Reviews For 8810


By Blktmo
Man you are good this story is well done thanks
Love it!
Enjoyed every moment of this story, the narration, and your sense of humor. Those people have been at all of the jobs I ever had! Keep writing!
I'm a retired federal employee and this audiobook was a blast from my past. All the "characters" are there: the Star Wars geek, the passive-aggressive farter, and Chester the M******r (no kidding!! I really worked with a guy we called Chester the M******r!) 8810 is a hoot! For me, it put a warm Thomas Kinkade-esque glow on what was really a rather hellish 20 years of my life. Try it! You may find it to be a comedic balm for your office-worker induced post traumatic stress too.
The world is filled with freaks and this novel portrays a few in the Corporate world. The Molith, and Star Wars character are of particular intrest And also the sound quality is excellent. Enjoy