DJ Jack Reina

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I’d love to see this show live and dance with everyone else in the crowd full of wonderful people wow !!
The most recent (October 2017) mix is phenomenal. Absolutely loved the kicking bass on the Goldfrapp track.
Ok, I have to admit, I was initially drawn to the podcast from the cover pic, but his music is as hot as he is!
Amazing track / mix. Wish you continued to update your podcasts!


By Alan869
This man has it going on! The house that jack built is amazing. He needs to put out more of this work. Such great skill and concept.


By djrdb
One of the best DJs out there.
This guy has it going on. Love his mixes
Jack is extremely talented...
He's the hottest!! and the music too!!! what a perfect combo!!! I'm in love dame mas!!! please more!!! Koko from San Francisco. ;-)
The music is as hot as he is.... WOW, keep it comming.
If you haven't discovered the thrill-a-minute excellence that is DJ Jack Reina, than let me invite you to one of the greatest parties on the planet! With a mix of thumping beats, electro-rock rips and powerful vocal anthems, Jack knows how to mix it up on the dance floor for any and every event or flavor! If you don't believe me subscribe to this cast and become one of the many minions ready to follow Jack's mixing skills anywhere!