Live from London: Eddie Izzard

Reviews For Live from London: Eddie Izzard

How can you not download something funny and free? These are difficult time and we all need a laugh and Eddie Izzard is just brilliant.
i don't call eddie the king of comedy lightly; he has proven his genius for his craft time and again. you can see it in this wonderful podcast. it will open you up to a whole world of his work (if you haven't been already) i feel that eddie izzard is one of the most thoughtful, fun and sensitive performers, ever. his podcast is a rare treat, is this really free? pinch me i must be dreaming. good job to everyone involved, thank you.
Always charming, witty, clever and lovable! No wonder I have been watching his stand ups for so many years!
Smart and funny as usual. Are there any comedians out there besides Eddie that can make jokes about James Mason, Achilles and Ajax, religion, and farts in the same breath and make whole room laugh? I think not.
Izzard's so much more than a great comedian. He rambles, I love him, and Simon Amstell is quite smart and funny too. Surprisingly good. Definitely worth a listen.
Funny, crazy, critical. I just really enjoy the guy
The best entertainer in years! Hysterically funny.
Eddie is entertaining in any venue he takes on.
Don't know what that person was saying about being bitter. Obviously you don't really know Eddie or just don't get him. I thought the podcast was a bit of fun and I enjoyed it.
Is he always this bitter and angry? I actually feel sorry for him...