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Couldn’t even understand the interviewee last week, this week quality is just very poor. Great content and I’m glad it’s back in production after the staff changes. I look forward to updating this review with some better mics and a little more post processing.
The Threatpost Podcast is the weekly (+) audio digest of the Threatpost website. The Threatpost website is Kaspersky lab's blog; it tracks malware news. When you read Threatpost it is kind of like turning over a rock: the life you discover underneath is unpredictable, fascinating, terrifying and inspiring. For all the awful and destructive code that somebody hides in applications and firmware (yes, companies are betraying you, too; just look up D-Link), there are people studying and fighting malware distribution. The Threatpost Podcast is the laid back counterpart to the blog. Two guys talk about the week's developments in an informal way that sometimes leaves out the back story, but puts things in perspective: "this is serious stuff, but someone's on it." You'll sometimes hear the family dog bark, or a door close in the background, which gives some comic relief to the whole thing. Despite the high technical level of the conversation, this is a podcast that anybody would benefit from. Malware is a problem for everybody and a little education would go a long way. Particularly interesting to me is the affiliation with Kaspersky. It cuts both ways: the reports from the annual Kaspersky meeting are really good and interesting. But as of September, 2017, Kaspersky is facing the toughest future yet. There is increasing bad publicity generated by American Intelligence suggesting that Kaspersky has hidden ties to Russian Intelligence. These guys are caught in the middle, so it will be interesting if we hear them reporting on their parent company. It's kinda hard for them to ignore since people in the government are saying that there is a fox in the henhouse. I wish these guys the best. They have a good podcast and have broken news that I would have otherwise missed at my peril.
Fascinating material for the infosec professional. Very timely and important interviews and related content. Unfortunately it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom. No excuse for bad sound quality in 2013 -- even Skype has a cleaner sound than this.