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I love the RTB material - so glad I stumbled upon it. As a audio buff, I can attest that sometimes a single production issue can be such an annoyance that it drives patrons away. As I skim through these episodes, it seems that they are plagued with the intrusive sound of one of the speakers' breath. Put simply: it's super annoying. It's a simple fix with a noise gate - and it would really boost the quality!
This podcast offers something for people of faith, skeptics and atheists. This team is a collection of philosophers, scientists and an "average" guy. They integrate science and faith. Some of them didn't start out as Christians, but came to faith when they found the Christian world view made the most sense when combined with their knowledge of the universe.
reformed faith + philosophy + gentle spirit = ken samples // this podcast challenges my thinking, gives me a desire to passionately pursue Christ and respectfully defend the faith. would recommend to everyone, christians and non christian alike, turn of the tv and listen to this podcast, so much more enjoyable!
An indisputable A+ of a show.
Nothing could be more meandering than something that tries to link fairy tales to reality. The title is misleading; This is anything but... See podcast title.
This was a great interview on one of the great Christians of the 20th century. Prof Collins is a very good thinker and his interaction with Ken Samples is very helpful, thoughtful and well balanced.. It is great to hear the Church represented by these two, worshipping God with the mind , as they do so well. C. S. Lewis , through his book ,Mere Christianity, had a great impact on me as a new Christian, and it is good to hear in depth discussion on the background behind Lewis' thoughts and works.
The best part of this podcast is that the speakers work honestly to view different aspects of the questions they engage. This is clearly a Christian podcast, but non-Christians could listen to this and hear what thoughtful, rather than strident, Christians think like when they engage real-world questions. The topics vary greatly, which is another excellent feature. The range of topics is so great that one can subscribe and find something interesting among the topics no matter what you're interested in. The critical thinking appears either overtly or implicitly as the main speakers honestly express multiple viewpoints, including views hostile to their own. Then they engage them thoughfully, identifying reasoning defects or justifications for assuming one position or multiple positions. Christians would do well to listen to all of the podcasts to get a much clearer education on how to be open-minded. The intellectual humility expressed often in the Straight Thinking podcast is much needed in today's Christian church. The intellectual rigor and discipline intrinsic to the analysis of any topic from a Christian perspective forces the Christian to recognize the difference between one's interpretation of the Bible and an objective understanding of it. Ken Samples and others in these broadcasts demonstrate the refreshing combination of intellectual humility, rigor, discipline, and open-mindedness that ultimately make the podcasts so useful as models of good Christian thinking, and make their reviews of the important cultural, scientific, and philosophical topics ia wise use of one's mind and time.
Ken’s podcast is like that creative restaurant with its own unique flair. Not everything on the menu is to your liking but it has several exceptional dishes that keep you coming back. Ken takes a deep dive into his topics. Not every topic will grab you. My advice is if a topic doesn’t hold your interest; move on to the next one because the next topic may be one that you will want to listen to twice. Several of his podcasts gave me a deep background on a topic of interest, where his unique insights were not something I could find from another source. Much better than that standard food joint where everything is just mildly good.
There's no God or Gods.


By Saneape
I was looking for a predictably one sided argument which only examines competing arguments in passing. Here it is! I listened to the A.J. Ayer episode on near death experience. The host seems to think that blood is what drives thought. C'mon guys, actually investigate your claims, maybe get an anesthesiologist for a guest or something?
Ignore the people who go around giving ever podcast a 1 star. This is a very thought provoking and interesting podcast. If you don't believe God this is still an interesting podcast that doesn't beat you over the head with Theology.
Here you have three guys—a "normal" guy (whatever that is) who moderates the discussion along with a theologian and a physicist. All talk very lucidly and intelligently about a wide range of topics. You expect from that description you'd be getting a healthy discussion representing a diverse range on opinions. You'd be wrong. There's two audiences that are going to be drawn to this podcast based on its title, and only one will be happy. The Nonbeliever is going to see the title, listen and expect, you know, straight thinking. There is some, truth be told, but it falls far short of the expected levels of critical analysis that come with a true skeptic's podcast. The Believer will be drawn to it (probably based on links from other Christian-related sources) and listen tentatively out of curiosity. They will be ecstatic when they hear three guys speak intelligently about things that already want to believe is true — and one of them is a SCIENTIST! The format and production quality are fine and in fact the three guys are great. What this show desperately needs, though, is a real opposing opinion to counter the blatant falsehoods, misrepresentations and misunderstandings that flow rampantly when they are discussing "naturalism", "atheists" and anyone who isn't a believer. This podcast is a good listen if you just want your previously held beliefs given a good rub, but if you are really looking for critical analysis and honest discussion of opposing ideas, there are better podcasts.
My favorite is Stand to Reason with Greg Koukl. When Greg Koukl is away (which is a lot lately). Ken's podcast is my #1. Greg should get Ken to fill in for him when he's gone.


By Ib2005
Thanks ken! Great pcast
Great minds here!
Don't bother.
Wasn't impressed. Intellectual elitism from what I could tell. I disagree so I guess I'm an un-educated non-intellecutal? Or am I...
I downloaded a couple of episodes because I enjoy critical thinking. I was misled by the word "Logic" on the podcast's logo. This may be a way to help christians dispell the many contradictions found in the bible but it is by no means a lesson in logic. The episode I listened to had a physicist as a guest and he was used little for his expertise and more of a yes man the host could parade around to show there are a few scientists that can seperate following strict logical means of arriving at answers in the lab from finding answers in their own life. How do I unsubscribe.
This podcast is designed for Christians and those interested in the defense of the Christian faith. In response to those who have been offended by the "dishonesty" of the title, it is clear from sources of this podcast that the podcast subscribes to a Christian worldview. The very beginning of the podcast explicitly states that it's produced by a Christian think-tank trying to integrate modern scientific thought and discovery with biblical truths. There is no dishonesty here, simply people proclaiming and defending their worldview, just like anyone else would do. Check it out if you want to hear reasoned arguments in defense of the classic Christian faith!
If you would like to hear how easy it is for intelligent people to twist logic to support a conclusion they started with by misrepresenting facts, stating unsupported assertions as facts, and generally using circular logic then this is the podcast for you! You should checkout their Problem of Evil cast. They go from saying, "Some people wouldn't even agree there is evil." As if that were a valid argument to saying, "God WANTS to stop evil but... uh... um... freewill! Yeah! Freewill! That's the ticket!" So a police man WANTS to stop crime but he can't because that would infringe on your rights. Not to mention they constantly mischaracterize atheism. Why are theists so inherently dishonest? Oh, right. When you believe in lies...
As a quasi-religious person who accepts that science and religion can coexist, I feel sorry for the bitter atheists who pan this podcast because it attempts to address this relationship. If you are interested in the science/religion relationship and are not a millitant atheist or a young Earth creationist, you will find much to like here. If you are either of those, you will likely listen to five minutes and give a 1 star review...
There are no reasons, no straight thinking, not even philosophy. It is clearly as religious podcast. Why deception? Why is it not categorised as a religious podcast?
I am not a student of critical thinking, but I love C.S. Lewis, I love Christ, and I want to learn how to explain my faith better. Kenneth Samples is AWESOME, and he is teaching me how to refrain from my tendency to always want to debate, to avoid ad hominems and straw-man theories, and how to stick to the main issue being discussed. Straight Thinking is what I have been looking for in a podcast. PLEASE, Kenneth, don't stop. I have been through every podcast, and I love them all, love your moderator, too (Joe). FYI, the minute I have the funds, I'll be buying Without a Doubt, but in the meantime, keep going. Between the Science News Flash (way over my head, but I love it) and your podcast, I feel like I am spending my time wisely by listening to you. is amazing, will keep recommending it. Love the new website as well.
If you're looking for a podcast on critical thinking, keep looking... this is probably not your cup of tea. I downloaded this podcast because of its catchy name but failed to read the description. I didn't realize it was produced by Christians and arguably for Christians. The podcast is essentially comprised of a host and guest discussing theology, philosophy, apologetics, and the underpinnings of critical thinking... but leans towards the Christian point of view and fails to adequately engage (or accurately represent) multiple viewpoints. This is potentially due in part to the format which feels a bit contrived considering the the host interviewer and guest interviewee are always the same. To their credit, it seems these two gentlemen are very well versed in philosophy and passionate about the topic, but don't demonstrate they posses the scientific background or knowledge to to even emulate "thought debates" on the topics covered. As a result, the argumentation feels shallow and unilaterally slanted towards the Christian world-view. I listened to 5 episodes before giving up. On one hand, Kenneth Sample (the guest) does a great job of explaining the nuts and bolts of critical thinking, how to construct an argument, common logical fallacies, but then almost in the same breath manages to throw away exactly what he propsed [seemingly] in order to support a heavy bias towards a Christian world-view. Might be more interesting if they had other guests with different points of view joining the conversation.