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I’m a subscriber but enjoy listening to the weekly podcast a day before the paper reaches my Hawai‘i mailbox. The stories are read in a quick pace that honors my limited time. Keep up the great reporting and engaged reporting from an international perspective.
Informed commentary
It's extremely generous of the economist to give us the best of the best in audio format. Always listen to this while cooking and walking my dog. Can't live without it now
An exceptional podcast that gives you the free editors pick each week read to you by people with great voices. I really enjoy this podcast.
so insightful
This podcast is always a highlight of my week. Literate and informative.
I listen to these podcasts every week. I think they are great. I don't always agree with them, but they are well thought out, intelligent editorials that present facts as well as analysis and opinion.
Still doesn't work on an iPod Touch. Very frustrating. I've tried contacting Apple and the Economist, but no fixes.
Please fix this.
Editor's highlights plays fine on a PC but only the first 7 seconds or so play on the iPod. Listening to it on a PC is useless-- I could just read the magazine! This same thing happened in April. PLEASE FIX.
Now all editor's highlight can only be played on computers.....They CAN"T be played on ipod/iphone/ipad now.... Please fix this as soon as possible!!!
It would be very very helpful if you could add chapter markers to the Editor’s Highlights podcast.
The content in this podcast does not need any justifying for it's importance, relevance, or thoughtfulness. I mean, it's selections the editors of The Economist deliberately picked! The only drawback is that it doesn't provide the depth of coverage the print or web edition does, hence "Editor's Highlights." But it is great start to filter through the print or web edition for articles relating to one's interest. I also like how the weekly podcast is available as one download (with six articles in one file), and as each highlight as a separate file. This allows me to manage the content easier (I just play the one file with everything). But with individual files per highlight, I can suggest specific portions to people without having to share the entire week's work. -- Speaking of, where's Feb 17's full file? (BTW, I'm not an idiot, so I realize why these are just quick highlights. And it does it's job well, because I usually end up at the economist's website exploring at least one highlight they mention each week.)
The Economist provides one large audio file with several articles or individual articles for download. It's great to be able to listen to a magazine's articles.


By hella33
The fair voice of the world
The Economist has once again made another terrible decision in splitting up each article from their weekly update into separate podcast episodes. This podcast should be one weekly podcast download so that people who subscribe do not miss podcasts or be forced to manually go back and download all of the separate episodes and then manually delete those episodes. This only adds extra time to the process that I don't have.
Amazing! You guys could sell the complete áudio edition through iTunes lime hot cakes!