Reviews For Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting with Annie Fox, M.Ed.


By 13qz3
I love Annie's style . I first heard her on an interview with another parenting expert and she does a wonderful job really drawing out the interviewee . I can implement her good , practical , down to earth advice with my 6 children !
There are so many parenting resources out there (which can be too overwhelming) but I feel so supported, and more confident and successful as a parent, because of Annie’s books, podcasts, and blog. Her topics always current, relevant and relatable; her advice always sensible, do-able, and positive. Every parent (and school) should know about Annie Fox and have her resources in their parent toolkit to help them cope with all the important and challenging situations they encounter on their parenting journey! Thank you Annie!
Annie has a real gem of a show here. I was honored to be a guest discussing how to create a more balanced life for working moms and Annie has yet to disappoint with giving great tips for parenting.
She has done a great of putting together a resource for families. Thanks Annie
Annie provides a great reources to parents with wonderful guests in a comfortable setting. Keep rockin' it out Annie!!!
Annie Fox has such a way of getting through to teens and Tweens with her beautifully written books, podcasts, articles, etc. She has worked with children and parents for over 40 years, and in my book, is considered one of the "Pioneers" of the "Anti-bullying" movement of today. Her books have been used as confidence building tools throughout classrooms and homes across America, with great success! I will continue to be a huge fan and supporter of hers for a long time to come!
If there is one contemporary author who understands the fun, but albeit, hard to please tween and teen age groups- it is ANNIE FOX! Two thumbs up for her books, blog, and advocacy to stop bullying within our schools, homes and neighborhoods! Bravo to Annie! Louise Sattler, Psychologist Host on HerInsight Media Louise Sattler Show- Where Learning Meets Laughter!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Annie Fox's Podcast "Secrets of sucessful parenting. It brought back some memories. Growing up my own Mother was an excellent cook who's efforts were greatly under rated and unappreciated. I think Mom would have enjoyed reading about something she certainly didn't find amusing at the time, but looking back I think now it would bring a smile, if for no other reason other than we all survived it. I think many people will relate to the story and enjoy the humor.
I love all of Annie's podcasts. Always lots of great information on parenting and kid psychology... and Annie is so much fun to listen to I feel like I've got a dear friend over for a visit.
I'm a new Annie Fox fan! I first got connected to Annie via Twitter for some parenting advice, and I dove right into her web site. Annie is a GREAT interviewer. I loved tuning to this very honest show with Ayelet: bold questions asked, and heartfelt answers given.