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I really love the idea of these, even though as others have said the how to's can be rather basic... It is good to pick up that "basic" tip you might of missed..... Where the Podcast runs afoul is that some of them only contain aweful music with no voice-overs. really CNET? It is like amature hour; i find myself stopping and deleting the podcast as soon as i realize it is set to (awful) music and there is no voice over.
I used to enjoy the tidbits from this podcast. But since they dropped the voices, it’s can’t watch and follow along or try what they’re suggesting as the words zip off the screen. Please - narrate this podcast! You’re doing us a disservice without a voice!
Awesome tutorials, love it!
This is an awful series of how to videos where they show how to do something that everyone knows. They provide only the most useless tips you can possibly imagine. I am not sure why they even get paid to do these videos. These series wasn't all bad since Tom Merritt, a former CNET editor, left CNET. With the introduction of a new CNET editor, Sharon, this edition of how to videos became the worthless crap and a waste of time for anyone watching them. Sure it may be helpful for people who have never touch technology, but most of us are much knowledgeable than the editors think the general public are.