(HD) Wasatch Mountain Podcast

Reviews For (HD) Wasatch Mountain Podcast

I was instantly hooked while watching the first episode. You can tell that there is a great deal of work that goes into each and every episode and its so good to see it FOR FREE! Im from Utah so these mountains are my home turf and its inspiring to see these guys in action, makes me want to go shred the backcountry. Its definitely worth watching
Well done Parker Alec Cross! Honestly, great footage, great mix, great music, great lengths. Keep it up. KEEP IT UP!! To potential viewers: don't waste your time looking around - this is the real deal.
I just found out about you guys. Jonathan Van Wagoner told me about it. I'm really impressed. I've just gotten into boarding and these videos are awesome at getting me excited and out on the mountains and to improve my riding. Keep it up. I love the cinematography, the shots are very impressive.
Parker Cross has exceed all my expectations with his Wasatch Podcast. His talent is absolutly amazing. It is safe to say that Parker can hold his head up around the big dog film makers in the snowboard industry. He is producing films with the same quality as Mac Dawg Productions, and Absentine Films.
This podcasts really represents shreddin for what it really is, and has a good crew of riders. And its motherflippin awsome.
The best part about all of this, besides the underlining progression, is the cinematography. HD was the way to go, man! Really great shots and I love how it everything just "feels." Makes me wanna go boardin!
Nice to see you picking up where you left off. Camera work is sick and nice to see some new faces on the screen. Keep it up!
Parker keep up the good work dude. Killin it like always.