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Listening to EmCrit through the years as an ER nurse, now with 5+ years in a high acuity department and transitioning to the flight nurse role, I consistently find the FOAM/topics presented to be relevant to my practice and it feeds my hunger for continuing education. I feel that listening to SW helps me communicate my differentials/treatments in the pre-hospital environment during handoff and helps me advocate/discuss plans of care with my attendings in the ED. The yearly membership is well worth it, don’t sleep on it if you can swing it!!
I used to love this podcast. Now he’s gone and changed it so that you get a 7 minute preview (which included an adspot by the way) of the podcast and you can only listen to the full episode for $100/year. Listen, whatever, I get it. Man’s gotta make his money which is fine but wow what a terrible move.
I love this channel and I got a tons of good stuff out of it, thank you very much Scott, and I often get back to old episodes for reviews, but like a week ago I had this problem, almost all the old episodes disappeared, I can only find like 8 episodes in total, everything else just gone, anyone else have/had this problem? And how can I fix it ??
Love the lecture by Dr Sara Crager on RV failure! Best Lecture I’ve heard on RV failure.
Dr. Weingart is amazing! He is talented in the way he delivers his information and teaches. I’m an ER trauma nurse and I have found this podcast so helpful and I look forward to listening to every episode. Labors of blunt trauma is my favorite episode of all time! It’s a great review for highly experienced Trauma nurses and super beneficial for new trauma nurses. I’m waiting on the labors of penetrating trauma.
Ed & trauma nurse here, I love this podcast. I work in a rural hospital with a busy ED, this podcast gives supplemental and pertinent information that has both improved the care I provide and helped me grow as a nurse. Relatable to many levels of health care providers, in many different fields and departments. Have also seen much of this podcast implemented at work... even joking with my coworkers saying “Scott Winegart here” when suggesting something I learned on this podcast. Always gets a good laugh... because we ALL listen to this. 👍🏼 Thank you Scott! Keep it up, I love this stuff!
OMG! This Dr has high energy and is super passionate about saving lives and teaching us. LOVE IT!
Love the podcast BUT, small pet peeve that really only applies to the video cast and a few of the show notes over the years. I am one of those seemingly few people in the world who can not see color, so color coded charts make me crazy just label stuff particularly on a chart, go ahead and color it for the majority of society but for the few of us who are so maligned by nature and experience the world in a more visually subdued light please add a label it really helps Thanks Scott and the whole emcrit team for all you do.
I’m a Peds/occasional-Adult nurse, home care/hospital/clinic background. Most of the time with this podcast I’m in over my head. It doesn’t matter. I’m not taking this for credit, I’m not responsible to treat at the same level. I get to just learn, hear big picture and big concept material and can replay when I don’t get something or pause and look it up or let it go and get what I can contextually. The material gives me greater field context, and Dr. Weingart has a very relaxing, informative, often funny way of presenting material.
This is an informative and helpful & truthful podcast. I am a civilian from NY/NJ. I have keen instincts in areas where I don’t have knowledge. I really haven’t trusted anyone regarding this virus, including TV doctors, the White House doctor Fauci and many more, throughout this COVID event. I enjoy listening to doctors talk about this virus because they fill in the gaps. So much doesn’t make sense until I hear these roundtables. You have no reason to embellish or hold back info, but our politicians and govt does. Thanks for continuing these podcasts during such a busy time. I know talking it out helps you guys everyday as well. Thanks for all you do xoxo
I’m currently in SRNA school in Philly, and these podcasts augment my learning so much. I listen to them all the time on runs and walks. I listen to 3-4 different anesthesia related podcasts, and this is my favorite one


By vhhhjju
Hi I’m a respiratory therapist from upstate Ny, I love this podcast, I know you guys are super busy out there. Just please please keep educating us with this horrible virus and share with us what is working out there. I learn so much from you guys and it keeps me curious to keep on learning. Please please help us out here. Thanks for all that you do!!!
I listen. Every single episodes and utilise the knowledge in my clinical practice. Scott & Josh Farcas are my two unmet gurus in critical care Aneesh kizhakkedath RN
An absolute amazing refresher for this FM physician who was suddenly in over his head during the COVID19 outbreak.
Unbelievably useful podcast. Astounding insight on what actually works, why it does work, and how to put that knowledge to use without further ado. Hands down the best podcast in the field.
ED iNurse or - no longer provide ER nursing but identify more as an ED nurse rather than the other nursing or pre-hospital care in which I served patients. Currently serving veterans, the greatest patient population on earth. Any patient who asks if you have something better when you tell them they need to stop using crack is a patient that is willing to be educated. Compared to the ED (where time to eat, drink, poop or pee is a luxury of a rare shift despite mindless, out of touch leaders beliefs of healthcare providers playing cards all shift), I have a comfy cosy job of caring for the pre, intra and post GI procedure patients. But I enjoy hearing EMCrit saying all the nice things that good ED, pre-hospital and post ED care providers have been thinking all along - at least those with uncommon sense and think rationally for person we are determining the best short and long term outcome. Thank you for your podcast!
IM resident, not in ED/CC, but still listen to this in my car to and from the hospital. Probably my favorite source of educational material, this guy is awesome. I dont even write reviews but came here to write this.
Opened my eyes and helped me help my patients-great lecture
This is my favorite podcast!!! Please do a follow up for the 246!!!
Have been listening now for a couple years and I love this podcast! I learn something new every time I listen and it is apparent that Dr. Weingart has a real passion for both critical care and teaching. Keep up the good work.
Great podcast for anyone who deals with critical care. As an anesthesiologist I find the material extremely relevant.
Great podcast! Am an aspiring flight nurse and love to listen while I run. Highly recommend!
Excellent, up-to-date, “cutting edge”, emergency medical information. One of my favorite emergency medical podcasts. Keep up the good work!!
There's always something to listen to on a commute from EMCrit/PulmCrit. Very relevant to me as a Flight Nurse and Acute Care NP student. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do Scott!
Enjoy podcast


I’ve been listening for about a year. Man, incredible info at the forefront of ever changing medicine with straight facts, honest opinions , witty humor, and mindful training- you can’t find better. Ive been listening to emrap, urgentcarerap, pedsrap, primarycarerap, curbsiders, uptodate etc for several years and by all means they are terrific, but somehow I always retain what Scott Weingart preaches. A wealth of knowledge for any provider acute or outpatient. I’m a firm believer in “you don’t know what you don’t know” so freakin’ learn it! You want regret your time with these podcasts...Ever
Have been a listener for many many years. incredibly informative. I find myself listening to older episodes because they are so good and dense with material. Thanks for making me a stronger clinician!
As a Paramedic you always strive to do better and most importantly improve your patient outcome. These podcast might seem above our scope but provide a better understanding of why we treat, help improve our initial care, and most of all help with assessments.
Love this podcast. Just love it.
This is such a great podcast. Dr Weingart is very down to earth despite being very bright. Makes ER accessible and has real life application of the theory. He also introduces you to other great minds and resources in the biz. Worth every minute.
As a former physiology teacher of medical students, who then decided to go back to medical school, I say without hesitation that this is the most helpful, engaging, and accurate (as least from a physiology perspective) podcast I have ever listened to. Simply a beautiful job.
Love love love this podcast. I'm a flight and ER Paramedic. Sometimes I know more about current treatments than some of the ER docs because of the information learned here. Thanks and keep it up!
Use info from this podcast in my day to day practice constantly.
Great podcast! I was fortunate to save a life because of what I learned from listening (emergency cric after listening and watching videos here, and after "the day I didn't use ultrasound" lecture). Thanks Scott!!
If you are in the healthcare field at all there is something you can take away from this podcast. As a prehospital provider it definitely has had a positive impact on my education, decision making, and patient care.


By ElinMD
Change my career and allowed me to transition to EM full time w confidence!!
Amazing topics, very concise. Covers both cutting edge topics and the not so glamorous ones we all try to dodge that are integral to practice while keeping things interesting.
The way Dr. Weingart delivers complicated information in a concise and easy to understand manner on this podcast is nothing short of remarkable. He and his podcast and an excellent resource for many in medicine.
I've always been a huge fan of Dr. Weingart and his ability to explain advanced topics in a very straight forward way. The procedure videos on his website are also awesome, and are how I learned how to perform central lines independently. Highly recommend the podcast and to check out the website as well.
Excellent podcast for up to date EM and CC information
Cogent and thought provoking information on relevant topics
Love the podcast!!! I am internal medicine resident and still listen to all the episodes in this podcast. I hope we can have more teachers like Dr. Weingart!!
I first stumbled across Dr. Weingart's work in paramedic school. My program utilized his DSI method for teaching pharmacological intubation. I found this jewel of a podcast that explains "tricks of the trade" in EM. I find it very entertaining and laid back like actually speaking with an ER doc. Anyone RN, Medic, MD in EM NEEDS to hear his work.
Scott is truly amazing! I was just a prehospital provider trying to find out what happens to all my sick patients. And my goodness he has opened a whole new passion for me which is critical care medicine! I'm Addicted to his podcast! if you're a medical provider looking to learn more and help your patients in the long run this is the podcast for you! Keep up the great work Scott 👍🏻
Have been listening to this podcast for years. Love it. Love it love it. This one podcast is responsible for more practice changing behaviors of mine than any other source of info. I listen religiously and I even have a notebook set up for rapid fire remembering in critical care scenarios so I don't have to go back and find an old podcast....i.e. How to mix vasopressin for push dose Pressors. Or vent settings etc. my one negative comment, don't listen while driving in your car when your kids are with you....the language has deteriorated over the years and it has turned somewhat from a scientific factual fun into a little more vulgarity ridden lingo that kids don't need to hear. Five stars for content, just use your earphones when surrounded by small children. Keep up the good work Scott - I'm not the potty mouth police so I'm not suggesting any changes to your program just a fair critique in my opinion....looking out for the wee ones. Keep doing what you do and count me a loyal listener.....
Actually, I love this podcast. It's helped me progress taking care of the most ill and crashing patients. The archives are great too. I finally understand acid base. Thank you for the time, effort, tears, and sacrifice you've made. It's saved many more people than you can every really understand.
Hey all, third-soon-to-be-fourth year DO student here. This podcast is amazing. Dr. Weingart's personality and teaching style is perfect for those of you who need to visualize and want the reasons WHY something is done. This podcast got me off the fence and finally focused on an EM residency. Podcasts generally only run 20-ish minutes and he'll sometimes post lectures which are a bit longer. Perfect whether you're a student, resident, PA, nurse, what have you.