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I LOVE this podcast. These women are funny, smart, entertaining and, yes, knowledgeable about gardening. My only complaint is that they don't record more often. I am listening to their podcasts OVER and OVER while I go about my business (gardening, cleaning, etc.) and these 2 women are SO entertaining, it's like bringing amusing pals with you while you do chores. Makes everything more fun. AND you learn about gardening, but thankfully, much of it is just entertaining banter. I heart these guys, and want them to load ALL their old podcasts into iTunes so I can load them all into my iPod and to merrily on my way. =) And, of course, record MORE MORE MORE. =)
These ladies are CRAZY!!! Funny banter on the dirty disorganized side of gardening. They always make me laugh!
I loved the episode. I listened to it today at work. I believe my co-workers think I am crazy. I start laughing and when I go to explain, they just don't get it. Keep up the good work!
After listening almost all the way thru the Waterworld episode I am deleting this podcast. First, it was almost 20 minutes into the podcast before there was any substantial discussion about the topic of the podcast. Before that, 20 loooong mintues of hammering pickaxes in the background, dogs barking; one podcaster seems to be having a side conversation with her husband off mike, until they decide to record him shouting from across the room. The two podcasters are miked at different levels (one sounds like she is on Skype)with no apology to the listeners for these low production values. All this fun while the podcasters banter about nothing. I'm done with this podcast.
Listening to Good Enough Gardening is like hanging out with your favorite friends, talking about plants, laughing about life and even singing a few songs when the inspiration hits you... You'll always find something interesting, inspiring and downright funny when Amanda and Jean Ann start talking about plants. Plus, you never have to feel guilty about your garden not being perfect. What could be better than that? This is one podcast you don't want to miss!
As a relative newcomer to all-things gardening, and not quite ready to be the "old crazy lady with her rosebushes", I really love these ladies who share my passions for getting dirty while maintaining a post-punk rock/vintage glam sensibility. There are plenty of podcasts that will give you the technical, scientific reasons why and how to grow veggies and flowers, but I don't think any other one could provide a song in the "voice" of a peony or a or a star-gazer lilly. Listen to them while you're gardening, and the neighbors will be sure to think you've lost your mind as you cackle uproariously while wedding the front flowerbeds. I <3 the GEG girls.


These 2 are the Sifl & Olly of gardening! I'm as addicted to this show as I was to that show. They've changed the way I garden!
I love that it's funny and that Amanda and Jean Ann don't take themselves seriously. At all. Listening to them reminds me that it's ok to have fun and be playful when I garden. I don't have to keep the flowers in the border or the veggies in rows (the gardening equivalent of coloring within the lines). Here's my FB "Podcast of the Week" post about GEG: Podcast of the week: Good Enough Gardening. A gardening podcast for the rest of us. Amanda and Jean Ann are the "Click and Clack" of gardening. Jean Ann (of the "Gardener to Farmer" blog) and Amanda (of the "Kiss My Aster" blog) discuss life, compost ("just make a pile"), and many other topics, some of which are actually gardening-related. Memorable quote: "Plants die. Get over it, people."
These ladies are my company in the garden. Whether I'm digging up second-crop potatoes, adding new raised beds, or flipping through seed catalogues, the girls keep me giggling with their irreverent banter, and keep me informed with their excellent from-the-trenches advice. Highly recommended by a gardener from just north of...Oklahoma.
Informative, funny, hints galore. These two ladies are so much fun to listen to. And it is free to boot. You just have to tune in to them. You won't regret it.
So many gardening shows are so serious and overwhelming... and I feel like such a novice. The fun tone makes me feel less overwhelmed! I especially like the Chicago show...
I'm a suburban veggie gardener and love listening to other people who just love gardening talk about useful subjects.
I am a huge podcast listener, and in the past it's all been knitting and cooking podcasts. I've been looking for a podcast that covered my other passion, gardening, and here it is! I love how Amanda & Jean Ann banter, and talk about topics that some people get really hot about like native plants for instance. I mostly grow vegetables in my garden, and not ornamentals, but it's all fascinating to me! I've learned so much from listening to Good Enough Gardening in the months I've been listening, thanks for the podcast!
I discovered GEG podcasts about a year ago and have listened to EVERY ONE! These ladies are a riot! I LOVE listening to their entertaining banter while I weed and water! My neighbors probably think I am a bit wacky since I often laugh out loud! I have learned a lot too! Keep it up Amanda and Jean Ann!!!! It has been a long winter and I cannot wait to hear more from you gals!
Good Enough Gardening is a riot, and even for this casual and lazy gardener it's a wealth of information - and humor! Jean Ann and Amanda are so fun to listen to, and before long you'll feel like they're a couple of gardeners who've arrived in your house to shoot the breeze and share some of their gardening knowledge over coffee.
When they do talk gardening, I enjoy what they are saying. But they are so obsessed with trying to be cool with the dude talk that it turns me off. I'm all for making gardening fun or good enough but much of the time the podcast is lots of babbling - there are many better podcasts about gardening than this one - sorry dudes!!
This morning I sat down at iTunes and clicked to Refresh podcasts. When I saw that a new episode of Good Enough Gardening was downloading its way to me, I exclaimed, "Yay! Good Enough Gardening!" I then felt silly, as I'm not 12 years old (I'm 45). I then didn't care, and said it again.
This is my favorite podcast... period. I listen to many gardening podcasts. As a master gardener it's important to me that the content is accurate, and I appreciate the expertise shared here. I also LOVE the fact that the approach is irreverent and, some times hilarious. My fellow commuters on the freeway must wonder what it is that makes me laugh out loud in my car. This is a must for anyone with a sense of humor who wants to learn more about gardening.
I love this podcast. The girls have a great mix of usefull garden stuff and funny crap. It's like sitting aroud with my own girlfriends talking about our own non-perfect gardens and how much we enjoy them even though they aren't perfect. Love you Amanda and Jean Ann!!!
I love this podcast. Amanda and Jean-Ann are so much fun to listen to. I look forward to each new podcast!!!
These guys crack me up, and they crack each other up, and therein lies the greatness of Good Enough Gardening. This is not a podcast for ladies in white gloves looking for tips on growing delphiniums. Think of it as a two-woman standup act, about gardening, except it's a podcast. Listen while you weed.
These two women are so great together and they couldn't be more different. I've learned a lot from the podcast and they put me in a really good mood with their quick and witty banter.
As an avid gardener, I love finding new podcasts (especially of the gardening variety) to listen to while I potter around in the yard . However, I found "Good Enough Gardening" too chatty with little useful information. The girls seemed to have a good relationship with one another, but most of their "jokes" fell very flat (and I usually love a corny joke) and the use of the word "DUDE!" was too excessive and annoying. In fact, most of the chatter in the 3 episodes I tried out started wearing on my nerves. For good gardening information that's entertaining, I'm sticking with "Greendays Gardening Panel" and "You Bet Your Garden" as the duo of gardening podcasts on my ipod.
I thought I would be intimidated by a gardening podcast, but Jean Ann and Amanda were not preachy or know-it-all and put me right at ease. After listening I wanted to get out into the back yard and try something with less worry about failure. Thanks for the humor and inspiration!
I drive a lot during the day so I depend on my podcast subscriptions when there's nothing on the radio. I've tried to listen to other garden podcasts and they're just boring. Love Amanda's reference to her "NPR voice." It's so true! Most garden talk shows remind me of the NPR skit from SNL, you know the one, Schwetty Balls with Alec Baldwin. I love the idea behind your new venture, Good Enough Gardening. I hope more newbies will open their mind to gardening when they realize you don't have to be perfect and it's not just a hobby for grey-hairs anymore. I'd like to say that I don't care what my neighbors think, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm quite competitive. You two are the first people, I've seen/heard who acknowledge, at this level, the immense pressure of having a "perfect" garden. Where in the world does that come from??? Amanda was right when she talked about gardening as another way of being judged by others, so sad but it's true. I love JeanAnn's little tid bits of helpful gardening tips from sowing your own seeds and what veggies are worth, and not worth, your time and effort. Thanks for taking the edge off with your seriously entertaining show Good Enough Gardening!
Yes, well, it was our first podcast...and though I sound like I am sitting somewhere behind Amanda, it was probably the most fun thing I have ever done in my whole life. I should warn anyone who might consider listening that we are irreverent, slightly off, and think our own jokes are incredibly funny. As a nice aside, we do actually know a thing or two about gardening. If you are a traditional gardening show addict, um, this is not the podcast for you. If however, you want to laugh while digging in the dirt, come on over to the good enough side...
I've "met" these two on Twitter and follow their chatter there as well. Jean Ann has several blogs with the Garden to Farmer being the most useful for me. The irrepressible Amanda writes the "Kiss My Aster" blog for Horticulture magazine. They are fun, funny and very knowledgeable. Their blogs are "must reads" for me so I am a subscriber here as well. They have some technical issues to work out on the podcast but the chat is great to listen to while working in the garden.
This was a fabulous podcast, I can't wait for more!!!
I really enjoyed listening to this- Amanda and Jean Ann shared some great gardening info, and they made me laugh. I think this will be useful for all levels of gardeners. I'm looking forward to the next installment!
Yeah, I'm gonna give this a fabulous review- and because I think I can't do this anonymously I can admit I am the Amanda of Amanda and JeanAnn. But whatever, here's the deal. It's our first podcast people, we're only getting funnier and more informative from here. So love us and pray for our gardening souls....