Fried Green Zombies

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A funny story. Very entertaining. Love it
An awesome story!
Fantastically funny, brought all together in the end, no loose ends at the conclusion. I want more of these characters.
I've listened to A LOT of podiobooks over the last 21 months. I was a voracious reader, but then my first baby was born. It's hard to hold a baby & read, & once she became mobile... forget it! She's jealous of the book & likes the sound they make when she rips the pages. She's just getting old enough to scold, but I've not figured out how to do that yet. Anyway- I think this is my second review. I felt it necessary because I was (from the title, 'cover' art, & description) expecting this one to be really silly & not very good. But I loved it! It's a fun, exciting & creative story. Best of all, the author does a stellar job doing all of the voices & reading. I really can't stress what a great job he does! So... I recommend this to anyone who wants a good SciFi story to listen to. Don't judge this one by its 'cover.'
All you have to know is that after a few hours of listening not a single human had been killed by the so called undead. The undead work as comic relief for about an hour and a half. After that, it’s just a one trick pony and everything becomes predictable and boring. We’re Alive and HG World are at the top of the “Zombie” podcast heap. Fried Green has a cool title, cool premise, interesting first few episodes, and then degenerates into a mess of cliches that quickly exhaust their comic potential.


By Vexter
Don't take is too seriously, It pretty good tho. funny.
Love the story and the voices fit well.
Zombies, rednecks, nerds, aliens and corrupt sheriff deputies. What could be funnier?
Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen I was delightfully (and hailariously) surprised!
Zombies, Space babes, Rednecks and a Nerd. Fun for everyone.
I was desperate to find something to listen to for a long day at work so I gave it a chance and very glad I did!!
I was prepared to not like this but I couldn't help it. It was great!
I love this podcast thanks.
You'll see one review complaining about the ending and what happened to Clay and Bob. That person didn't keep listening to the last few minutes of the very last chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Some of the humor and language was a little corny/unnecessary or unrealistic, but it wasn't enough to take away from a good and original zombie story. I recommend it.
Entertaining throughout. Definitely worth checking out.
I was entertained the whole time. Zombies, aliens, hillbillies oh my. Loved it.
I really enjoyed the podcast. Aliens, Zombies, Rednecks, and Comedy...what more could you want? Great stuff!
I never laughed so much when it came to zombies! I want more!!
John Allen does a superb job of reading and taking you on a journey that is hilarious and outrageous. The ending was a slight let down, but the ride there was fun nonetheless. The character voices were done well and the pacing John took as he read was perfect.
I loved this book! It had me laughing out loud, and still caring about the characters at the same time. It has a original spin on an old theme, and it's written well. Enjoy!
The first couple of chapters were funny as hell but then it just kind of went downhill. The parts with Uncle Crank were te best. I like the redneck humor.
One of the best zombie stories I have heard
Second best podcast that I have heard. The only one that beat it was seventh son!
This is a very good story i liked how it ended theast tho i wanted it to keep going. I hope u make more there wonderful....
One of the funniest zombie stories I've heard, you have to give it a listen.
Awesome story
Really good book
The fact that I find this story hilarious and listen to it over and over is proof that I have lived in the South too long but I love zombies, aliens, rednecks, and lampoon moments.
Fast paced and entertaining, for those of us living in the South, this book is chock full of rememberances we all have-- only with zombies thrown into the mix. The characters are well done, the reading is superb, and I listened in rapt attention all the way to the end. If this were a movie, I would expect Bruce Campbell to play at least one roll in it.
Check this one out... even if your not a zombie-head
Download it. Put the earbuds in. Pay no attention to the funny looks you get when laugh out loud. Terrific characters brought to life by a talented author/narrator. After a single episode, I just wanted to ride along with Chett and Harry and listen to their banter, whatever the plot woven around them by the author. More Chett and Harry, please. I downloaded a couple episodes to get a taste, half-expecting that I'd--to be blunt--find the humor too dumb to tolerate. Wrong, wrong, wrong. There were some persons/events/settings that might have been gimmicky, but they were intelligently used, providing far more than the initial easy laugh. This is a zombie tale that you can enjoy even if you are tired of zombie tales. Don't pass it by.
I love the zombie truck from hell, and those two rednecks, I am from the south and I love it
I loved this story. Excellent characters, and a very funny take on the zombie genre. Greg Crites was right, this is a funny take on the zombie story. I feel this story is right in line with any zombie story out there.I loved the way the people in charge were actually set right by the so called unexceptional ones when it comes down to the righteousness of the story and the characters. If another story with the remainders aren't used in another story, I will be flabbergasted. . Big time love to the writer/reader. Can't wait for another story by this author. Kudos to you...keep up the great writing.


By tabinmt
This story was one of the best i've listened to. Very interesting, kept you hooked from the beginning to end. I just loved his type of humor, kept story from getting to serious or to scary. In future will look for more of his work to read or listen to. Take the time to listen to and you will not be disappointed.
Don't hesitate....this is well written, entertaining, funny and you will want to listen in one sitting. Look forward to John Allen's next book.
Zombies, aliens, hotdogs, penguins and more. The book is insanley perfect. The voices are really well done. Mr. Allen does a wonderful job of keeping you wrapped into the story. A must listen to for any fan of creative works.
This one is great. It's funny, quick-paced, and has actually become one of my favorites. Definitely worth the listen. Good characters, hilarious storyline. I know, hilarious and zombies, weird combo, right? This one pulls it off with flying colors.
Why is Fried Green Zombies a podiobook you need to have? Two words... Preternatural wieners