Arnaud has by far the best mixes around. I have blasted his music on repeat during several long trips and even recently my long subway trips to work. I've watched him perform live at a couple clubs and can say his transitions are flawless and music makes you want to dance for hours. If you are looking for great music to dance to or blast at your party, this is the podcast to subscribe to. New mixes every month! 5 stars buddy.
If your on the move or stuck at home and you think your missing out because your not going to a club, think again. His podcasts have a broad diversity of eclectic music, it will make you feel as if your on the dance floor at well respected NYC club. RNO from Paris is a must to subsrcibe to, his choice in music and the order he puts them in is well executed and will surely get your body moving and grooving to the well mixed music. If you don't move your body to this podcast then I don't know what will. Five NYC Red Apples !!
The songs in these mixes were thoughtfully chosen and carefully sequenced. The transitions are perfect. Rno from paris blends the hottest tracks with new and unheard songs that take you to another place, and make you want to dance! A must listen for any dance music lovers, and a great entrance to the world if you've never listened.
RNO From Paris knows just how to mix the perfect dance tune when he's not live casting or making awesome videos! This audio podcast is a must download for dance and music lovers!!
Discovered RNO from Paris audio podcast while watching one of RNO's Justin.tv's weekly broadcast shows, which consists of music, chat & fun entertainment, now he's dishing out some sweet house music sounds straight out of NYC, highly recommend downloading this podcast, Thumbs up!