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The two podcasts hosts have a comfortable, casual repertoire. They hit all the major financial topics each week, while providing some commentary on more esoteric topics along the way. The stock picks and Fed limericks offer valuable entertainment at the end of each show.
Great tips and commentary on the market mixed with a refreshing take on current events.


By mr_guns
Some good info if you don’t mind the, often, political wisecracks.
Horowitz is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff, great to listen to. Dvorak is a simpleton and puts forth many thoughts that simply are not true (certainly on the political front). If you ignore anything Dvorak says, the podcast is good.
Some good stock insights, but it is often rambling and ignorant. It is also clear that they don’t know anything about science; for instance, neither had any idea what intersex means, and they scoffed at lab grown meat based on the fact that neither know what stem cells are. Also, the intro/exit thing is a little creepy.
Nitpicky nonsense anything we can do to down grade a company regardless of how they’re making money. This show is everything that’s wrong with the stock market. Ollie want to talk about is volatility and things that are incorrect as to the companies are doing a good job and actually making money for their stockholders
Lots of good insights on the markets.
I think the topics are great and comments by Dvorak and Horowitz are spot on. I am in the car laughing at these two. Wish I had found this sooner!
These guys are the biggest curmudgeons but they are hilarious! Debbie Downers (especially JCD), but I really appreciate their insights and humerus stories.
Great podcast which combines straight forward stock and business news in a fun, conversational format. One of my favorites!
Some really great information and interesting topics and guests. Definitely recommend
Even though I am not an investor I love this podcast because of the chemistry between Andrew and John. I also enjoy their take on timely business stories.
I love listening to their take of the world economic situation.
I have been listening to DH unpligged for about a year now after I heard about it on Horowitz's TDI show (also highly recommended!). I don't always agree with their assesments and opinions but I find it always refreshing, entertaining, and stimulating to listen to the knowledgable hosts of the show. I am interested in both technology and investing (and thus investing in tech stocks) , so for me this podcast hits the spot on all accounts. It might not be for everyone, but you should give it a try!
DH Unplugged is an eclectic mix of investment topics typically driven by current market events. John provides the techie perspective (electronics and SW, not stock analysis), and Andrew provides in depth stock analysis and market perspective. They update their “DH Unplugged Stock Picks”, long/short portfolio each week. Their contrasting personalities and viewpoints provide a balanced perspective and make for an entertaining and informative show.
Podcas is good, but dont invest with Horowitz, at the time when the market went up about 50% he managed to reduce my money be nearly 50%
I may not have given it enough time, but I was attracted by the title and tried an episode. I'm going to unsubscribe--have been listening for more than 5 minutes and they haven't mentioned publishing. There are too many other things to do / listen to for me.
I knew about John a while back from all of his tech stuff. I found out about Andrew through investing. So when I found out that they were doing a podcast together, it could not be more perfect. I love the interactions and discussions around everything business with a look at both tech and finance. Andrew balances John's general pessimism well. I always look forward to the next podcast for my commute. Andrew is a class act with his investing and shares a ton of insightful knowledge. I like the stock pick game they do and I enjoy hearing their thoughts on each choice.
First of, these guys are total dorks. They are politically biased Republicans. I have an MBA and listening to Horowitz at times grates on my nerves, he seems clueless in many areas. OTOH, I find Horowitz's hands-on knowledge is helpful and practical. You might also get some insight into how their political bias affects their assessment of the economy. I also appreciate Dvorak's relentless skepticism and insights into geekdom. All in all, a good entertaining show. It's easy to listen to at work while I'm doing something else.
I love listening to this fun commentary on market news.


By Jecnyc
I downloaded one episode to give it a test run, wanting to hear about Facebook, and instead of any sort of rational, quantitative discussion, they concluded 1) Zuckerberg is screwing everyone over 2) he settled by marrying his long-time girlfriend, and 3) his blood-shot eyes mean he's stoned all the time. Really?? That's your analysis?? How did you get a radio show?? Maybe I just randomly got a crappy episode, but it was crappy enough that I don't want to try again to find out.
Part of my weekly news,interesting info and observations
DH unplugged gives you a good rundown on what's going on in the marketplace. It's once a week and not too long. Worth a listen.
I appreciate Andrew and John taking the time to do this podcast. I like their bantor and discussions; it gives me an idea of what is really moving the markets over the past week, instead of the overhyped crud on tv. This is a low key casual podcast that gives great insight and even some investment ideas.
One of my top five podcast that I listen to regularly. Good entertainment and great way to pick up on Andrew's insights about the market and individual stocks.


These people live and breathe markets, they are both articulate and likable. Listening to them in this less formal context gives me a feel for investor sentiment and logic that I don't get from traditional financial media.
This show had so much potential. An investment discussion podcast, based on the market movements of the week. Unfortunately, what it actually is, is a couple of old hens complaining about theories that have no basis in fact. I would urge them to do a little research on the facts on which they base their "hypotheses". Consider this show idle gossip. I caution any individual to do his or her own research on any investment ideas that may be discussed. For that matter, for the benefit of everyone, I would urge the hosts do some due diligence- watching television pundit shows doesn't count as research Andrew.
Both have a clear and sober perpective on what is going on in the financial market. They are enjoyable to listens to as they speak in frank and honest manner that an average joe can understand.
At least in the one episode I listened to, (end of Mar-Apr 2), I found the discussion to be rambling, un-insightful and generally tedious. Mostly a waste of my time. Andrew Horowitz fans should stick to The Disciplined Investor, which is more focused and much more useful.
I look forward to this podcast every week. It is my favorite. I find myself laughing out loud at times. The discussion is very insightful and I love the relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for creating this discussion.
Good insight into what is going on in the market and why. Interesting tips on strategies and how things work, what effects the market etc.
This is the place to really find out what is going on in the market even if it is rabid confusion. I really trust these guys
Another no-nonsense, straight-shooting, cut-to-the-chase, heavily common-sensicle podcast teed up by Dvorak - along with Horowitz they're your beacon in the smoke and mirrors telling you what’s REALLY going on whilst the rest of the world operates with their head in the sand. Be informed, be smart – keep your ears on.


Great show! This casual conversation between the two breaks down some of the intended complex situation into simple terms.
I started listening to Mr. Horowitz on his The Disciplined Investor podcast. I certainly appreciate both Dvorak and Horowitz candid and often skeptical view of common market chatter. The podcast is often insightful and thought provoking. It is NOT an on-point rapid fire program, but rather the format serves as a sounding board between two inquistitive minds.
Dvorak and Horowitz are a good pair, but the episodes are sporadic, and not always current. I would love to hear them on a regular basis. Also, investment suggestions would be a good addition to the mix.
I enjoy the byplay of Andrew and John and would miss it it they think they can charge for it. John is interesting, but has never created anything worthy of payment in actual $$$. Andrew? If I didn't already have a savvy market guy fiddling my money he might get it.
While Horowitz clearly knows his stuff, his own podcast is far better than this one. The information here is just a rehash of what you can find on any competent Business report. Seems like Dvorak is just trying to hitch his wagon to Horowitz to obtain some business reporting credibility. I expect there will soon be a 'paid' version of the podcast for listeners who want useful actionable content. Pass...
I first heard of Horowitz from the TWIT podcast and knew of Dvorak back to ZDTV days when he had a show on tv. The two just go great together,, with Horowitz explaining todays markets with plain talk, and Dvorak is a good side kick, but times he needs to debate more and bring more detail out of Horowitz... other than that, I enjoy the podcast.
It is a great listen on the way to work.
Dvorak and Horowitz engage in worthwhile financial discussions without the glitz from the more famous talking heads. Dvorak comes from the everyman perspective using the very knowlagable Horowitz as a soundingboard for more sane in depth analysis. There is some overlap in subject matter with no agenda but it has more more nuts and bolts. This is a podcast that will help you make a buck or two in this ever changing economy. Definitely worth getting the feed.


Dvorak and Horowitz keep it real and are both a wealth of knowledge. Super entertaining and informative, with no agenda.
John C. Dvorak, a tech writer with a broad range of personal and professional experiences, and Andrew Horowitz, a 20 year veteran financial adviser, engage in conversations examining financial trends and market news. Their talks are very educational, but not in any way boring. They are not politically biased, nor are they trying to sell products.