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I listen to a lot of different podcasts, but because this one has become such a favorite recently I was stunned to see it only had 125 ratings in the Apple podcasts app. Simply put, this is the best science related podcast there is. Look no further- there is no other podcast that has such detailed discussion of modern scientific research. Sure, the long format can be a drag if the topic isn’t of interest for you- you can skip over them- but for those 80 or 90% of episodes that do touch on something you’re interested in or don’t know about- the conversational format and the host’s uncanny ability to ask fantastic, knowledgable questions make this the delight it is. The host Desiree is a scientist as well and really knows how to get highly specialized researchers to relate their work to everyday people and issues, without dumbing down the discussion or becoming dogmatic, and there’s just no one else doing that. Thanks for your show and please never go away!
I have listened to every single episode of Science for the People. I love how the hosts make science a simple and geeky conversation, making science and scientists themselves more approachable and understandable to your every day listener. Science for the People is my favorite podcast of all time!


By cmrx64
absolutely one of my favorite podcasts. they do a good job at one of their stated goals: giving scientists a space to talk in depth about what matters to them. the hosts are funny and kind, and they always make the show engaging. I love to listen to this on my commute :)
I've been listening to this podcast for over a year, and it's become one of my all time favorites. I love the wide range of topics, all discussed in an interesting, accessible manner. Thanks!
Science for the people offers a balanced perspective of important scientific topics with good sound quality and quality reporting. Thank the cosmos for Canadians.
This is by far my favorite science podcast. Very good interviews that ask insightful questions. Does a great job of making the topics understandable without over-simplifying.
Don't miss an episode.
This podcast provides science content in a readily digestible format to keep me informed.
Great interviews and content.
Excellent program, I have learned a lot and look forward to every new episode. Highly recommended. Appreciate the new title of the podcast as the 'skeptical' part was too limiting.
It's thanks to outlets like this that science isn't historicized or popularized into oblivion. Support the people who support scientific culture and give this a list e.
Very enjoyable host, interesting and diverse guests and topics. And as a bonus, the coolest theme music for a podcast EVER!
The program has guests each week that are smart, engaging, and well-spoken. Host Desiree Schell explains or has guests explain the basics of each topic, so each episode is accessable to anyone. Desiree and the rest of the on-air team are clearly genuinely interested in their guests and topics, and it shows in the quality of discussion. I also appreciate the amount of humor and laughter on the show, to keep it from getting stuffy. And since it's a live, call-in radio show, listeners have an opportunity each week to be involved in the conversation. More than anything, this is a great introduction to the "Skeptic Community." Many episodes have suggestions for events, websites, books, resources, and ways to get involved in Canada and in the US, and Desiree and the guests always seem warm and inviting.
Informative -
I would love this podcast if it were not for the "nails on chalkboard" horribleness they call a theme song.
I look forward to SS - it rarely disappoints with interesting and varied topics, a great host (Desiree) and guests that really know what they're talking about. The theme song is pretty cool too!
I suppose my title says it all. Skeptically Speaking engages guests on interesting and cutting edge topics. Desiree Schell has excellent interviews skills, making even the guests who are not necessarily good radio material (as some scientists are not) seem engaging. The show airs live and questions can be tweeted, emailed, and chatted in for guests. Not all guests are scientists. Guests are invited from many different backgrounds, including activists and entertainers. Overall, I recommend this podcast to anybody who is interested in skepticism. It is not a "strong" podcast as some can be, but rather engaging.
So bias towards mainstream medicine it's ridiculous ! Hope you get any help you ever need from mainstream but I doubt it.
This podcast is a great find for me. I've been looking for another skeptic podcast I could put in my regular rotation and this one fits the bill - thank goodness because some of the others I've tried failed to hold my interest or were so badly produced I couldn't bear them. I'm a huge fan of SGU but find that this podcast covers topics in greater depth and interviews with the experts are thorough and thought provoking. Great job!!
These shows can be difficult to pull off! I don't sympathize with other commenters who perceive some lag in the format. Tightening-up of the product is inevitable...given enough time and encouragement great shows like this will have a loyal listenership and might challenge the "big boys"!
I learn so much from the variety of guests interviewed. Topics like gender and race are usually not covered by skeptic podcasts, and I love the balance between hard science, politics, and social issues. The Speaking Up segments and the occasional traveling shows (like from DragonCon and TAM) are great too. I would like it if Desiree would push her guests to actually answer her questions when they go off on a tangent. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does I get very annoyed. Desiree has a great radio voice and has a fantastic personality. I appreciate having a skeptical show that encourages listener input. Well Done Edmonton! Where's my California version?
My evidence. Every time I listen, I find myself smiling. Desiree always seems to be having fun exploring serious and seriously interesting issues in skepticism and science. A must listen for anyone wanting to enjoy an hour of critical thinking.
The host does an excellent job of getting top guests in their fields of science and she does a great job of coaxing their knowledge from them in a way the average person can understand. I am always impressed with the preparation the host has obviously put in before her podcasts. The professionalism shines through. The GMO foods show, the obesity show, and the UFO show are favorites of mine.
One of my favorite podcasts. The host, Desiree Schell has gotten better with each episode. New listeners should start with recent episodes like GM food, Science of Sleep, Fear, to appreciate the great conversation. If you are a fan of engaging talk radio, you will enjoy this show that focuses on science topics. I appreciate the fact that the host offers her audience a great deal of time asking questions. And also, I appreciate that the guest is always given sufficient time to convey a point (there's no interrupting here - unlike talk shows on television). Download the podcast and go for a walk - you'll be exercising both your body and your mind!
I can't say enough good about this podcast. While most skepticism podcasts tend to be rather dry (dare I say "boring"?) and are hosted by people who occasionally try (unsucessfully) to be funny, Skeptically Speaking actually puts out a podcast that takes an approach toward subjects that is serious without being self-important. It's not easy to take a lighthearted approach that still pushes out valuable information, but Desiree Schell and company do it with seeming ease. With a different guest each week, the listener is spared the standard host-talking-for-an-hour format (although Desiree could read the greater Chicago phone book and I would probably listen).
Incredulity about any subject makes your bias an impediment.
A must for skeptics, science buffs and people that like to learn new things.
The professionalism and insight displayed by Deseree Schell and her cohorts places this podcast at the top of my weekly podlist. She is one of the rising stars in the rational-thought movement. There has yet to be an episode where she has not both made me laugh and taught me something new. "Skeptically Speaking," along with "Point of Inquiry" and "For Good Reason," help to arm skeptics with information we need in a woo-filled world. Highly recommended.
Thoughtful and entertaining. Also informative without being pedantic. Worth a listen, unless reality bothers you.
Skeptically Speaking distinguishes itself from the average skeptical podcast. Host Desiree Schell is thoughtful and engaging. The mix of guests includes working scientists, skeptical activists, and artists and entertainers promoting critical thinking. This brings in a wide range of interesting voices that expands the definition of what's appropriate fodder for a skeptical interview. Also, the show actively engages the skeptical community in a singular way. Skeptically Speaking is the first skeptical podcast that's also a live radio show. This gives listeners an unprecedented opportunity to interact with guests in real time. And the Speaking Up segment provides a platform for budding skeptics to promote their causes, and get valuable interviewee experience in a reason-friendly environment. A rewarding weekly hour of skeptical listening.
Great podcast for the skeptical among us! Found this show by chance and I'm glad I did! Desiree hosts a consistently informative and entertaining show.
As someone sick to death of the current level of debate in the U.S. on matters of science, religion, and critical thinking, I find this podcast a breath of fresh air. No Fox News-style histrionics, just engaged and engaging conversation. This may disappoint lovers of highly produced podcasts with all the bells and whistles. But having seen "talk radio" turn into a contest among who can shout loudest, I very much enjoy the polite and rational discussions found here. And I love supporting campus community radio.
I just heard tonight's podcast and I LOVED the Skeptically Speaking with K.O. Myers from Grassroots Skeptics-thanks so much for the info! I live in philly and its awesome to find a place I can find other skeptical folks looking for a beer. Keep up the great guests!
Because it is also broadcast as a live radio show (Friday nights at 6PM Mountain time) on CJSR in Edmonton, this show can take live questions from listeners, via phone, email or Twitter. That gives the discussion an immediacy that some of the other skeptical podcasts lack. They are very tied in to the skeptical community through social media, and really take the pulse of what is going on in skepticism that week. Admittedly there are some technical glitches on some shows (it is produced at a non-commercial college radio station, so budget is low) but the program gets better and better as it goes on. Recommended.
It's great to have a skeptical show that allows people to call, email, or tweet in to experts with their questions. Great job on the Nuclear#2 podcast -- I think it was clear from the course of the discussion which party was doing the most distorting of facts, and which was attempting to be more clear and rational.
I subscribe to Skeptic magazine, which is a very informative and well-written. Despite the fairly dry nature of the subject matter (science, history, statistics) articles have never been boring. This podcast, unfortunately, is fairly boring. I've listened to three episodes so far and been regaled by two unengaging hosts prattle on about conventions they attend, housekeeping on Wikipedia articles, and how much fun they have meeting people. The informative and entertaining writing of the magazine's articles is not present.