First UMC of Pensacola, FL

Reviews For First UMC of Pensacola, FL

Our family loves Pastor Wesley and his sermons. He is a brilliant speaker who loves sharing his Christian wisdom (both spiritual and intellectual). He will remind you of God's love and mercy and tell you to remember who you are (God's child). However, Dr. Wachob is not afraid to challenge your comfort (he wouldn't make a good TV Evangelist). Prepare to change your heart, REALLY love God, and RESPOND to God's love and grace. Plus...if you're lucky, he'll strum on his guitar and belt out Bob Dylan. :) After relocating to the other side of the country, we sure miss our church, but at least we can hear Pastor Wesley here on iTunes.
Always love hearing Dr. Wachob in church, so this is perfect when I need to hear him during the week. Thanks be to God!
While doing outreach mission/project work at Mountain T.O.P. last week I experienced something very special. I figured out how to load Wesley's podcasts on my I Phone right before I left. After each long day of work, just after "lights out", I was lit up from within as I keyed up another Dr. W.W. sermon. On Wednesday I listened to 2, staying up till nearly 11:30 with a 6:00 wakeup each morniong. I'll say it like Wesley would, "Man, this guy can preach"! It was like icing on the cake to a really spectacular week at Mountain T.O.P.
I am so excited that First UMC of Pensacola now is on iTunes. I really enjoy listening to Dr. Wachob.