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Noah Levine’s dharma talks have helped me more than I can say
This is THE REAL DEAL in dharma teachings!!!
These talk are helpful and instructional with working with life’s ups and downs and the stuff between. Rick
Dharma grounded in real life 21st century living, in the dirt, beautiful! Love it. Deep bows of gratitude.
I listen to Noah’s discussion on Equanimity over and over. They are all good, but that one is great!


Very knowledgeable and full of the dharma, I spend a lot of time on the road and it always feels like this is my home meditation buddhist group.
Slightly arrogant tone is a turnoff. Speaker presents himself as an expert on life teaching others the way. Has a pulpit feel to it. Sounds like a sermon/homily. For open-minded individuals on their path this is probably not the best use of time.
Thank you to the skillful teachers and talks. When I can't make it to the center, I listen to the podcasts during my personal practice. Another way I engage is listening while driving to work (love Vinny's talk- hope he does more).
Eastern philosophy through a western lens, much more palatable than most other content I've encountered. The lecturers are likable, relatable and extremely knowledgeable. I particularly enjoy Dave Smith's lectures. I wholeheartedly recommend this podcast.
These talks help with exploring your inner consciousness.
Please return. I have not had a new ATS download since 2015.
I love this podcast. Being new to the Dharma, these talks have allowed me to learn more about the path. Mary Stancavage and Joanne Harper are exceptional teachers and I like their talks the most. For the past 2 years, this podcast has been an intricate part of my life. I have even donated to their center.
I stumbled upon this randomly on a podcast streaming program and tend to avoid "spirituality stuff." But I kept listening. The lectures are approachable, earnest, and even sometimes hilarious. I have no idea about Buddhism, but find these talks deeply practical...and a welcome island of sanity for a morning commute and workday alike. [The only drawback is the audio quality can be so-so, so you may have to turn the volume up sometimes.]
Started listening to Kusala on Urban Dharma Podcast and then I found that he's on ATS as well! Very good public speaker... Direct... Honest... Authentic...
I've been trying to learn about Buddhism for some time now, and it always seemed really complicated. Noah's delivery of the information has clarified so much. I love that he is casual despite his vast knowledge and isn't afraid to say,"f**k." thank you!
Thank you Noah for your teachings!
The connection to these talks that I'm allowed to experience in podcast form has been a valuable help to me. I listen on the way to work and while my son naps. I am so grateful for the overall experience that each individual brings and lays out in each talk and meditation. ATS has helped bring insight an answers so deeply needed. Wholeheartedly recommended.
Thank you so much for putting these up!
I love listening to these talks. Thank you for posting them Humble, practical and brilliant message. One tiny thing though, why is there a ticking of a clock on some of them?
One of the best Buddhist teachers out there.
I effing love these! I listen to them while I'm getting ready for work. It's a nice way to start the day.
Anyone know why the podcasts are cutting off near the end? It doesn't ever finish.
I am so grateful to have found these! My Sponsor gave me a copy of Dharma Punx to read early in my Sobriety. Noah and his staff of teachers have helped me tremendously with my novice approach to the practice of Buddhism. The swearing and admissions of their own personal struggles with everyday life make the talks and guided meditation that much more personal for me. Thank you Noah and all of the other teachers. I doubt you all see these reviews but on the off chance you do .... Thanks again! Namaste.
very refreshing approach...not spacey, new agey, or inaccessable. they have a delivery that is well suited for modern times in our western cultue that is easy to relate. thanks ATS for making yourselves available.
I'd probably have given up my practice. Noah resonates with me - he is witty and interesting and I personally love the profanity - it adds a lightness to some very serious issues. Right on Noah - I'm a huge fan
These dharma talks are incredibly engaging and informative at there roots, but also take on a certain authenticity simply thought the humanity these guys bring to the conversation. Humorous and lighthearted, but also sincere and dedicated to the education of Buddhism. Love these guys! Thanks dharma Punks!
a belief that is about bettering yourself and your surroundings, bought to you by a tattooed everyday guy off the street, who talks like me and dresses like me. who does not judge me for my failures but points me to a better path. thank you for giving so much of yourself to people you may never meet, you have made a HUGE differance in my life.
I was dipping my toe into Buddhist philosophy after having a child with an anger issue and exploring tools to try and pass onto him to help him through life. I'm so grateful to have stumbled onto these Podcasts. They have really made me think and reexamine the way I interact with the world. Matthew Brensilver has especially been a constant source of discovery and encouragement to me. I find myself listening to his talks over and over. Thank you for this gift. It really has had a huge positive ripple effect in my life and I hope, in turn, with all other beings. (I've even made it to a few meetings of Dharma Punx up here in Seattle when I could find babysitting!)
This podcast has given my practice a much needed face lift. Noah, Matthew, and Pablo are excellent teachers. Practical, honest, relatable, and dogma free.
if he spoke in some level of normal cadence, these podcasts would last 10 minutes.
I really appreciate the practical take on the dhamma from Against the Stream. I feel that I can use their teaching immediately after hearing it! Thanks for sharing guys, it has helped me tremendously!
This is an excellent supplement to reading Dharma and great if you can't meet with your Sangha on a regular basis, or don't have a Dharma center to attend. I'm blessed by the Buddhas to have stumbled upon this most treasured jewel. Thor
Noah Levine has a real gift for giving dharma talks, and the other speakers are generally very good as well! Especially recommended for anyone who feels that spirituality is stuffy and boring...
Highly recommend to anyone looking for peace in their life and themselves.
I have found Noah's talks a refreshing addition to my other podcasts. I enjoy Gil Fronsdal and Andrea's talks from the IMC, and found Noah while searching for more talks by Vinnie. I don't really find him offensive, but I can understand how some might. He isn't a monk coming from years in a monastic setting, he's a punk and brings the experience of a less refined and rougher lifestyle to his talks. For those who relate to this, the occasional expletive really doesn't stop me from hearing his message. It's who he is, and where he comes from. Anything else would be disingenuous, and expecting him to be anything other than what he is... Well, you know what happens with expectations. Thanks Noah, Vinnie and Dharmapunx/ ATS.
For me, I am not offended by much...with that said, I never really thought Noah or anyone else spoke offensively. I do see your point and I can imagine that it may shut some people out. He speaks primarily to those of us who came from backgrounds where swearing is commonplace. I think it comes naturally to him and that's simply the way that it is. I doubt that it will change in the forseeable future, and I for one am ok with that.
Why do Noah and other speakers on this podcast use the f-word and other foul language when the usage really doesn't add to the point of the talk? I use the same words myself at times, but it's simply inappropriate on this kind of show. You are probably needlessly offending people who would otherwise become fans of your (generally good) podcast.
I'm freakin excited about this! yes!
The talks are great even though the sound quality may not be the greatest at times. The only thing I would like to see added would be to include Noah's guided meditations at the end of each talk. Thank you for the free access to these great dharma talks, and much metta!