We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of Survival

Reviews For We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of Survival

I’m only on chapter 6, but so far the women in this show are useless and extremely annoying. For the most part they aren’t realistic either. I know women who sometimes act like this, but they’re mostly on reality tv. I wish they would have written better female characters for us to enjoy. I mean, in the episode I’m currently listening to, one of the main characters says, oh my gosh I can’t wait to use my straightener, my hair has been a mess for the past few days. After she just went on a difficult excursion where they barely escaped with their lives. Just awful. However, the show is exciting enough that I will continue listening, and if my issue gets better I’ll write another more positive review.
This is the most awesome drama I’ve ever heard!! This would be an epic zombie game series! Left for Dead?? Look out! A new saga reigns!! Pls consider turning into a video game!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Btw when you guys coming back?? Keep up the awesomeness 😉👍🏼
I found out about this podcast through Geek & Sundry’s We’re Alive: Frontier. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat. Everything from the voice actors, the storyline, to even the sound track keeps this stellar story moving forward and biting your nails wondering what happens next. It’s been fun discovering the context of We’re Alive: Frontier. Definitely recommend this podcast.
This podcast is by far the best audio drama available. I have listened to it 3 times over the past 2 years and have started it for a 4th time now. I can’t wait for more stories! Keep up the great work.
I've listened to this series multiple times as its very entertaining. Its especially great when traveling when stuck in airports or just need to keep your mind entertained (sometimes audible just doesn't cut it). If your a Sci Fi fan or Walking Dead fan this is a must listen to!! Wish there were more Pod Cast/Radio Dramas like this!!
2018 & I still listen to this. Would love to see this on Netflix.
I’ve been listening over and over again to this extremely engrossing podcast. There are no words to describe how excellent the storyline, the voice actors, the engineers, the directors and producers of the show are! It was this show and the leviathan Chronicles podcast that has transformed my life. I am now a full-blown podcast listener and I am so thankful for this medium of entertainment. I’ll look forward to all of the work that KC Wayland Will be producing in the future. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of work!
Not only is this show one of the best produced audiodramas, it sets an almost unattainable level of entertainment of which all other similar shows will be judged. Nothing short of amazing. Download the audiobooks, more than worth it.
Awesome audio drama, worth the download of every episode
I have listened to 1,000nds of podcast and this is still by far the best one ever. It was one of my first ones that I heard, so it spoiled me. But I have re- listened to it 3 times. Great job. Please make more!!!!!
I don’t normally leave reviews but I had to for this one. I work in an office to where I can’t read while I work like I could at a call center. When researching podcasts to listen to, I wanted something fictional that was of the thriller variety. I’ve tried audiobooks & I just can’t do those b/c usually it’s read in manner that’s drab & dull. This is unique in the sense that it’s not someone just reading a book to you... you’re living through these characters conversations, thoughts, & the background ambience is a wonderful touch that keeps the pace of what’s happening. I hate one character in particular but since I’m only 10 chapters in, I hope to see how that particular character evolves, hopefully for the better. I’ve been shocked, saddened, angry, & impressed all at once by one scene. I was completely hooked by the end of the very first podcast and I’m binging on it at work. Keep up the awesome work guys!
The story is great but the ads are the start and end of each episode is distracting, loud, cheap in nature. Why do I want to keep hearing an ad about viagra???
But I saturated my life with “We’re Alive” the past week. I admittedly don’t like too many zombie stories lately, but the characters in the story & intricacies of the zombies kept me hooked. Was bummed to only find a few episodes of “Lockdown” but still very much appreciate, & enjoyed, every emotion this podcast brought me. I’m also admittedly a podcast junkie, & listen to mostly non-fiction, but have listened to a decent amount of fiction..this is one of the first podcasts that has actually made me cry. I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s part of my further admission of loving this podcast. Thank you for being a podcast with a good story, characters, plot, & actually good acting. :)
Best podcast I ever heard. I’m trying to find similar ones like this but I can’t find not one! I went on a binge listening to every episode and was very please.
Absolutely amazing. Characters were great, plot was great, the whole thing was amazing! More please!
Still my favorite podcast ever. I’ve listened to it all twice so far and I can’t wait to find out what else Wayland Productions has in store.
This is a must listen podcast
Zombie narrative podcasts all ended with the last episode of We're Alive. Nothing will ever come close
Listen to this whole series atleast 4 times. Really great.
Great story, Excellent podcast
I am a podcast junkie and I am very lax about writing reviews, but I had to take the time to figure out how I could rave about "We're Alive...." I tend towards listening to a lot of crime podcasts, but I do love a good episodic, and I don't think I've ever listened to one better than this! I have listened to "We're Alive..." all the way through twice. I never listen to anything twice. But "We're Alive" truly takes me away. The acting, the story, the sound effects are all just amazing, you are simply transported to another place, and it is as gripping and addicting as any movie or book I've ever read. I absolutely love this podcast and I wish there was more!!
This has been one of the best things I have ever listened to. I normal read creepy pastas for my story time kicks, but just so happens to find this and absolutely fell in love with it!!!! Can’t stop listening I need to know what happens next! And the voice actors are the best!!


Best zombie story of all!
Let me start out by saying I’m happy I found this after the series was complete. I can’t imagine waiting a week to hear the next chapter. Also, I am the kind of person who struggles with follow through and I’m not really inclined to listen/watch/read stories of this type but this is just AMAZING. The actors are fantastic, the effects put you in the story and just when you think theyve got everything in the bag a whole new twist comes. I wish it was longer. At no point did anything seem dragged out or unnecessary. This story is one I recommend to everyone I know because it is simply addicting. I promise you will find nothing like it. I would give it 6/5 if I could. I haven’t listened to anything else since I started this podcast, and with only 3 chapters left... I might just have to start it over again because I can’t imagine anything coming even close to matching it.
One of most annoying per peeves is people talking with their mouth full. It is distracting and disgusting. So many times i had to mute or skip forward. Otherwise good story and audio effects.
This is my second time hearing this.. and i must say, it’s amazing and i do hope they come out with another one soon
Have I missed something? What happened to We're Alive: Gold Rush? It's been almost two years now since it was announced. Was it cancelled?
Used to hate zombies in general, found them boring and overused. Stumbled across this and grew hooked thanks to the levels of detail, acting, and storytelling.
The story is amazing once you listen you can’t stop. Please hurry with the next stories.
Best zombie story period. I think wayland productions needs to do other audio podcast stories. I would buy every one. The characters have so much more story left to tell.
Loved it. The characters and story are great.


By Axq2392
I was so sad to hear it end and I’m more than thrilled that the story continues!!! I hope that you will go back to that little thing we heard at the end of the last episode of A story of survival!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about you will have to listen 😉
This podcast is awesome. I just started listening to podcasts a few months ago surprisingling since I’m part of this technology generation. I binge-listen to this all day at work. I’m glad I found it later because once I finish one season it’s straight on to the next. Definitely keeps me engaged and I feel every emotion with the characters!!
This story was amazing I loved it soooo much! Love zombies love the characters it was just terrific!! You sir wrote a awesome story! I was bummed that sull died and angel 😢!! Lock down was good also! I hope your writing more 😁!! Love it love it!!!
This podcast was amazing. I am so glad I found it after it was completed so that I could binge it all! I don’t typically like zombie stories, but this one had such good characters at the heart of it and was so relatable. I felt what the characters felt and appreciated that the writers were willing to make hard sacrifices for the story, even though it hurt. This is worth listening to, it pulled me in and kept me hooked. A+ work here
This podcast has thoroughly kept me entertained, engaged and in love since I first heard. The writers know how to balance good humour with dark tones and immersive story telling and oh man the man in the suit!!!!
I’ve listen to this podcast maybe 5 times.It made my walks enjoyable. I wished that there was a TV series. It’s totally better than The Walking Dead (which I stopped watching after Governor series. I want to listen again, but all the updates for podcast won’t let me.
I was hooked from the first episode. Amazing voice actors, amazing story, AND zombies?!😍
Fantastic, I have listened thru probably 4 times, want more
Although the characters are extremely predictable, the story line is anything but. The story cohesively jumps between groups and the twists keep you on your toes. I binged this entire podcast and was desperately missing it in between sessions.
LOVED IT! Im very picky on what stories i like and this one i didn't want to stop listening to. Only downfall really is I listened to them all 😂 TWICE
What can you say about a show with over 80 hours of nail-biting content with a talented cast, great sound design, and one of the best contineous stories in the medium? -Listen to it. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor!
One of the best podcasts out there, not only in the fiction category and but also in general. I need more of this quality storytelling please!!!


By Uppy123
Great show😎. I listen to a lot of podcasts. This by far was my favorite. I’d be interested to know what has since happened to the characters. Such a great story especially if you like zombies. Definitely binge on this.
This is by far my favorite podcast it’s got a great story line ad great take on a zombie story it’s def better than the walking dead
The title really says it all. I love everything about this podcast, I wish it had more fans but I tell everyone I know to listen to this. The suspense kills me at the end of almost every episode, I wish that I wasn’t almost finished with it, because I know it was made a couple years ago so I don’t have any more to look forward to. 10/10 have and will continue to recommend. Thank you so much to the creators for making this masterpiece of storytelling, suspense, and entertainment. You didn’t get enough recognition.
I just finished this podcast and I wanna say it was so good! The voice actors pull you in to another world. I was excited to know how it ended but so sad that it did. Definitely a must listen too podcast!
I really enjoyed the first 3-4 chapters, great story, but was extremely irritated at times by the audio going from REALLY LOUD to quiet. By Chapter 5-6 it was unlistenable for me - scenes of whispering and soft-talking that I could not understand even at the highes volume of my ipod because they are so quiet, then followed by an extremely loud shouting scene or gunfire that almost broke my eardrums. So, in the end, not worth continuing. Bummer.
I love Zombie books, stories, and movies, so when my wife told me to try it I did. It was so interesting I had to put my other podcast on hold so I could listen to it straight through. I listen when I am working, and when it gets dark outside and your deliving mail in a bad neighborhood, the sounds from the podcast can be kind of scary :) This is an awesome podcast and I'm looking forward to what's next, I just finished Lockdown as well. Keep up the great work Casey and crew.


Love it love it love it love it!