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2MTL hiatuses are best treated as somethings in the past. A yearning Doctor Who Nation needs you, Chip!
found it from radio free skaro
2MTL stands out among the huge crop of Whovian podcasts due to its winning combination of a nice, digestible, short length and a thoughtful host. Chip is a lot more aware of social issues than the average fan/reviewer/podcaster, which I really appreciate. He also loves the show and isn't there just to pick it apart. There's very little filler in the short format, but he still manages to say more in three or four minutes than many podcasts can express in an hour.
I subscribe to other Doctor Who podcasts but I look forward to 2MTL releases the most. Chip's reviews are well-focused and hit on interesting aspects of the show, and in the off season he covers topics that are generally interesting to anyone paying attention to the Whoniverse. Run, don't walk, to the subscribe button if that sounds appealing and if you don't feel the need for the other endless hours of babble...
I'm a regular listener and I love this quick, right-to-the-point podcast. Keep doing what you're doing, Chip! Ever thought about doing any Doctor Who book reviews? The Drosten's Curse by AL Kennedy was recently released and I am enjoying it so far! Give it a read!
Kudos for the BBC update, much appreciated. Toby Hadoke was the perfect person to ask about it. Missed you a bit of late, nice to have you back.
This was the first DW podcast I ever listened to, and it's completely fabulous. He and I often have a similar opinion for different reasons, and he's always entertaining. Overall... Fantastic.
One if the best podcasts about Doctor Who. Thoughtful and wonderful insights. Thanks Chip!
I would listen to this show everyday if it were available. The "quick hits" format is wonderful and the content is always well presented. Everyone loves Chip!
Chip does great at condensing alot of information in the allotted two minutes. His podcasts are sometimes funny, sometimes thought-provoking, and always entertaining.
I wanted a somewhat objective and well-informed commentary podcast, and this is exactly what I had hoped to find. The comments include the writer's informed opinion, but without unnecessary, self-indulgent geek-dom. Thank you. I recommend this very highly to anyone who, like myself, is just dipping their toe into the Doctor Who podcast realm.
An excellent podcast and nearly a must for anyone who bothers to follow any Doctor Who podcast. My opinions probably align better with the RFS guys, but That Chip Guy's reviews and opinions are always very well thought out. He is very up front about his personal tastes and biases and frequently gets guest reviewers to help balance out the discussion. My only gripe is that iTunes only had the last 150 episodes and it was a bit of a pain downloading the rest of the back catalogue from his website (although worth it).
Make time for this one, not that it will be hard.
Still catching up on these, but really enjoying the podcasts. Always a very intelligent, thoughtful perspective. ... And the short form really works surprisingly well!
This is an excellent podcast.

By Mysci
In a world full of Doctor Who podcasts & rampant "pod-cest," Chip has created a niche and claimed it as his own. The 2MTL stands out as someone who isn't afraid to have his own thoughts. I may not always agree with him, but what fun would that be, anyway?
Chip does an excellent job of being concise but very thoughtful in his commentary on new Doctor Who and Classic Who. Great guest commentators too. A must-listen for the serious Doctor Who fan - not only for the revival series, but for many areas of Doctor Who and Doctor Who fandom.
I like the subject and the presentation. Of course, a longer podcast would be better, but that would change what this is. Great job.
Short and to the point. The highlights of Who. Give it a go, it's only 2 minutes!
Newbie - appreciate the accessibility, thoughtfulness, & clean language!
Give it a whirl, can't imagine you would be disappointed with the show. An amazing amount of concentrated greatness awaits you! Update: still enjoying my two minute excursions, but do tend to agree with the other reviewer regarding the trips down fandom lane creeping in. Less about the fans and more about the shows and universe would be great. There are plenty of folks doing the "Who's who in Who" and frankly don't have time for fandom these days, but do have time for Who in Two! Still an easy 5 stars for me! Another Update: fandom and other podcast stuff and chicks dig timelords still way too frequent for me. Lowering down to four stars... Plus anyone who likes 10th more than 9th, 5th, and 11th... You kinda have to wonder what kind of taste they really have and if you are comparable with them. :)
OK, the podcast is only a few minutes long, and its too much. Chip comes off as an over protective parent, RTD/David Tennant fan-boy. It's brutal. He is an addmitted "Nu-Who" fan, and it shows. Chip doesn't seem to like the fact that the shows have become more mature than he is accustomed to, and that it requires watching more than once to take it all in. It sounds to me that Chip would much rather have his view it once, disposable Doctor Who back. Thankfully Steven Moffat is in charge and will never return us to the absolutely dreadful 2005-2009 episodes. Days where we had maybe 1 good story a season. Worse now is that lousy Chip is invading other Doctor Who podcasts that I do enjoy. Will someone please stop him and send him back to spend his podcasts life with the Alternate 10th doctor living with Rose? A fate worse I cannot imagine. Chip is the "Horns of Nimon" of podcasts.
Great quality, easy to digest, and has a great way of explaining his commentary. I may not always agree with That Chip Guy but I always understand where he's coming from. Also, he did such an awesome April Fools Day episode this year that I wish he would do more Two Minute Techno-Mage!
I always enjoy my two minute timelord. Chip and is usually spot on with his commentary and what can I say who can't spare 2 minutes (plus or minus). Keep up the great work Chip!
The show delivers regular nuggets of enjoyment for anyone familiar or interested in Doctor Who. I like how many different angles at which this podcast approaches the subject material. Reviews, interviews, commentary. A well-thought out and produced podcast. Highly recommended.
Born with a voice for podcasting, Chip gives us everything we could ever want from a Dr. Who podcast in a short format. Great to catch up on episodes and trivia you missed. Definitely a must-subscribe!
When you need a quick Doctor Who update, review or opinion, Chip is the man. It's not that he doesn't have much to say; he's been a guest host on several other Doctor Who podcasts and can hold his own in any format. He also knows when it's OK let this podcast run a minute or two longer. Overall, a great podcast that fills a niche in the Who-niverse.
You will not find more succicent commentary on the web. Plus I had the pleasure of meeting Chip at Gallifrey and he is just as nice as he seems in the podcast.
When I heard the guys on Radio Free Skaro mention the Two-Minute Time Lord, I decided to check it out. And I'm glad that I did! It's short and to the point, so it's easier to keep up with than some of the longer podcasts. Chip has an interesting perspective, and I enjoy getting his take on the world of Doctor Who. My time is limited, so I'm choosy about which podcasts I subscribe to, but the Two-Minute Time Lord definately makes the list!
In many ways, TMTL is a breath of fresh air. It mostly runs a literal two minutes, making it the only DOCTOR WHO podcast that could accurately be classed as "svelte". For that alone, it deserves four stars. To give it more, though, would be to ignore that a lot of the episodes don't really deal with things in which I'm all that interested. Over time, I've found the host listing towards topics about fandom and rumours, neither of which matter to me all that much. I'd prefer a show that uniformly dealt with the substance of DOCTOR WHO. Given the choice between Chumblies and conventions, for example, I'll choose the monochromatic monsters any day of the week. The host, however, is genuinely interested in the nature and currency of fandom. For this reason, I find that my initial excitement about the show has marginally cooled. I now tend to read the topic before hitting the play button. Luckily, the number of occasions on which he's waxing philosophic about the show itself still outweigh the times he takes more pedestrian trips down fandom's byways. On more than a few occasions, his short sermons have proven boldly original, so it's more than worth the time to hunt for the wheat amongst the chaff. Even when I carelessly wander into a topic of lesser interest, though, the show's length prevents it from being no bigger a waste of time than an average commercial break.
Great topics done short and sweet. I love long podcasts but there is always time for a quick one and not a second is wasted in this one
Want to hear some commentary on Doctor Who but don't have time to listen to an hour-long (or more) podcast? Then Two-Minute Time Lord is definitely for you. It's charming, a bit quirky (often recorded in the car during the commute), and definitely enjoyable. Also, you don't have to be a cradle Whovian, steeped in forty-five years of trivia, to enjoy this one. Give it a try; it's two minutes you won't regret.
I never miss Two Minute Timelord; it's amazing what it does in just two minutes. A must for all serious Dr Who fans.
The show is new, but already like hearing every few days about the random thoughts on the show, and stuff I have thought about at the same time. Like calling a friend in the car and talking about your newist thoughts, or reviews on our favoirte TV show. Keep up the great work Peace Mike
I love this podcast. It's short, sweet, to the point, and entertaining.