Reviews For Dirty Circuit Records: Dubstep, Glitch, Breaks, House and all Bass Music

It's nubstep it doesn't have enough bass or straight tempo but it's still okay
This Dubstep is so awesome  as we speak i am listening to Make Dubstep not war v3 and it's so amazing! I'm dwnld 3 more episodes right now.
DC podcast is great! I have had Make Dub Not War Volume 3 on repeat all week! Woot! Keep up the good work.


By Aleusks
BA best podcast there i get all my dub from here love their mixes keep doing more. ppl love them including me
This are truly wonderful mixes, I enjoy them everywhere I go, not much to say other than thank you for your time, mixes & entertaining everyone!!!peace out!! ewelism
Why can't i make a damn ringtone out of your music? Please god, let me buy your music on itunes so i can make a ringtone
Great transitions, interesting selection of samples. However withing thefirst 30 min of o1.10.10 cast, I was sorely disappointed to hear 3 tracks pulled straight from bassnectar's podcasts/album tracks unaltered except in the intro/outtro transitions. If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, these guys must be as big bassnectar fans as I am.
this music just makes you want to relax and rave all at the same time!!! this is aweosme!! Madame Bliss is also a great artist
Yo world this is some of the best MUSIC out there. Give it a try. You'll be back for more!!!
Heard about dubstep when I watched a popping vid of Robert Murraine. Now I'm in love with Dubstep, all thanks to this podcast! Thanks for the great mixes
This is definitely my second favorite after BassNectar.