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I've been listening to Among Women for a week straight now. I really appreciate how Pat shares a little bit about herself in each episode. I also like how the topics are presented in a clear, easy-to-understand way. I used to listen to Catholic Stuff You Should Know quite a bit, but felt a little left out because they talk quite a bit about local CO things and sometimes the content is above my head. I've only been Catholic for 2 years. I was turned on to Pat Gohn from reading A Walk in Her Sandals over Lent this year. She is a great writer too.
I love Among Women Podcast! It has helped me in so many way, as this adventure we call Life twists and turns.
wonderfully inspiring program that keeps igniting questions and providing beautiful answers and explorations
Pat has taken me through all the ups and downs of the past five years of my life. This podcast is like sitting down with an old friend who is always there for you. Well written, well researched, professionally produced, and so full of fantastic content. Thank you, Pat, for all of your hard work. You have blessed my life.
This is a fantastic podcast. Pleasant to listen to, great information about saints, interesting interviews and inspiring conversations! Makes me look forward to a long commute.
I am new to Pat's podcast, but REALLY enjoy her interviews and message. She is insightful and calming and a true blessing to our Catholic women community. Thank you for all of your beautiful work!
I love Among Women! It's like listening to a friend. I especially like learning about new saints.
I have been listening to the Among Women podcast for about a year. Its regular feature segments of a saint, a female guest, wonderful book recommendations, real life discussions that inspire in a soul soothing manner are a breathe of fresh air for any woman who is busy, stressed, and searching. I listen to other podcast series but this is the only one that focuses exclusively on women and is my favorite. Thank you, Pat.
Every time I am in the car, I plug in my iPhone and listen to Among Women. As a young mom, I appreciate the encouragement that Pat gives. She encourages me in my womanhood and in my faith. Pat has the theological bona fides to back up each episode’s “lesson” and the media background that makes every interview flow. She has a superb radio voice, and the format makes each listen such a joy. Pat’s podcast is consistently uplifting, fun, interesting, and super high quality. Very, very well done.
Very thoughtful and easy to listen to! Thanks so much.
I've been listening to Among Women for years and am very grateful to Pat for sharing her wonderful faith, knowledge, and talent. Her topics and guests are as engaging and inspiring as ever, and I've made many other happy discoveries through her recommendations (e.g. Mystic Monk coffee, some of my favorite blogs, and a Third Order Carmelite community to which I now belong).
I gave up listening to the radio for Lent; instead I listened to Among Women podcasts. Now that Lent is over I have not gone back to the radio I love this podcast so much. I love the saint segment because I never knew there were do many women saints. I always learn something! I really enjoy the conversation segment too because it is substantive - not just someone talking about what they did today. The variety of topics is wonderful- really touching on all aspects of Catholic life.
I like to listen to this in the middle of the day when my eyes start to cross from staring at a computer screen too long! I just close my eyes, relax at the sound of Pat's soothing voice, and drink in the wisdom. Keep it up, Pat!
Excellent discussion of important topics, in a very down-to-earth format. Thanks!
Warm, friendly, spiritually uplifting, the Among Women podcast is a favorite of mine. Pat Gohn often provides new insight into the lives or writings of familiar historical women of faith, or she might introduce interesting stories about less familiar blessed or saintly women. I look forward to each new podcast. There is a prayerful feeling, and a warmth in the interviews and conversations with guests. All this makes this podcast a wonderful source of inspiration. I love it.
If you are looking for an addition to your Lenten reflections, this is the podcast you want. Among Women rocks!!
Love this podcast.... great discussions of saints, interviews with Catholic women, and reflections by Pat.
Among Women is counted among my favorite podcasts. It brought me to the Rosary and Mary and then into the Catholic church. The podcast isn't fully responsible as teh Holy Spirit was working through it. Pat has a wonderful, soothing voice. The music transitions are soft and gentle. These two factors make this a podcast I can listen to when I am having a really bad migraine. Thank you, Pat, for the amazing work and I hope you continue making the podcast for a long time.
This is so full of wonderful topics.
I am new to the podcast and have become eager to hear the next podcast each week. Pat Gohn has a wonderful approach to her faith sharing which has made me want to learn more. I am a convert to the catholic faith and the information I hear in the podcasts each week takes me closer to God and my faith stronger. Thank you, Pat. Keep it up...this is just what I needed.
I look forward to spending some time each week growing in faith as a woman, with other women. This podcast is a must for ALL Catholic women.
Absolutely love this podcast. So indepth and rich and educational and inspiring and... Anyone would benefit from listening to Pat's very well done production.
Pat Gohn's podcast is terrific! Her voice is soothing and her personality is lovely. The topics and guests are interesting. I love listening to this all through the day. Thanks Pat!
I loved the panel of women discussing their experiences with Adoration. While I always appreciate the wonderful learned women who speak so eloquently and faithfully about their areas of expertise, the regular women from the pews, those ladies who might be sitting next to me in mass, always make me feel like whatever they are doing is something that I can easily incorporate into my own spiritual journey. Thanks for the delightful conversation among women today!
I enjoy listening to this podcast. I feel like I'm sitting down for coffee with a close friend.
Combining her professional broadcast background and her deep Catholic faith make this a great podcast. This is a must have resource for all Catholic women and any woman in search of a great faith based show. Pat's podcast is a blessing to the community!
Pat Gohn's podcast is both inspirational and informative. I enjoy listening to her guests, about the saints and at the same time a great message! She brings our Catholic faith together with the different issues of our times with great ease. Thanks Pat for all your hard work! Hugs Ebeth
If you didn't know better you would think this program was on NPR or a nationally syndicated radio show. Pat's shows are informative and fun to listen to as we gather among women.

By cahi
This is one of the first Podcast I listened to and have been a subscriber ever since. I love how much you learn about women saints and the intereviews. Pat is like the neighbor you'd love to have ~ she's very warm and welcoming! I feel like I've know her for awhile, even though we've never met. I think this is a Podcast that could be syndicated on Satellite Radio or local radio, too. But, for now I'm so blessed to be able to listen to this Podcast , thanks to SQPN, from my iPod.
Pat Gohn's weekly "Among Women" podcast highlights women doing fascinating things with their faith in our day and age as well as female saints throughout history whose lives and accomplishments are examples to us all. A must-listen!
I am a Catholic convert through RCIA 8 years ago and finding Pat G very inspiring in my journey to really deepen my Catholic faith! Many blessings to you Pat!
I started listening to the podcast as I was wondering what Catholicism is all about. My roommate is a Catholic woman who was a novitiate but discovered that wasn't the path God was calling her to. The first episode I listened to was titled, What I love about Mary. Having grown up as a nominal Protestant, I didn't understand the fascination with Mary that my Cathollic friends have. After reading a few books and then finding Pat's wonderful podcast, I finally have a better understanding of the joys Mary brings and how she fits into God's plan. Since then, I've been listening to the weekly podcasts on my way to and from work, a half hour commute one way so perfect for a podcast. I've also been catching uup on the older podcasts and really getting an understanding of the saints, who they were and how they impacted our history as Christians and Catholics. I haven't quite become a member of the Catholic Church, but am in the process. Pat's podcast is a great help in putting the sometimes esoteric ideas of religion into accessible ways of understanding them. Thank you, Pat, for your wonderful podcast.
I don't have a lot of time to listen to podcasts, but I make the effort to listen to this one every week. I've only recently started listening, but so far each podcast has impacted me in a significant way. I especially love the segment 'Blessed are They' where Pat introduces us to good, loving women role models for our Christian faith.
Pat does a great job each week with her podcast. Her soothing voice and the way she relates inspirational and faith-filled topics to our life today, especially for women, can't be beat. I am hooked!
This is a great podcast. Even though it focuses on topics related to its target audience, Catholic women, I think anyone of any faith would find it interesting. There's no man-bashing or Protestant-bashing, in fact no bashing of any kind. Pat Gohn is incredibly warm and welcoming, as well as educated and informative. I look forward to my weekly dose of AW and always come away with my faith strengthened.
I have listen to SQPN from the first days of podcasting. Thank God Fr. R found you. What a wonderful podcast that I can listen to anytime and be inspired. Beautiful job Pat. As you have said it is a calling and a ministry for you and we benefit. As a nurse I feel the same way taking care of mothers and babies. It is not a job if you love it and feel called. Thank you for providing me a little escape to listen and enjoy with peace. May God Bless you and your family, ps the music is great too. Donna
Pat I love the information you give about the saints. Thanks for all the wonderful podcasts. :)
Do you know how to bake brownies? You get out flour , sugar, chocolate, eggs, milk, etc. But if you leave it on the counter, it doesn't do any good. You've got to mix it all together and then put it in the oven to become that chocolatey awesomeness known as brownies. That's what Pat Gohn's podcast is. It's the amalgamation of all these good Catholic things that you never could quite put together. The Rosary in my life? How does that work? Pat's got it covered. How do I live my life in a Catholic way? Pat interviews a contemporary Catholic woman every week. What am I supposed to do with all those saints? Pat reveals the grace in a different woman saint's life every week and translates it so I can use the example in my daily life. Pat is a great translator - she translates all these rich aspects of Catholic faith into something that we can use directly in our daily lives. Listening to this podcast is like praying - it puts you in the presence of God and inspires you to awe of our God's love and mercy.
Thank you PAt for sharing your wonderful podcast with us. It is wonderful to listen to you and your guests! Heather
I love this podcast! Mrs. Gohn has such a wonderful way of presenting the faith! AWESOME!
I love to listen to this podcast. Talking about the role women play in the Church, at home, and in community. It feels like sittings Among Women in a tea or coffee shop discussing things relevant and feminine. I love that it include prayer, facts, stories, and simply discussion.
I love this podcast. Pat mixes traditional Catholic values with the life of modern women. She challenges me to be aware of who I am and what I stand for. The topic matter is rich with discussion of topics that face all women today and require us to respond in a Christian way. Thank you, Pat, for sharing your talents with all women.

By SC48
Wonderful podcast! Pat does a terrific job of bringing female saints together with contemporary women of faith - truly inspirational! Pat helps me stay focused on the true meaning of life!

By ZinMA
Pat has a great broadcast voice, and many of the guests she finds are really wonderful women. The show is inspiring. And darnit it makes me feel good to listen to it.
I only started listening regularly in August or September, but I was soon hooked and found myself walking around my house, walking my dog, and walking on campus wired to my i-pod as I caught up on Among Women podcasts. Your podcast is an absolutely fantastic resource, especially, I think, for young women like me. Thanks for highlighting both our sisters in Christ who have paved the way and the saints among us now whose examples can give us strength and courage to live out our unique callings as Catholic women. I am always eagerly waiting for the next installment!
Recently I was introduced to various Catholic Podcasts, I feel that I struck gold when I found Among Women. I love each one so far and have been telling all of my friends about it. Pat is easy on the ears and full of so much knowledge. Thanks for all of your hard work. God Bless
This is my favorite podcast. I listen every week.

By kmtw
Food for thought and for the soul. Wonderful reflections and insights. Interesting mix of topics and guests. I look forward to Pat's podcast each week.
I love, love, love this podcast! Pat has chosen excellent topics and speakers. Pat is knowledgeable and well balanced in her faith perspective. What a great resource for Catholic women.