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great people
I just heard about this show a week ago and it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Not just the discussion of tech, but how it is affecting us, and how we can incorporate pieces of tech into our lives. What makes this show even better is the class & integrity of Steve and Dave. They really shine and it shows! Fantastic show.
Great show. like the two person interaction and flow. Listening to update of project Spartan, the end of Internet Explorer.
I enjoy listening to every episode!
The guys do a nice job reporting and reflecting on the tech news of the day. They have good heads on their shoulders, and have interesting takes on the topics.
Great podcast. Entertaining and informative.
This is an informative podcast. The guys mesh well and the conversatoin is always engaging.
I don't listen to many podcasts, but I do subscribe to Waves of Tech. Steve, Mikee and Dave are all guys I can relate to. Each of them bring something different to the table and it makes for an enjoyable listen each and every time. The range of topics is impressive, I always learn something new with each show and I look forward to it every two weeks. I would recommend giving WOT a listen. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
I am impressed with this podcast....you can tell that they research the items that they discuss and they make it easy to understand for someone who may not be a technology geek. I can't wait to download the newest one when it hits the site. I hope that they succeed with their podcast as you can tell they take this seriously and that they take the time to show all sides to the issues that they talk about. They show how it relates to everyday life which I like.