Flatirons Community Church Video Podcast

Reviews For Flatirons Community Church Video Podcast

Every single "talk" is worth your time!!! Download them all!
I've moved across country and I still get to see the best Church/Community ever. Jim always has a way of putting god in to a way I can understand him.
thank you so much for posting this podcast for us!! i cant wait to catch up on all the fun. hope to see everyone soon!! thanks again & God Bless
I'm so glad that Flatiron's put up the Video Podcasts on iTunes. They have such amazing messages and great music. Everything can be related to you one way or another, its so cool!!!
I live in Cali, and I visited this church when I was in Colorado a week ago. The sermon hit home, the pastor was down to earth, and I haven't been able to find anything like this where I live. I'm glad I can download it!
Thank you so much for posting videos of the messages. I moved back east a year ago after attending Flatirons for four years. I've listened to the audio podcasts since moving but the videos will help me feel like I'm back there again. :)
Jim and Scott teach what Jesus really wanted us to know in order to bring us closer to God. After many years of avoiding church because of the hypocrisy and self-righteousness often found there, I have finally found a church that I look forward to attending weekly. The messages are delivered in a biblically based manner but with a healthy dose of humor. I am so happy to have the podcasts available for when I have to work, etc. and can't attend. Try watching a few--bet you come back for more!
i love you guys for putting the video of these amazing Messages!! I have been in church for a while, because i have been very busy lately. so i love that i am able to watch the messages!!! Thank you guys so so so so so so so much for this!!!!! i will be coming back soon, once things slow down for a bit for me!! i promise!!!!
Thank you for posting a video podcast of your fabulous messages!