Degenerate Comedy

Reviews For Degenerate Comedy

By 9tre
bearly tuned in some are hit n miss overall good shows
Chad Vader is the man Beth and Val shows rocks. Keep them comming they are soooooooo funny!!!!
Thanks for this guys, I look forward to seeing what happens to Chad, and I love the Beth and Val show too! Keep up the good work!
Very funny stuff in this podcast! A delightful mix of random comedic entertainment. And who doesn't want a free twenty minutes of entertainment that comes in each episode? I especially enjoy Sister Wives with Beth and Val, and Good Neighbor stuff. And David Hill! His interviews are the best.
this is one of the best Video Podcasts out there!!!! They have clips from the Whitest Kids You Know, Chad Vader, Improv Everywhere and much more!!!! Do them a solid and subscribe and rate and comment!!!!!! WRITE US A F*****G CHECK!!!!!


By kaptns
I love this podcast - but I wish they had a bit more content. Either way, it's great!
'Degenerate Comedy' is one of the funniest Podcasts this side of Spill Review. Not only do I hope that they continue their series, but I hope to turn many people I know's heads to watch it.
really liking the podcast...Patrick Duffy, Chad Vader stuff among my favorite. keep it coming!
This is THE funniest show! The cast is ridiculously funny and the quality of the podcast is amazing! It needs to be on cable TV and longer than 20 min. It left me laughing and wanting more!!! Can't wait for another one...please update soon!!!
20 minutes of offbeat comedy clips per episode. Good stuff.