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We are lucky to have the NFL guru give us 3 hours of his time every Saturday with constant pearls of wisdom. Now that Seattle football is on top the Professor and us faithful fans can revel in the myriad Seahawk topics and nuances with glee! Thanks John!
JC - it kills me not giving you a five, I love you bruhhh but please drop these crapy regular callers. Irish Mickey is the worst! Sounds like he got hit by a car.
I love u man, but NO ONE wants to listen to callers. And I mean no one. Maybe u can read their emails like other radio shows?! And for this reason, I deduct a star


By Chadly5
I have been a long time listener of the show. I moved to Hawaii and now most of my data plan goes to listening to his show while I'm driving or at work. Makes me feel like I'm driving I-5 again. And for those of you who hate the callers, or think they are unemployed lazy old people. I work full time as a ER RN making a large salary. I have called the show a few times myself. Keep it upJC.
John Clayton him self deserves 4 stars, but the callers make this show unlistenable! They ramble, obnoxious (Irish mink), angry for no reason (dre), and the rest just seem socially awkward. The worst part is that they are the same callers every week!
John Clayton might be the most reliable sports reporter on ESPN... he may not be the funniest guy in the world but his information is TOP NOTCH. His show needs two things: 1. He needs a more lax, silly, or funny cohost to pair with him. I think John would benefit from playing off of another person, or just have another person to change the pace and flow of the show for a bit. 2. Get rid of the callers!!! Callers are an archaic idea from the RADIO DAYS... its like resetting, only old people from old radio care about it. Callers in EVERY CITY are stupid... I mean think about the people who have the time during a work day in the morning to call in... lots of winners in that group. Bottom line we want to hear more from John Clayton, and hopefully a cohost to help Clayton out. There are very few GOOD podcasts where one person is just talking solo... tough stuff.
Clayton is awesome, but the callers are lame. He needs a cohost so that there is a little more substance to the show. Pair Clayton and Sean Salisbury, somehow someway again..
Love John Clayton, but I turn off radio or stop the podcast when I hear Irish Minki. That caller is so horrid that he ruins the show. 5 stars if he stops calling in.
Please talk more sounders!!!!!!
Love that the best man in the football biz is Seattle based and gives the hawks some love every Saturday. You always get a Nugget from Clayton you won't get elsewhere. Callers are a little rambly. Cutt them off John, we want you!


For the person who gave the lame review, just a little heads up, this show is only once a week on Saturdays! Maybe next time do a little home work and know what your talking about DAM IT! JC and his show are the best! Keep up the great work!
Essential listening for any fan of Seattle teams. Irreplaceable for those of us who live outside of WA.
If you live in the Seattle area this show is unmatched and even if you don't you'll be hard pressed to find a more in depth set of knowledge. He's not ESPN's senior analyst for nothing
It takes forever for new shows. If it's suppose to b daily then please post more of them instead of 1 or 2 a week.
The show is seattle based, but every NFL team and most sports are discussed. Clayton is the best at what he does so you'll get a lot of unbiast info and insight