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Not knowing who God is, His attributes and characteristics is dangerous. At least it was for me. Tom Bradford’s Torah Class has brought the illumination of God’s Word into my life and the Joy I have is overwhelming. Thank you.
Tom Bradfords teachings are a blessing in this day and age. We are close to the end and he is shining a light and the Lord is working through him.


Essential lessons by a knowledgeable teacher of the Torah. Very interesting, provocative, and edifying. This is a great podcast for biblical students and teachers. Thank you for this labor of love. Shalom.
Great in-depth teaching through Torah from a Torah-Observant Christian perspective.
Not sure who’d I’d be right now if Tom hadn’t publicly posted his classes! Not only have I gotten a better, more clear explanation of the Torah/Older Testaments, but I learned how to break down the Bible without adding or subtracting The Words. Two full years I’ve listened & studied his lectures, while praying I hear what God wants me to hear & comprehend. Not sure if I could even feel at peace enough to fall asleep if I didn’t have access to Tom Bradford’s lectures. Thank you 🙏🏻
I think much is good but I think the teacher adds too much of his opinion. I wish it would just be strictly scripture teaching instead of adding politics, current worldly affairs and such. I’m sorry to say but Sunday is now the new Sabbath. Worshipping on Saturday is putting oneself under the law. There is reference to the first day in the NT. Yes, emperor Constinene may have changed sabbath to Sunday but who says God cannot use secular people to do His bidding? It is very biblical. God used Cyrus to rebuild the temple. Are we to say since it was funded by pagan empire and pagan money, we cannot validate the temple? Just because God used Nebuchadnezzar to conquer Jerusalem and take God’s people to exile, are we to say this was not God’s Will since a Babylonian king was used? Father used Pilate to send His Son to the Cross. This was God’s Will. God used the Egyptian king to fund Abram’s wealth as he lied saying Sari was his sister. But I do appreciate his effort and time for doing this. God bless
Must listen for any followers of Yeshua. This is what we’re not being taught in church and it’s a travesty. If you really want to know Yehovah, please take the time to listen. I’ve been completely addicted since the first episode on Genesis. In 4 weeks I’ve gone through about two years of study. I’m thankful that I don’t have to wait a whole week to go to the next teaching!
In Tom’s classes he really explains verse by verse. Other places I’ve gone to just skip and choose what they want you to know. Here Tom wants you to know everything. Leaves nothing out. He is a gifted teacher.
Tom Bradford provides historical Jewish perspective for those who are looking for more than the usual sermons and studies.
This has been such a wonderful and eye opening study to partake in! 💙💙💙
After going through all Tom’s lessons and working on my second time around, I feel like this... Being a Christian my whole life, it was like being a newly married wife. I was so in love with this amazing man, Jesus, who was literally the strongest, wisest and most comforting man who always had my back and for some reason which I could not fathom, loved me more than I could imagine. But like a newly married wife, I had no real idea who he was, his past, what made him who he was and why he acted the way he did. I just accepted it, basking in his unmerited love. Thirty years later, I am finally just starting to get to know my “husband.” Going through the Old Testament with Tom is like sitting a listening to my husband’s grandmother who raised him explaining in detail who he is and why he does the things he does. Why he says the things he says and why he loves me. All the little quirks I never understood are explained and now, having a vastly better understanding of my husband, including his real name, Yeshua, and his father’s name, YHWH, my love for him his deeper than I ever could have imagined. I only wished it hadn’t taken 30 years for me to start to get to know him. And it’s not just Tom’s teachings. It’s the whole new world of information out there that this has opened my eyes to that I never even thought to look for.
...precept by precept! learning Torah one verse at a time with clarification and explanation with Hebrew understanding has been a great way to dig down into learning
Mr. Bradford has a data driven historical approach to his teaching. It has made a tremendous impact on my understanding Christian beliefs as well as current church culture. It’s a masters degree class with high school level approach. Thank you!
This podcast was God given! I was searching for knowledge about who God is and an understanding of God’s word and God provided this Torah Class. My prayer is that Tom Bradford continues teaching and that God blesses his work.
I asked for guidance and was led to Tom's teachings. It's taken me a year to compete the entire series. I have a deeper understanding and crave more! Thank you, Tom!!
I have listened to the first four lessons thus far. God is using This speaker in an amazing way. Tom brings so much meaning and new light on familiar passages. I can't wait to drive somewhere to listen to the next lesson. God is so amazing and His plan is unfolding right in front of my eyes.
I just listened to my first of this podcast: Judges Chap. 20, 21 end. I was completely shocked that not once did he mention how terrible it was for the old man to let his concubine to be repeatedly raped and tortured until she died. Perhaps he thought it was obvious to everyone and didn’t feel he needed to mention it but he did mention how terrible it was that he chopped her up into pieces afterwards (because it violates Jewish law)? I think that was the least of the sins committed in this story. Not once did he talk about women as people, instead he talked about them as technicalities that were necessary to preserve the Jewish line. I understand that the men at this time didn’t treat women well, but who wants their daughter to be kidnapped and raped by strangers to keep a fellow tribe’s bloodline going? Not once did he bring any humanity to the situation or talk about how terrible women are treated through this whole ordeal. He didn’t talk about how cowardly it was to send out someone else to get raped to death or how the women must feel in all of this. These men killed the whole tribe of Jabesh Gilead, kidnapped the unmarried women, and then gave them to the tribe of Benjamin to be forcefully married to men they had never met who just fought a battle to defend men who raped a concubine to death. Could you imagine your whole family murdered and then being raped by your new “husband” while still grieving for your family? Why is none of that brought up in his commentary? Then after this whole terrifying story and explanation afterwards (which seems to justify their behavior because it was “normal in that time”) the speaker has the audacity to suggest that we are living in the time of the Judges. Uh… I’m pretty sure that everyone I’ve ever met agrees that what happened in this story is NOT ok. How is now like the time of Judges? Then he goes on to say that we are acting outwardly righteous like these men were?!? At what point is what they did righteous, even outwardly? Every single action in this whole story is terrible. Not a single good thing happens in this whole story. It makes Game of Thrones look like a children’s story. I can’t imagine listening to a single other chapter of this podcast. Granted, the first chapter of this podcast that I listened to is one of the most difficult stories in the whole Torah (the whole Bible really), but I didn’t like a single piece of his commentary. I am giving it two stars because it was at least well researched although entirely devoid of any feeling or human emotion.
I am grateful for the history of my Christian faith. I see the scripture I have loved and The Lord in such a deeper way. Thank you Torah class but most if all thank The Lord
Tom Bradford has to be the best teacher that I have ever listened to in all my Christian walk for the last 20 years.
Yearning to grow closer to Christ, I realized that I needed to understand more deeply the context into which Jesus was made manifest to humankind. I needed to know the scriptures as He learned them in his early years. I considered studying the torah with a rabbi but with no synagogue I turned to the internet. To have found Old Testament study from a messianic perspective was God answering prayer in abundance. After studying alone for a couple of years, my enthusiasm had become contagious and now my husband and I facilitate two small group sessions of study a week at our church using the Torah Class lectures. We always pray that the Holy Spirit will open our hearts and provide a discerning mind as we study. We wrestle with unlearning false teachings but these teachings point to the truth. Thank you.
I have truly enjoyed listening to Mr. Bradford's teaching. He has made the scriptures come alive and pointed out all kinds of things that I never really took time to consider and has helped to change/shape a deeper of understanding of Torah! Thank you so much!
Tom Bradford is passionate about what he teaches and clearly teaches what the bible says. I have learned so much!
Found this five years ago and the teachings have changed the course of my 57 yr. old life. Tom takes each chapter of the Bible from Gen. 1 and teaches for forty minutes, weaving the WHOLE Bible together as it was meant to be. He uses Jewish texts, Christian writings, Rabbis and Pastors, and his knowledge of Greek and Hebrew to take us back to the times the writings were made so we can understand the context fully. I thought I was a student of the Bible, I had taught innumerable "Bible Studies" for church women, I had read as much as anyone and had done enormous numbers of studies from our modern Christian leaders. I still knew there was more to God and His son. Tom presents the Bible so that we can at last know the truth of how we should live out our salvation. By the way, Tom ALWAYS says when it is his opinion, when it is sages and when it is God speaking. He does not try to make you believe in any particular way, this is NOT DOCTRINE, it is the Bible laid out for us to know and chew on. This is real study and requires enormous dedication to fully comprehend. WELL WORTH IT!
It took me a year to get through Genesis , wonderfully informative! I so appreciate Tom teachings. This is not easy info and we have been taught "insufficient or erroneous" information about this important time in history
He only reads bible chapters and that too with little knowledge that could had been attained from a decent bible commentary.
Excellent teaching, shalom & blessings.


I have asked a LOT of ?????tion with no answers. I felt that I wasn't getting the hole truth. For yrs I've been looking and I asked God to help me get to were he wanted me,to help me find HIM, the truth. I went to the computer spelled Torah, a word i didnt know, but God knew. He will keep you if you let him. the class came up and all my ?????tion answered. I started with the intro of Gen. And i'm on 2Sam. I can see the light,God had been good to me. Tom I would like to thank you for being & doing what our Creator placed on your heart do. Now I have a question and answer on Saturday after 6pm with my family and friends. I started them with the intro of Gen. Thank you God for your Word.
My husband and I are so grateful for Tom Bradfords amazing biblical knowledge. Torah class has changed our lives,The scriptures went from black and white to technicolor. By far the best teaching we have ever heard! Tom Bradford is a gift to every believer who wants to know God in Spirit and truth.Thank you,Thank you,Thank you. Michelle & Mike
This podcast is amazing. I love the thoughts he provokes and the points he makes. I have always puzzeled myself at the correct prunciation of the Hebrew names and wished I could learn about the Bible with cultural explinations. I never could find Torah Studies from a Christian perspective, I'm glad to find I'm not alone in "caring" about our complicated spiritual history. The Bible is basically one big story of humanity's (particularly Israel's) mistakes and God's grace. Some may say that Jewish history in no way applies to my Christian walk, but for me learning about Israel's custom helps me know more about the way God loved them and the way he loves me. I do have one complaint. At the beginning of Ruth, Rev. Bradford said the book would be hard to understand had we not followed the class since Genesis. However the only courses offered on iTunes are Ruth and I Samuel. If at all possible, it would be appriciated if the rest of the class was on iTunes and the studies archieves were not removed at any point. While I don't exactly favor the Ruth story (over others in the Bible) it is still a wonderful of how God can use anyone and of love and loyalty from a female perspective. Other than that Torah Class is a wonderful way for me to learn more about God and his people than just generic Sunday School lessons. Keep it up and God Bless.