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I love that I can get my FIX quick without waiting and watching the same Ad over and over again! This is the best way to watch the FIX!
Great podcast to catch up with the gaming world
Easy way to catch up on the daily scoop
Anyone know why these stopped appearing on iTunes? October 14 was the last one.
My favorite daily podcast won't download anymore. Are they done?


By mill43
We're the fix its gone bring it back plzzz since October it won't show any new episodes
The iTunes feed is no longer updating. The last update was on October 14, 2015.
LOVED watching this daily news update show, but mysteriously no longer available for download via iTunes/Podcast app
Good podcast overall. Won’t get 5 stars because they insist on telling these annoying jokes after every.single.news. Please: STOP THE JOKES. Give me the news and shut up.
The daily fix used to be great untill they changed the video format. Many of us who own an Ipod classic can no longer watch the podcast. I have a 120 gb (4th generation) and it's lame that it no longer syncs anymore. I hope the video issue gets fixed.
Thanks for the amazing podcast! Its great to wake up to gaming news every day!
I only watch this to look at her
Sweet app good for those ten min breaks at work
Thank u ign for bringing me daily gaming news on all of my devices
I have watched this everyday for over a year...but it looks like they've stopped! Are you really going to stop uploading them here?! Please No!
I try to subscribe and get episodes but I can't on my macbook. Please fix this
How come the feed has stopped updating? You are still releasing videos every day, but the last one you put on itunes is the 23rd of Nov!
I'm using a 4th gen iPod touch on iOS 5.0.1 but the last available episode I'm seeing is 11/23/11. I really miss the podcast.
Nothing posted here after 11/23 even though there ARE new episodes since. Please fix the feed, IGN! (Only posting here since they did not respond on Twitter)...
Still doesn't work on iPOD touch. All those interns working for free and you can't see your way to putting out a compatible transcoded video cast???
Viewers having technical issues shouldn't give this great podcast a bad rating. Get a new iPod.
I luv ign sooo much and daily fix is awesome. It keeps me informed about all the latest media news like free DLC new games minecraft updates black ops news etc etc etc totally worth downloading 


Good info, nice size. Has suffered some since the loss of its long-running female host. Home they find a comparable replacement as recent hosts have been uninteresting...
I used to watch this on my lunch break daily but now it won't sync to my ipod Nano (fourth generation model 16gb). I love the quick video summaries of the gaming world. Please fix the video issue.
This is the perfect video podcast for on the go. Always has new gaming information and entertaining hosts, compacted into a short video. Can no longer play this video on my ipod nano (4th gen)! Please fix. */edit Found out how to view on your ipod. If you select the podcast in your library then go to the Advanced tab at the top of itunes and click "Create ipod or iphone version" it will convert it. However it doesnt replace the copy in itunes. You have to goto the folder where you save your podcasts (generally My Documents/ My Music/ Itunes/...) In that folder it will be MPEG-4Video version rather then MPEG-4 Movie version (which is the original, noncompatible version) You then have to drag it from that folder and drop it into your ipod in itunes. Takes a while to convert, and no longer shows up in your 'podcast' menu on your ipod, but instead in the 'video' menu. Hopefully they fix this soon.
Great podcast however as of recent I cannot download the fix. Please Ign fix the fix
Why can't I watch these videos on my iPod touch??? Last few weeks I couldn't been able to watch!!! Better fix this soon!!!
my ipod touch hasn't been able to read the video format for a couple of weeks. please fix daily fix~ har har
Love the daily fix, but now I can not view the video on my iTouch. Feels like a part if my day is missing now that I can't view these. Can this please be fixed?
I lost the ability to see theses on my ipod. You changed the resolution of the video to one that is not compatible with ipods. Please fix this.
I lost the ability to download this podcast
It seem that too many podcaster's, post new video's or podcast. But they don't check too make sure they can download the new show's. I am not going to sign up for ign insiders to let them know, that itunes has not let me see a new update for like 3 weeks now. I know now from the ign site, that they are updateing new videos. Please fix this over site.
Jessica Chobot with gaming news.
I live but to serve!
This is a great game news podcast. Plus it's not as nearly as depressing as the world news.
Its a repeat of 6-3-2010! Nice work IGN. Need a new upload manager? I'm looking for work.
This is one of my favorite podcasts!
A good padcast to keep you updated on the news that matters to us gamers! One little thing that needs to be tweaked is it called the daily fix please update it daily!!


I completely agree with the 2 guys before me


This is a great little video update but warning very addictive they call it the fix for a reason i fell like a junkie when i go without it for a week this is to hood of a show and i love it
Best podcast ever funny, and entertaining
Happy Birthday FIX !!!!
This podcasts give gamers a quick summary of an industry that seems to change constantly. Now I can't go on without my fix.


She is so hot