Reviews For Talk to Me from WNYC

LOVE this series of lectures, panels and readings. The "Myths of American Slavery" speech by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to the NY Historical Society was especially memorable. Now, after an upgrade to iPhone 4, more than half of my attempted downloads of this podcast failed, with the prompt "This podcast will not play on your phone." Can this be fixed, WNYC? I'd hate to lose this, strangely, barely-heard-of, barely-marketed show/podcast that I only stumbled upon by luck. Where is this podcast in services like Stitcher or TuneIn Radio?? Please, Talk to Me (more) and keep this gem as widely available as possible.
Sharp, relaxed and stimulating dialogue of a quality you would expect from New York Public Radio. The first Talk to me Podcast I listened to was Daniel Libeskind and I was hooked. A podcast I can work while listening too and be mindfully engaged.