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I listen to the Weekly Weather. Thank you, Anne💛
She’s so informative and makes astrology really easy to understand for the novice but also gives enough detail for those in serious study.
In my mind Anne is my best friend who advises me lovingly and assertively every week with her SPOT ON weekly weather. She is clear, practical and absolutely beyond talented at reading astrology and how it fits into our daily lives and the world.
She’s the real deal.
Anne is a gifted astrologist, and brings this free resource to us every week. Once you get the basics of astrology down, her forecast offers a great look at the influence of the sky above.
Enjoy the pod. I like that it is short and sweet. I like how you remind us about the degrees the current planets in to look to our own chart for the same degrees. Obviously I am a newbie and your pod helps. Thanks from Oklahoma
I have no doubt there would be good information in this podcast. Unfortunately, the audio was so bad, I gave up trying to listen to it.
Not only a great show from the red desk, I was lucky enough to live around the corner from her and would meet up with my girlfriend for regular readings. After studying and taking classes in astrology, I started seeing Anne and not only would I get my in depth reading but a much greater depth of understanding in what my chart was telling me and the nuances I’d missed. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to learn from her and enjoy our time in person and now that I no longer live in NYC I look forward and take comfort hearing her calming presence on the air.
My favorite astrology podcast by far! Anne keeps you up to date with planetary activities and helps make astrology easy to understand. Plus she's got a big personality you can't help but love. I always look forward to hearing what she has to say each Sunday!
Look forward to Sunday, I can always tip toe thru the week when it’s a three pager.
This is the podcast I look forward to most every week. Even to someone who barely understands astrology, this show is so helpful and entertaining. Anne makes the aspects and interpretations so relatable and easy to understand. My friends and I often talk about how much we love this show and its' delightful host.
Anne Ortelee is the best at interperting the planetary weather to the curious earth bound souls. Thanks Anne for the years of GREAT astrology!
I find out what's in store, or at least the energy available. Anne is SO talented, I treasure listening to her podcast.
Yep, it finally happened.... Out of the blue I found a new to me podcast that I have fallen complexity in love with! Anne's witty Virgo and down to earth nature gives this weekly Astro show such a warm welcoming come on in and sit down vibe I still can't believe it... I learn so much in the funniest most easy to digest format. I'm a bit of an esoteric metaphysical astrology junkie and had been looking for another show to feed my continual need for knowledge. Found it with Ortelee's show which broadcasts each Sunday night. Wish id found her years ago but better late than never!
Best astrology weekly podcasts around.
I tend to lean towards NYC based astrologers
I love this podcast! It's very motivating and influential.
I started in Anne's archives during some of my major life shifts and she totally nailed it. I went thru more archives and I've been a devote Anne listener since. when she starts rambling about her stuff it gives me time to reflect as well... but I get annoyed when she doesn't update her free column... so I have to acknowledge I rely on her and get resources elsewhere. ❤️ she's great - she translate energy really well and her twitter is super helpful. kindly, dandelion
Fantastic podcast. It's dense with information do I enjoy listening to it several times a week. Things click more and more as the week goes by. I recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about astrology. :)
couldn't survive without this podcast. anne is so inspiring and sweet and paints beautiful imagery for her listeners. I love how prepared I feel and in tune I become with the workings of the world after having my Monday morning listen. Thanks for everything Anne!
I was introduced to Anne Ortelee by way of the Desire Map Day Planner. Her contribution to that journal really impressed me & had me digging around for more. Imagine my delight when I discovered I could get a fresh Ortlelee fix every SUN DAY. Yay! Awesome way to get into the groove for the week ahead & a never-miss-it weekend ritual for me now.
Anne's insight into the planetary influences is extraordinary. I appreciate her down to eath way of relating and her sense of humour. This is, by far, my favorite Astrology podcast.
I love this podcast. It's interesting and informative and done with Anne's high energy and style.
Entertaining, easy to understand and accurate. New favorite podcast :-)
I've been to a few astrologers over the years but Anne is my favorite, no question. I've been listening since August of 2013 and was riveted by the level of depth, accuracy, and relevance, as well as all the many ah-ha's her "Weekly Weather" gave me! Plus, she's just so down to earth, upbeat, practical, and FUN!! This is the most accurate ("dead-on" to be sure!) astrology report I've ever heard. I'm hooked! I love this podcast and listen to it several times during the week because I get more out of it on deeper and deeper levels each time I listen. She's awesome!!!
I’m learning astrology and I find your show so helpful! I appreciate you putting out consistent content each week!
I love listening to this podcast when it comes out on Sunday evenings. I feel like I’m curling up with a friend who’s talking about astrology. Anne has a great personality and she is bright, informative, easy-going and humorous. She is able to convey interesting facts and ideas about astrology that make it clear and easy to understand. She discusses the week ahead and honestly, she is very accurate!
My go to podcast. Plenty of much needed information.
This is my favorite podcast. I listen to each one over and over. I find her charming and informative. I love the red desk and the cat references.
I listen to this podcast every week! Anne is down-to-earth, informative and gets right to the point as she outlines what is going on in the sky and how it will affect our lives weekly.
I love this podast. Anne is very accessible for even the 'beginner' astrologer and she has a wonderful sense of humor and fun. A great 30 minutes! Love listening to it every week on my Monday morning commute to work
I decided 6 months ago that I was going to be an astrologer after 20 years of studying on and off. (Mostly off) Full of my new goal I downloaded one of every podcast on astrology I could get my ears on and listened. Fast forward. I now only listen to Anne's podcast. Everyone else fell to the wayside. She is funny, real, interesting and always has a lesson woven into the podcast, even when she is obviously not feeling well. I also love that she always does her podcast, (Love that Virgo!) come Hurricane Sandy or Christmas in Florida. Thank you Anne, hope you come to the Left Coast sometime to teach.
Anne is an extremely astute astrologer with an uncanny ability to disseminate astro complexities for all. Her psychological assessments are genius. She is simply Top-Drawer and Reigns Supreme.
You check in with Anne for the week! Insightful, and amazing, the real deal!


By JadeofT
Love love love this show! Anne's clear and wise interpretation of the movement of the planets and their effects on our lives are a real must to get a good road map for the week ahead. She really knows how to connect little threads together and give an overall, meaningful picture, which really is the hardest part of astrology I believe. I also really enjoy her sense of humor, and personal stories. Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening, consciousness raising show!
Wow! Never have I followed such an in depth, dead on astrologer!! I can literally watch everything she says unfold in my life and in my friends lives... It's like a weekly traffic report!!


By Vee33
I enjoy anne's readings so much..she helps me see things clearly and say "oh I get it"..! As an amateur astrologer myself, I love how she is so right about things and how helpful she is to get me through my weeks! 
If you are a truth seeker there is no way you can't get something from listening to Anne's reading of the sky.
I really enjoy this podcast. Anne covers the week ahead in an interesting and down to earth manner, that is fun and informative. She also takes calls from individuals with questions and spends a lot of time exploring aspects with them. I have learned a lot from listening to her show.