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The only design podcast worth listening to. Really.
Although the audio sounds like the receiving end of a phone line, the content is top quality. I was hooked after listening to the Draplin & Santa Maria interviews. Web designers & graphic arts people will love it. Great stuff guys, I'd like to donate something for better gear.
Following design blogs will only give you so much as far as inspiration goes, but it's also important to involve yourself in the discussions that the design community has. This podcast is a great way to keep aware of what the community is talking about. It's one of the few design and creativity-related podcasts I listen to. Although, I like the hour-long-ish format of a talk show, it would be great if they had "bite-sized" segments that were more focused on one topic, as well, because I don't always have the time to listen to a whole show. Also, the audio quality could be improved, as I find it tinny and set at a much quieter level than all other podcasts I listen to. Overall, it's a worthy listen, despite the audio, because the content Matt and Aaron provide is actually quite good.
Excellent podcast with a great array of topics covered. Other than the audio problems they have I can't take off for it because they are still new and it's been enjoyable since episode 1. Here's to hoping they start a donation link to get some better equipment!
Great podcast! I enjoy the topics discussed and having veteran designers guest-in is a nice take on current and past cultures. But sometimes the audio quality is really poor like someone is podcasting from the bathroom. This needs to improve. Also, if you guys can place the show notes in the "lyrics" tab file, it'd be great! It'll show up on the iPhone when invoked.
If your interested in graphic design and typography, this is an interesting listen. The format is refreshing, and the topics rather diverse. Matt and Aaron are genuinely enthusiastic about the content and are open to interaction and feedback from listeners. Recommended.
Great podcast from two particularly enthusiastic design students. Engaging and intelligent conversation about design and type. This one's going to be big. My recommendation: subscribe to it now.