Reviews For The NET LIVE

Long time, first time. Loved the episode with Casey Walsh-Jennings. A throw-back to my heckling at the AVP Cincy event a few years back. Thanks for not taking any sh!t on the podcast! I'd love to hear the real 1st lady of the sport, Misty May-Traynor, on the show an get her impressions on the state of the sport.
I like the show for its good coverage of a minor sport. The variety of guests and the questions asked keep me listening. The quirky side discussions make me laugh.
Great volleycoverage of the volleyball world. I've listened to this podcast for 6 years, great comprehensive coverage of international, domestic, indoor, and beach VB! This podcast is the best part of my week, I wish they could find a way to monetize this! Great work!
Guys just wanted to thank you for keeping the podcast going and for constantly coming up with great guests and coverage of college and national team volleyball. Would love if you could get a European guest host every now and then so we can hear a bit more about the game overseas and their perspective on American game. Keep up the great work guys!
I love this podcast. I listen to it on a regular basis. It is extremely informative and gives you a great perspective on the sport.
This is a great podcast with very informative insight into current volleyball events. Only occasionally does Barney make outlandish comments. It can always use more Geeter though.
This podcast is a great way to keep up on all the happenings in the world of volleyball.
Reid and Kev's show is great for volley info and humor! Great guests being asked the questions we all would love the answers to! Listen in-- you won't be disappointed!