Reviews For Celticunderground:The Celtic Football Fan Podcast

Just great, so it is like.
If you're a Tim, you'll love it. If you aren't, you probably wouldn't be reading these a bit of a moot point, eh? Hit subscribe, you'll be glad you did.


By dbjaqy
i'm from the US living in Israel and i love listening to you and your guests just to hear your accents and see if i can understand, thanks!
Outstanding from Eddie - the podcast is mandatory listening. From the current take on the Bhoys (all hail Lenny!) to wonderful historical anecdotes - it's all here
This podcast is an absolute neccessity for keeping up with current events with Glasgow Celtic Football from a fans view point. It's great to hear the "banter" from Eddie and his other guest cronies. I especially love the transfer rumours around the transfer windows as I live in the US and don't know what's really going on through regular media slants. (noted especially during the Dougiegate Debacle!) Keep up the great work Eddie and Co!!
Top drawer podcast, thanks Eddie you have made long drives in the US bearable! Keep up the great work a must for all tims!
this is mandatory listening for all Celtic supporters. My only complaint is that it's only out once a week. I wish there were more releases and I look forward to it all week. Hail hail Eddie and keep up the great work m8
if your a Tim this is a must...
Forget Pravda, Forget the Daily Ranger! This is what you should be listening to. Entertaining & informative 10/10 . If you support Celtic , then listen to this....
A great listen for any Celtic supporter whether you are in Scotland or exiled somewhere in the world, this is a must listen too podcast.
Great podcast straight up Tim talk, Hail hail & all the best in the future,from all the Irish the way was that the forces of evil,spying on your house from the chopper,in the last podcast? Lol
The best podcast out there for all things Celtic. From rumours to lastest gossip to interviews with past players and fans from all walks of life and general Celtic chat this has it all. Keep up the good work Eddie and all at Celtic Underground. Living in the here in New York it is good to hear a reliable source of Celtic news online rather than having to depend on the biased reports from the usual suspects.
Sack the Board - give Eddie Pearson the job!!! This podcast is a must for all Celtic fans around the world. Nothing online gives more entertainment and info on the Bhoys than Celtic Underground. Hail Hail Eddie