as far as I'm concerned. Screw McShay! If you aren't a commie and you love freedom, choose Scott Wright!
Scott Wright comes through with excellent work. His unbiased analysis and break downs of the players is excellent. Unlike ESPN, Scott doesn't just focus on the big names like Tebow, Clausen, Bradford, and the DT's. He fills you in on all the guys and knows his stuff. Excellent work Scott.
Reports and Mocks are always detailed, comprehensive and more times than not, accurate. Great resource for your draft needs.
As always Scott offers great analysis, this time of FA transactions, teem needs and potential picks.
Scott does an amazing job breaking down the draft. This Podcast gives you everything from rankings, to interviews, to mock drafts, to even breaking down small school and later round prospects. While the talking heads elsewhere give you only first round coverage, Scott will go even deeper every week. This is a must listen for any NFL fan.
Best NFL Draft podcast anywhere. These guys know football. Scott Wright deserves to be on ESPN over hacks like Todd McShay.
This site is the best for football draft junkies. Great coverage on the senior bowl.


Good info. Its good to here a few other opinions besides espn. While i like both, I like how these guys go team by team. Scott wright at times i disagree with his analysis but thats just opinion.(bradfords arm is stronger and more accurate than clausens). I wish these guy would do shows during the yr at the end of each week, like a simple stock up, stock down type of deal. Great show overall though
This has some of the best draft information and opinions I've heard, great show. I'm a daily listener
I enjoyed these podcasts a lot. The guys sound like they know what they are talking about, not repeating things over and over. They aren't biased by team, I barely could tell what teams they root for. They may not always agree, but give each other the nod and some credit if they don't. It is ten times better than listening to McShay and the guy with the hair. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to next year.
These guys cover all the teams very well, including my small market team (Saints). They get some good interviews and really take their time. I really enjoy it!
If you're serious about the NFL and the draft, this is the one. The depth of knowledge is incredible. The banal chatter and ego driven drivel is virtually absent. Even though some of the podcasts can go 2-3 hours, you end up wishing for more. The ESPN NFL podcast should listen to this one.
The Draft is coming up with not the greatest field going into it but it would be nice to have a heads up to wat is going on and who your team will pick, AM I RIGHT. 5 stars for Scott Wright and his countdown