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From the minute that you "trap into the Opus", Santiago Guerra makes you feel as if you're just having a daily conversation with a good friend. His great knowledge, love, and respect for music is shown threw his powerful yet subtle opinions. Though you might not agree with everything he says, you can't help but to respect him.
Podcast from TheOpus-Santiago Guerra will not disappoint! He can make u cry, he can make u laugh, he can make u think, he can make u wonder, he can make u imagine....he comes up with the most clever topics too! I guarantee this is a podcast all can enjoy for sure! Dont miss a single show!
That's all i really have to say. But I'll add more. The Opus is a great podcast and if your not listening to this show, you're missing out. DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY!!!
I would agree...this podcast is great! I'm not one whose known to be in the loop when it comes to anyting of the creative field, but the Opus opens an entire new world for me. Great Podcast! 100% recommend!
the Opus gives such a down to earth view on all things art! If your into music, movies, tvshow, art from any kind. LISTEN. TO. THIS. PODCAST! The Opus is a must listen!
I look forward to this podcast! Awesome points of view on music and art! Great stuff and is a must listen!
Seriously, it does not sound low budget at all, the author has excellent taste in music, especially of the rock variety. Highly recommend to music fans and just people that want to listen to a good show.