Entertainment Law Update

Reviews For Entertainment Law Update

This podcast is a great way to stay informed on the lastest entertainment law issues. If you are a podcaster, this show should be at the top of your subscribed list.
Great podcast for industry executives and others who need to have an understanding of entertainment law!
Gordon and Tamera’s podcast is well produced and the sound is excellent. If you like listening to the bend the trial information, you should listen to this show.
We grab the latest episode as soon as it's out. Very informative. A must for any artist!
I was somewhat surprised at how good this is. Gordon and Tamara are really great at explaining the topics and have a good banter between them. It is very professionally done and the topics are always well chosen. The hosts are great at changing around hypotheticals to look at cases in different ways - they are good teachers and fun to listen to. As an IP attorney but having more of a patent bent, I find this a good way to keep up with an area of the law that it tangential to mine but which I might not otherwise make the effort to learn about. Sorry for my bad sentences - I’ve been writing too much today.
I really like this podcast! Gordon and Tamara cover an eclectic variety of intellectual property litigation, and it's really interesting to hear who's suing who and why. I agree with another reviewer that some of the legal concepts should be broken down a little more, but I understand the basic concepts. (If only I had done Speech & Debate in high school!) I also very much appreciate that they have guests on the program. I urge them to continue this practice. It brings different, interesting perspectives to the conversation. Folks: I'd like to make one suggestion. Your discussions are often very in-depth and wonky. It would be great if, at the end of each topic, you quickly summarize your opinions on the litigation. Something pithy and/or easy to understand. That would really help your audience comprehend these often-abstract lawsuits a little better. Keep up the great work! -----Todd Ruel
I'm a corporate paralegal working in high tech, and I listen to this podcast because there's a lot of crossover with contract law and the copyright and trademark issues I deal with every day. As a non-lawyer, I do wish they would sometimes stop and explain certain legal concepts more thoroughly. That said, this is one of the most pleasant and interesting law-related podcasts I have found.
EntLaw Update does a phenomenal job of keeping you current on issues of interest to anyone working at the intersection of law and media. Hosts Gordon Firemark and Tamara Bennett are personable and engaging, presenting stories in well-organized fashion that often leaves room for humor. As an avid consumer of law podcasts, I have to say this one is my favorite -- if you need a reminder that the law isn't *always* boring, Entertainment Law Update is what the doctor ordered!
I've only just discovered Gordon and Tamera's podcast (and their great blogs). They convey a lot of information in an accessible and engaging way. As a young lawyer realizing there's so much more to learn in the great post-law-school beyond, it's nice not only to get introduced to new concepts, but also to stay up to date on those already familiar to me. Hit the subscribe button already; it's worth your time.
Gordon and Tamera select current situations in entertainment law to update attorneys and others. Their discussions are highly informative, a great review of the law, and easy listening. A pleasure to tune in - how often can you say that about a CLE?