The Marvelous Land of Oz

Reviews For The Marvelous Land of Oz

'Et Cetera' or 'Etc.' is pronounced: "et-SET-ruh" or "et-SET-er-uh." It's a 'T,' not a 'K' (or 'hard C') sound!!! I think it's nice that this is available for free and commend the effort, but PLEASE take the time to MAKE SURE you are pronouncing things properly. What if this becomes a child's favorite thing to listen to? Reinforcing mispronunciations in a child's mind is bad news. Sometimes it's worth purchasing professional productions for this very reason. Quality control.
I really enjoyed the book and the reader did a great job with the voices.
No annoying voices or sound effects. The narrator speaks clearly and the sound quality is consistant. A great reading of a timeless classic. For those who have not gone beyond the first Oz book I highly recomend they do so.