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Thanks for posting these Les!
I love Les stroud! His shows are amazing and the podcasts are great. I hope we see many more podcasts!
I love your show and I think that the podcasts are great too because I get to see the other side of you
Great videos. You rock.
Yea the podcast is the best I have seen and Les is my favorite guy for how to survive and stuff. This is great cuz you can finaly picture Les with a (semi)regular life instead of a guy hou doesent do anything but wake up one morning and say " hey I want to survive in Africa with no food or water". I Love This Podcast


i love les stroud . he is my idol. i like how he has his own blog so us fans can keep up with him. i agree that they should be longer and more often . hopefully he will get another show sometime soon. :D


Les Stroud really knows his stuff! I agree they could be longer or more often.
Survivorman is amazing, cool musician too! This is a pownage behind the scenes tour. Only problem with these pod casts is that they are not longer!