Reviews For The Dog Trainer's Quick and Dirty Tips for Teaching and Caring for Your Pet

Great information and advice! However....the way this podcast is delivered, is tough for me to listen to because it sounds like a script( i know she has pre-written etc) but there just isn't even change in the tone and reading to keep interested. I enjoy podcasts that sounds like more conversational.
She makes a very distinct claim that her methods are good and his/other are bad. Maybe incomplete? This podcast has very good and informative points, with well written and articulated topics that make this podcast worth listening. However, it has a corporate pet-agenda and does little to address actual dog psychology and how dominant or submissive behavior accounts for common "issues" and aggression. She asks to uphold the standards set by other qualified professionals (which is primary based on human psychology) without allowing for much growth in understanding human-dog relations as a whole. It's a monopoly on the pet training market. She is a trainer, not an educator. I look forward to hearing about how people's behavior influences their dogs(s) energy and state of mind. I will continue to listen to her opinions but respectively disagree with how she approaches important issues such as children, leash walking, jumping and feeding to name the usual. You won't get to the root of the "issues" by training around it. If you haven't heard of Cesar Millan's work, it's worth checking out to complement your podcast experience ;)
Hello, we have a new beagle puppy and I find your podcasts to be very useful. How do I get to the older podcasts? Thanks.
This is a brilliant podcast!!! I am both amazed and horrified that only 166 folks have reviewed it as of my posting. I've personally learned so much about myself and my dog - the author is solid and mellow and anyone with a dog can benefit from these quick blips of dogolini insights. Aurgh - best podcast out there. Sign up!!!
She's helpful and I enjoy listening to her podcasts. But I almost stopped listening after the one about how we should not "fall for" the breed of Bulldogs. I happen to have two and they are what led me to her, as I was searching for new tricks for them- because unlike she said, they are capable of being extremely happy dogs regardless of their short faces or health issues. Just take care of them and they're wonderful. It's extremely rude to tell people to "check themselves" before purchasing the breed. Almost want to stop listening simply for the unintelligent remarks regarding the breed as a whole.
I've been training dogs for many (30 plus years) and there is something in every one of these podcasts that I find valuable. They are down to earth, science based (no voodoo dog wispering junk mail) and just full of helpful info. I wish she'd do more of them. Love, love, love them.
This is an excellent resource for dog owners. It has episodes relevant for deciding when/if to get a dog. She also has episodes regarding issues for puppy training to behavior when a dog has health problems as it ages or has a traumatic experience.


This podcast helped me realize my arrogance in blaming the dog for my own mistakes and lack of information about her behaviors. With such insight, I love and appreciate "Princess" more than ever.
She does a great job describing how to care for your dog. I really appreciate the time she spends helping me tran my dog better.
Every dog owner, even the most experienced, will benefit from Benal's witty, friendly, concise, well-researched and always illuminating knowledge and advice.
I love The Dog Trainer! She is clear, concise, and gives really useful tips on humanely and lovingly teaching your dog what you want him to do! Good manners, behavior modification, problem solving, all topics covered and understandably explained. GREAT podcast! Thanks, Yolanta!!
We just got a puppy/first dog and love your podcast. Thanks for fantastic info!
Listened to the separation anxiety episode last night (one of the first podcasts I've ever listened to EVER) and you completely described how my doggie acts except he knows better then to pee or do anything else naughty at my house. He's the best puppy in the world, but sometimes I wish he wasn't so obsessed with me. Thanks for the tips, I will try them all!
As the human companions of two rescued Border Collies, my wife and I really appreciate this podcast. Jolanta Benil's approach to dog rearing and training is humane, effective, and just makes sense. Jolanta's voice is pleasant; she sounds like she could be one of your closest friends. But most of all, we find what she says about dog behavior, training techniques, and dog care absolutely invaluable. We've decided which of our dogs is more like Fidette and which one is more like Zippy. How does Jolanta know our dogs so well? Eight paws and four thumbs up!
Not only informative but very entertaining!! I listen to these podcasts while walking my dog. They are quick and The Dog Trainer's voice is pleasant and easy to understand!!
I love this podcast!!!! It's informational and the dog trainer is an awesome woman. But I do find she is a bit rude but overall this is Dog gone!!!!!
This show is a great supplement to dog training books and has some great advice I haven't read elsewhere. The one on reading dogs faces is a personal favorite.
I love this because its short. Its really nice for when I only have a few min.
This is an amazing podcast with very informative advice
The advice presented here is spot-on for the purposes of training humans to treat their pooches sensibly.
Ms. Benal's witty delivery, the information, everything about this podcast rates five stars. I enjoy the humor, but the concrete, solid, *kind* tips are why I keep coming back. Wonderful!
An excellent dog trainer who also knows how to deliver a great podcast - entertaining and to the point.
Its very much informaton and in so little time. She gets right to the point. This helps very, very much. I agree with everything she says. She helped a lot. The narrator is great and also great sound quality. So many podcasts too. You cover almost everything there is to know about dogs and training. Keep up the awsome job!!!
I love, love, love this podcast. It has so much practical advice in a very quick and informative way. In fact, I love the whole quick and dirty series, but this podcast is by far my favorite of them all.
I train dogs and I agree with 99% of the training tips on here. Great job
I love these podcasts. I listen to them while I walk my dog, or cooking in the kitchen. Basically when I can multiple task. But anyway I love all the quick tips!! I even train her while I listen to it especially on walks. But I was wondering what the zip code was to that phone number you give out. Thanks for these great podcasts.


By Ahmaeri
I think the best thing about these tips is the author recognises the fact that dogs are our friends and should be treated that way. Great tips.


More! More!! More!!! These segments are perfectly condensed for my three children as we celebrate one week of life with our new (now 10 week old retriever).
The world/web/everyone's iPod needs more dog behavior info such as is provided in this podcast; the author definitely is well versed in behavior theory. As a vet tech I wish there were more sources of information as spot-on and well-communicated as this one. She's articulate, too, giving clear explanation in a minimum of time. Looking forward to listening to more.
Fantastic addition to the Quick and Dirty Tips lineup, this podcast is destined to go solid gold. I know our dog could use a little brush up on his manners and now I have the tools to do it right. Keep them coming!!