Blood Witness

Reviews For Blood Witness


This was a great story! Everytime I thought I knew what was going to happen next I was surprised and wrong. Note to the author: it seemed like it ended rather abruptly with final conflict resolutions happening as an after thought; I was expecting bigger consequences after the climax of the story. If you were to add a few more chapters (or a sequel) I would be very happy!
I really enjoyed this story and was easy to listen to the whole thing in 2 days. Great job and thank you for this interesting new world. I hope you do a follow up novel with these characters, its easy to grow attached to them throughout your story.
Interesting mix- camps and jehova's witnesses. Very new and not the same old vamp story.
Love the storyline! Got completely "sucked in"(lol). Great job and hopefully will see more from Mr. Hitt!
storyline is wonderful. thank you!
It starts out slow but moves fast. If you make it through the first 3 chapters, you WILL be hooked. The ending was a suprise! I hope that there will be a Blood Witness #2
The chapters fly by,Dave Hitt gave just the right amount of flavor to his reading.Thanks Dave
It has been a great listen for me. His twist on the vampire senario is unique. I'm looking forward to reading or listening more of his work.
When I first read the title I thought....'This one looks kind of corney. But I'll give it a try.' Boy was I wrong! Fantastic!! I love vampire movies and now audiobooks. With my busy lifestyle, audiobooks are a blessing. I literally just don't have the time to sit and read my favorite genre on horror. There are so few free (and well written and read) audiobooks out there. So I was thoroughly pleased when I listened to Blood Witness. Wow, wow, wow. Great story line. I looked forward to getting in my car after work and watching the 'movie' Dave played in my minds' eye. If you are a vampire story lover like I am, you won't be disappointed with this one. Thank you Mr. Hitt for all of your time, effort and generocity with this little gem.