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This podcast is on my 'immediately download and listen to' list and I look forward to every episode. Ben Curry, the main host, is a power gamer from England, Mark Wildman is fast approaching stealing Bens title as power gamer of the show after his recent results, but what makes the podcast different from all others is the loveable Gareth Dicks the noob with no idea about anything other than baking cakes. Gareth brings a great balance to the podcast that makes it stand out from most other podcasts. Keep up the good work guys, love your style and ethos.
An American listener hear and don't get to play often but have to say I love this podcast, funny, helpful and a little queer (ok maybe a lot) you guys are awesome and I always am looking forward to the newest episode! Thanks so much and keep it up!
The Bad Dice Podcast is awesome!
BDP is simply the best, most informative, and most entertaining war hammer podcast there is!
Great information and banter...the more I listen the more I enjoy... Check out the Daily for quick shots with Ben, that's pretty awesome as well.
Lover your show. Mark & Gareth were great additions. Must have for Warhammer buffs.
Ben, Gareth, and Mark manage to produce a podcast that is both informative, filled with great insights into the game, and also easily accessible to those who may be new to the hobby. I've been listening for just under a year and eagerly await each new episode. If you're looking for Warhammer based discussion, you simply cannot do better than than The Bad Dice Podcast.
I think I like it so much because it makes me feel connected to an active warhammer scene, I live far away from anything comparable so it's interesting to hear about it. And generally it's funny, has good pacing, etc.
The Bad Dice Podcast exemplifies the best of what a podcast has to offer a niche group of people. Ranging from detailed and high-level analysis to "noob"-friendly advice, the show currently features three great personalities. Ben, Mark, and Gareth interact with an ease and humor that makes the listener feel quite comfortable and engaged. I couldn't say enough good about the show and I've been a very happy listener for a year and half, not missing a single episode, and often listening multiple times to certain casts. Love how things have evolved and changed over time, and excellent new parts and segments (like the detailed magic Lore casts or the ubiquitous "Gareth's Query Corner") that have been added. It is obvious that the hobby (and sharing the joy of the hobby) is important to these gents. Thanks guys, awesome work, cannot wait for many more fantastic episodes!
I've been a Bad Dice listener for years and have enjoyed the lads over seas.The Bad Dice Podcast keeps evolving to keep the show accurate and entertaining . Absolutely Fantastic. Thanks for all the event coverage .
Amazing show, brilliant for beginners and veteran tournament players alike. If you are a fan of warhammer you absolutely must listen and subscribe to this podcast!
There's nowhere else to go for sound insight into the competitive Warhammer game. Ben's cherub-like voice juxtaposes nicely with his rip-your-scrote perspective into the top tier of Warhammer play. Co-hosts Mark and Gareth are the perfect foil to Ben's professionalism. Added bonus: you get to hear the progress of one man's girlfriend ever deeper into the world of Warhammer. Perfect for painting sessions at 3am when only God is watching. No apology necessary.
Bad Dice is my favorite podcast! Ben, Mark, and Garreth are the right mix for hosts. I enjoy the insight and battle reports. It's also great that they give you reasons for their decisions. Keep up the great work!
I've been listening to podcasts since the very first gaming podcasts started (anybody remember the Drop Pod Podcast?). Ben's current show is a great mix of conversation and tournament coverage. Mark and Garreth make a great addition, (especially when they slow down to explain some of the jargon). Podcasts should be fun, but they also should help you become a stronger player. Bad dice does this in spades. Bravo!
I thought that seeing as you told everyone to go to other podcasts and post how good Bad Dice is, turn around is fair play! Anywho, Bad Dice is the poop! Especially with Gareth, and those other two dudes. Give them a listen!
A well rounded Podcast that compliments Heelanhammer. The two Bens know the game well and provide a great dialogue to their tournaments and thoughts on tactics. Update: I was disappointed when Ben Johnson left the show, but the addition of Mark and Gareth adds to a more rounded discussion. Gareth, being a new player, forces the other hosts to explain jargon and buzzwords. Gareth's Query Corner is my favorite segment of the show.
You guys provide such excellent content! You have inspired my game to new newb heights! Keep up the good work.
I absolutely love Bad Dice. These guys are hilarious and quite knowledgable about the game. Honestly the cast has a great chemistry. They are able to joke with each other without the whole podcast getting derailed. Also having Gareth on the show is great as it allows a new perspective on the game from a newer player. Keep up the great show guys!
Great discussion and top content.
This is one of the two podcasts i currently listen to and its great! Both hosts have great radio personalities mixing tactics, reviews, and ideas with humor. The show always has great bits of information on goings on in the GW world with info on black library, forge world, and tournament events. The hosts know what they are talking about with many great tactical tips, but still maintain a very relaxed feel. Listening to this show makes me want to play warhammer and enjoy the game, rather then focus on whats currently broken ect. I recommend this podcast to anyone who plays warhammer, great to listen to while painting. Keep up the good work!
Keep up the good work. One of my favorite podcasts.
Very good show with 2 great hosts. Very knowledgable but laid back. Listing to this show is almost like hanging back and chatting with some mates.
I dont think there is a better podcast for pure WHFB talk.. not overloaded with BS like most others. Interesting from an American perspective to hear all the brit tourney concepts as things really are a fair bit different.
New to Fantasy and love these guys. Its nice to get a perspective on the game from outside of the USA.
Love it. Well worth a listen.
awesome show guys, keep up the good work.
I just wanted to say this is the best podcast out there. News, comedy, and GT info is what we want and we get from you guys. I always look forward to hearing what is put out and leave the new podcast for my hour and half trips to the store I play at.
Awesome show! Love the detailed battle reports. Very informative and funny.
This podcast is extremely informative in regards to the UK tournament scene and the Warhammer Fantasy hobby. It also takes the time to go in depth as to the international scene as well. Great job guys! Cheers!
What I love about this podcast: - it's really positive. It inspires you to play and paint, it doesn't get you fired up about some latest perceived wrong in the GW universe - it's basically news, tactics, and battlereports. AKA all the bits I read out of White Dwarf each month - the two hosts are hilarious, even when they're not trying to be. They also complement each other. And it's warhammer first, banter second What I don't like: - since they're strongly into the UK tournament scene, most of the battle reports involve daemons and dark elves. That's not their fault - it's just the meta of today - but it can get a bit same same after a while. But that's a tiny negative. In generally this is a 5 star podcast.


By ogreman
This is one of the best pod cast on the suject of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.They cover every aspect of the game from Paiting to tactics.Keep up the good work.
Another listener from the USA (Texas, in fact) just wanting to express his pleasure at such a great podcast. Hearing you two talk about your tactics during tourneys and such have really helped me up my game, plus the interviews I've heard conducted on the show have actually been quite entertaining. Just one thing: if you could, please squeeze in more talk about Warriors of Chaos- I never hear any podcast mention them except for in passing during tourney reviews and they are my favorite army. Anyways, keep up the great work!
Awesome Job you guys! I love listening about the Tourny Scene over in the UK, it's getting me hyped up for the GLWL over here in the states. Keep up the great work! Cheers
These guys are great. If you are a serious about Warhammer and if you want to become a better tournament player then Bad Dice is the podcast for you. If you aren’t particularly interested in playing Warhammer competitively you should still give the show a shot. Having only recently found my way onto the (limited) South-Western US tourney scene I have already found this podcast to be an excellent resource. Keep up the good work guys!
The Bens do a great job of providing detailed warhammer fantasy information. Their tournament reports are full of tactical tidbits and when they decide to cover a rules topic they do so in depth from every conceivable angle. I listen to every episode they put out and I have subscribed to the bonus section.
The Bens deliver a very good podcast. To me a good Wargaming Podcast has the following: 1. 2+ hosts. 2. Clear Recording 3. Good Content 4. Tourney Reports/Batreps 5. Army Book Overviews 6. Off Topic Humor quite a list I know, but Bad Dice Delivers on all of them. Thanks guys!
Great to listen to while painting. It keeps you company and keeps you interested.
The Bens do a fine job of Warhammer podcasting. The show is informative, and entertaining for those into Warhammer. I really enjoy the UK/European event coverage.Keep up the good work!
The two Ben's have settled, between copious quantities of hobnobs, into a highly entertaining podcast on fantasy warhammer. They have a natural relaxed style and the hour is fiilled with interesting comment and insight. Recommended for any hobbyist including those of us a few thousand miles away.
I just recently started listening to this podcast after doing a warhammer search on itunes. I liked it so much, I have already listened to all of their episodes within a week. It's a great show covering the UK tourney scene, and talks about what everyone is taking and how the games play out. They also cover tactics, and explain commonly made rules mistakes by other players. This has helped me a great deal, since I am still a newer player who isn't completely comfortable with the rules yet. I recommend this podcast to anyone wargamer, and hope to hear many more episodes in the future.
hands down these boys are the best! I'd love to see shows more often! More army "how to beat" guides please! MORE MORE MORE! The other podcasts can't compare to this show, check it out, you won't be disappointed. (and more detailed orcs and goblins reports!)
So its fitting they produce the best podcast so far in regards to tactics and tips on how to play the game. The discussions a few episodes back on fleeing troops and redirecting from the last episode were fantastic. Keep these niche aspects of the game coming. Another thing, not all yanks are backwoods yokels who can't understand a British accent I have no problems keeping up with the show. Thanks for all your hard work!
Although this podcast has quite a bit of reviews of the England tournament scene, it is run by two briliant generals filled with tips and tricks on how to play the game. Worth a listen!
The Ben's break down the Warhammer hobby with tips on painting, converting, tactics and the UK tournament scene. Very entertaining and insightful. A must download for any fan of Warhammer.
Your tips and tactics in podcast 5 created a bit of a sensation in my little gaming group. Thanks for the great website and fun podcasts. Keep it up!
Great cast guys! I live in the USA and find the cast very good. Love the new tatics segment!
Good insights into warhammer fantasy. Toss in 1/2 Warhammer, 1/2 Lock Stock and two smoking barrels, and a kiss an a cuddle and you got Bad Dice. Keep up the good work.
Unless you're into the UK warhammer tournament scene you're not going to get a lot out of this podcast. You're better off listening to Podhammer or World's End Radio...