We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of Survival

Reviews For We're Alive - A "Zombie" Story of Survival

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of zombie lore. BUT. This podcast had me hooked from Chapter 1!! My husband persuaded me to give it a try and I’m finding myself listening to it every possible second. The characters are written in such a way that listeners quickly feel invested and the suspense has you coming back for more. Definitely give it a try, whether or not this is your thing!! It might surprise you.
I love the old radio type shows and this to me is the cream of the crop! I’ve listened to many and this is the gold standard going forward.
This podcast is seriously one of the greatest things you can listen to. The story is amazing and the character development is top notch. The acting and audio quality are also great. I have literally listened to this podcast in its entirety over ten times. I love it that much. I implore you to give it a try!
I have absolutely fallen in love with this show. Great story, better than the other zombie shows on tv!!
I caught on to this podcast well after it was completed and just started it over again because it’s just that awesome. Super entertaining, definitely worth your time. Even if you’re not into the zombie genre!
Constantly interesting and makes you feel like you're part of the story. Over the years I have found a few podcasts that have come close but we’re alive is still my number 1 I can’t wait for gold rush!


Found this yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down since. I’m HOOKED!! Love the characters and actors.
Best podcast ever, can’t stop listening to it!
I’m way late in discovering this podcast, but I’m so glad I found it. I finished it about a year ago, but it sticks with you long after it’s over. I’m glad I could listen without interruption. I loved it!!! Listen now - don’t miss out.


Be nice to see this podcast come back
I love the show and want more. I know there is a few other shows out there but how Toni watch/listen to them??


I love audio dramas and this one grabs you from the beginning.
I’ve listened to this show twice already all the way through and honestly it’s the best podcast/radio theater show I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Super engaging, never boring, fascinating characters... I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, this is where it’s at. There is a lot of cussing for my personal taste, but quite honestly the whole production is so high quality I don’t mind it too much. One of the best stories out there, really one of a kind. I highly recommend it!
This is absolutely the best pod/story I have listened to! Loved all the actors and the story line-very believable and binge-worthy! Hated for the story to end...I tried to find any other We’re Alive-stories available...no luck :( I listened every day for 9+ hours until the end. Waiting for more story connected to these characters. Loved it!! ❤️
Really well written podcast. Only issue with the series is that the new spin-off isn’t out yet. Been waiting for a year now
High production content with a great story!
I was put on by my sister and was wowed the whole time while listening... Please keep coming out with more stories!!!
Super great. Entertaining, voice acting is convincing, writing is very good. Overall great story and LOTS of content! It’s the equivalent to a set of professional audio book novels. Good characters and interesting story arcs. Bravo
This podcast has been in my family for years! Ever since the first time I listened to it, I’ve been hooked!! The audio and voice actors are phenomenal and I would 100% recommend this to everyone out there (I would like to reemphasize; how is something this good, not world famous?!)
“We’re ALIVE!”, ‘A Story of Survival - I have intentionally not gone into the actual storyline/plot, because I did not want it to bias you, before you get the opportunity to submerge yourself into the storyline. Honestly, the BEST Podcast, Audio Play, Audio Book, Radio Teleplay, whatever you want to call it, I call it EXCELLENT! My very first exposure to Radio Teleplays was back in 6th Grade, in the early 1980’s, all Thanks (and I do mean Thanks!), to an eclectic English Teacher by the name of Wallie Jones, who inspired his students to read, and in class played Radio Teleplays by incredible authors like Ray Bradburry, and George Orwell...War of the World’s, 1894, and Fahrenheit 452°! Even after listening to those and many more Audio Books, etc., the “We’re ALIVE!” Theatre of the Mind, Series, is the single BEST AUDIO EXPERIENCE I have ever listened to, EVER! It was so good that just now, I finished listening to the ENTIRE Series for the 2nd time! Listen, then re-listen a few years later, and likely, just like me, You will still be incredibly impressed by the INCREDIBLE QUALITY of the Audio experience! I’m an aspiring Author, but after listening to this audio series it makes me question my own ability to write a story. The rich character details, true to life reactions and personalities, the in depth individual backstories, the intertwined and complex personal relationships of each character be they a main character or existing for all of two minutes, is just awe inspiring. Especially, when you add to that, the fact that the entire plot stretches out for miles and miles, and yet, you would never guess that’s the case when listening, because it is NON-STOP ACTION! Even things as simple as the foley/Sound Effects are right on point and are both Amazing and Further the story, while making it all feel so “LIVE”, “RIGHT NOW!”, and “REAL!” This story simply put, draws you in deeper and further than you realize, and the characters both good and bad, and even unexpected, all serve to make you even more addicted to asking, “Good Lord, What the Heck is NEXT?!” and You genuinely end up caring deeply for so many of the characters featured. It doesn’t matter if your morale compass leans towards Heros! or the Under Dog, the Damsel in Distress, or the True Love Story, this story series HAS IT ALL AND EVEN MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE!! You’ll soon realize that You’ve become a “We’re ALIVE!!” Podcast Story Addict, too!! If You could only ever listen to ONE, SINGLE, Podcast, Audio Book, Radio Tele-Olay, whatever, then I would highly recommend that THIS PODCAST STORY be the one you select! And I’d be willing to bet real money, that You wouldn’t regret it for an instant! So, Kick Back with a great sandwich or snack, a soda, and be prepared to become transported through an entirely amazing audio experience!...and I truly hope that You ENJOY the “We’re ALIVE” series, as much as I have and continue to still enjoy it! Then like me, You too will be anxiously awaiting the “We’re ALIVE, GOLD RUSH” and/or “WE’re ALIVE, FRONTIER” versions of the show..☝️😁
Randomly came upon this audio theater podcast, because I usually listen to true crimes podcasts, and needed a change. I’ve been listening to We’re Alive nonstop! Love the characters and the actors portraying them. You really get attached to the characters! I noticed the last activity was in 2016, so I’m sad once I listen to everything on this podcast.
Love listening to this at work! Keep it up!
I didn’t know what to listen to while at work until my coworker told me about this podcast. Once I listen to it I felt a connection to the characters. I was so sad the podcast ended but was also disappointed that my favorite characters was killed off. This podcast was so good I finish it within 3 weeks. I’m hoping the producers of were alive make another podcast like this one.
I have been listening to podcast for years and I have yet to find any audio drama remotely close to as good as this one . We need more!!!!!!!!! Please
I haven’t found a podcast yet that I have enjoyed more than We’re Alive!


By SaezMoi
I’ve listened to this show twice and I’ve noticed the little details that follow throughout the story. It has a phenomenal cast, gripping story, and sets a high bar for radio dramas.
The way the story is written and told is amazing! You really feel like you’ve gone to another world through the headphones. I highly recommend if you like action, zombies and to feel like you are constantly on the edge.
This was one of the first shows I binged upon discovering podcasts, the biggest downside of this is that Were alive has ruined me for most podcasts that followed. This series had me wearing my headphones for about 14 hours a day and kept me up at night as I could not stop listening. Each episode was so captivating and enthralling, I found myself unable to not listen to the next as soon as it ended. Even listening around the clock (literally) it still took me several weeks to finish... once I did, I had lockdown to continue feeding my addiction. I anxiously await Goldrush and check the website often in hopes of learning the release date.
This show is better than the Walking Dead. Character, story, and ZOMBIES. I just hope that this goes more than Podcast, TV maybe?
I really wish these people would continue making mini series of this show, I enjoyed every character, I laughed and cried with them. I was really looking foreword to the gold rush series, and I still am, provided that they are still making it.
I binge listened every chance I got. Now i’m sad because I’ve listened to all the episodes. :(
By far my favorite podcast to listen to! The sounds and flow of the plot make it so easy to create a story in my mind! Never have I cried during a podcast too. Dang.
Absolutely Obsessed with this podcast I drive otr a lot and this keeps me very engaged and ready for the next chapter love the characters and storyline keep up the great work!!!!
Awesome story plot
Post apocalyptic goodness.
I’m only on chapter 6, but so far the women in this show are useless and extremely annoying. For the most part they aren’t realistic either. I know women who sometimes act like this, but they’re mostly on reality tv. I wish they would have written better female characters for us to enjoy. I mean, in the episode I’m currently listening to, one of the main characters says, oh my gosh I can’t wait to use my straightener, my hair has been a mess for the past few days. After she just went on a difficult excursion where they barely escaped with their lives. Just awful. However, the show is exciting enough that I will continue listening, and if my issue gets better I’ll write another more positive review.
This is the most awesome drama I’ve ever heard!! This would be an epic zombie game series! Left for Dead?? Look out! A new saga reigns!! Pls consider turning into a video game!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Btw when you guys coming back?? Keep up the awesomeness 😉👍🏼
I found out about this podcast through Geek & Sundry’s We’re Alive: Frontier. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat. Everything from the voice actors, the storyline, to even the sound track keeps this stellar story moving forward and biting your nails wondering what happens next. It’s been fun discovering the context of We’re Alive: Frontier. Definitely recommend this podcast.
This podcast is by far the best audio drama available. I have listened to it 3 times over the past 2 years and have started it for a 4th time now. I can’t wait for more stories! Keep up the great work.
I've listened to this series multiple times as its very entertaining. Its especially great when traveling when stuck in airports or just need to keep your mind entertained (sometimes audible just doesn't cut it). If your a Sci Fi fan or Walking Dead fan this is a must listen to!! Wish there were more Pod Cast/Radio Dramas like this!!
2018 & I still listen to this. Would love to see this on Netflix.
I’ve been listening over and over again to this extremely engrossing podcast. There are no words to describe how excellent the storyline, the voice actors, the engineers, the directors and producers of the show are! It was this show and the leviathan Chronicles podcast that has transformed my life. I am now a full-blown podcast listener and I am so thankful for this medium of entertainment. I’ll look forward to all of the work that KC Wayland Will be producing in the future. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of work!
Not only is this show one of the best produced audiodramas, it sets an almost unattainable level of entertainment of which all other similar shows will be judged. Nothing short of amazing. Download the audiobooks, more than worth it.
Awesome audio drama, worth the download of every episode
I have listened to 1,000nds of podcast and this is still by far the best one ever. It was one of my first ones that I heard, so it spoiled me. But I have re- listened to it 3 times. Great job. Please make more!!!!!
I don’t normally leave reviews but I had to for this one. I work in an office to where I can’t read while I work like I could at a call center. When researching podcasts to listen to, I wanted something fictional that was of the thriller variety. I’ve tried audiobooks & I just can’t do those b/c usually it’s read in manner that’s drab & dull. This is unique in the sense that it’s not someone just reading a book to you... you’re living through these characters conversations, thoughts, & the background ambience is a wonderful touch that keeps the pace of what’s happening. I hate one character in particular but since I’m only 10 chapters in, I hope to see how that particular character evolves, hopefully for the better. I’ve been shocked, saddened, angry, & impressed all at once by one scene. I was completely hooked by the end of the very first podcast and I’m binging on it at work. Keep up the awesome work guys!
The story is great but the ads are the start and end of each episode is distracting, loud, cheap in nature. Why do I want to keep hearing an ad about viagra???
But I saturated my life with “We’re Alive” the past week. I admittedly don’t like too many zombie stories lately, but the characters in the story & intricacies of the zombies kept me hooked. Was bummed to only find a few episodes of “Lockdown” but still very much appreciate, & enjoyed, every emotion this podcast brought me. I’m also admittedly a podcast junkie, & listen to mostly non-fiction, but have listened to a decent amount of fiction..this is one of the first podcasts that has actually made me cry. I don’t know what that says about me, but it’s part of my further admission of loving this podcast. Thank you for being a podcast with a good story, characters, plot, & actually good acting. :)