Reviews For How The Race Was Won - The Best Pro Cycling Podcast Anywhere

This show is incredible. Super smart. Like nothing else out there.
Catalano's analysis is a gift to the spirit of bike racing. The balance struck between insight, passion, humor, and clever editing is what I love about this podcast. However, you should be aware that by watching even just one episode, you've exposed yourself to dopamine spikes that will have you checking back daily for new race coverage. Truly a wonderful production and brilliant form of sports reporting.
My favorite source for race reviews, snappy banter, and insightful commentary on all aspect of pro cycling. Great job Cosmo. Really appreciate it.
Cosmo is insightful, entertaining, and outstanding. Wraps up cycling races tighter than SportsCenter used to do with NCAA basketball games. Tight editing, well written, well produced - doesn’t get any better.
Funny and it calls forward subtle moments in the race that I miss when watching live that prove to be definitive.
Love the quick race reviews. Fun to see the key moments of each race and even learn race tactics to see how the pros perform. Keep up the great work.


By S B
Quick, informative and entertaining!
Cosmo's podcast provides insightful analysis of how races are ridden, won and lost. As others have said, he brings the race to life. If you want to learn bike racing, you can't do better than Cyclocosm.
A great way to catch up on these races.
Cosmo Catalano provides a perfect summary of major cycling races. Superbly knowledgeable on the subject of pro bike racing and with a great sense of humor, Cosmo breaths life into a great mix of still photographs and video clips to give the viewer not only the feeling of having been at the race but that he had been there with a team insider who knew all of the nuances of the race and current trends in pro racing and was only too glad to share them. This is without a doubt my favorite video podcast! Thanks, super job.