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Really enjoyed the lastest installment- a conversation with McCartney. The interviewer (can't remember the bloke's name right now) has an irreverant edge which keep things light and interesting. I've heard dozens of interviews with Macca over the years- this was the most conversational.. kind of an off the record feel. Hey I liked it.
I too must ask: when WILL we get the Beatles on iTunes? I remember John Lennon well (never mind my age). I closely followed John and Yoko in their hotel in Amsterdam when they stayed in bed to protest Viet Nam. They had been kicked out of the UK, got married and, on their honeymoon in Amsterdam, protested. They were living legends and Yoko has become an icon for art and keeping John Lennon living in our memories, an awesome person!
when are they gonna get the Beatles music on Itunes? lovee them... just want their music on my ipod!! i though tthey said they were gonna put it on here but its still not here.
love da beatles just wish i wuz around when john wuz (tear) but john wuz soooooo funny but paul is wicked hot (oh yea) but haha i love this