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Music, movies, books, tv ... these guys cover it all with great insight and humor. It is such a treat to have a new episode appear in my podcast feed every Monday.
If you want to know what is happening in the biz tune into this podcast weekly!!!
i work in the industry--and Showbiz Sandbox is a staple for me. One of my main sources of biz info. Don't ever stop explaining your jokes, Sperling!
Sperling and Michael are great together. They've got wondeful voices for radio, great chemistry, enjoyable discussion, and I learned something to boot! I've been following Michael's writing for years, but had no idea he had a podcast. I'm hooked! A really nice show, highly recommend. Thanks for doing this, guys.
Enjoy the show each week and entertainment insights. As a newer listener, looking forward to Oscar reviews and award season insights. More needed about Michael's travels around the country.
Great resource for the latest entertainment news, trends and even jokes. I've been listening for over a year now, keep up the great work!
There’s a million things to keep up with, a million tangents that fit together in the entertainment biz. These guys cover things that I should know but which I’d never have my eye on enough to understand. I’ve been listening for years now and am still grateful every week…and beginning to understand how the industry works.
I finally got around to writing about the one podcast I look forward to each week. I am not sure how I started listening, but it was many years ago when the show had three hosts, but both Sperling and Michael carry on such informative and entertaining banter that the podcast is as good as ever. My favorite segments are the WORLDWIDE box office (none of that US only stuff) and Big Deal, Big Whoop where the two hosts look at the weekly events and decide if they are really worth anything. Come for the entertainment news, stay for the ramblings of Sperling as Michael tries to reign him in. My children love to listen just for that relationship, but they also learn a little about Showbiz as well. Thanks Kids!
Is hilarious. Seriously I look forward to this podcast each week and yell at my iPhone when they take a week off. If you are looking for insight into the entertainment industry this is the place to go. Keep up the great work guys.
Sperling and Michael do a great job of tell you what is going on with Entertainment industry without getting into who is dating who in hollywood. If you have any interest in movies, tv or music this show is for you!
The Showbiz podcast, a real look at the sandbox that is the entertainment business. From why decisions are made in Television to the business of the Movies. The hosts follow real world box-office realities, interesting news off Broadway, and the current state of the Music Business. A Weekly deep dive on a specific topic will enlighten and informative guests bring fresh prospective in their fields of expertise. Quick weekly top headline reviews & their significance, plus informative coverage of events and festivals that give the listener a peak behind the curtain of the worlds most influential and creative business. All in an enjoyable way by two industry pro's is a must have on my download list.
The hosts, Sperling & Michael, provide an informative and insightful summary of the latest entertainment news (including the international box office numbers!) each week. Always entertaining and fun. The hosts are knowledgeable and passionate. My first resource for entertainment news. Put this show on your podcast rotation and enjoy!


By apt342
I am one of the two faithful listeners every week. :-) Love the movie and TV stats and other interesting topics relevant to the entertainment industry. Keep up the great work! Until next week...
I really like this show.It is very entertaining as well as informative. The two host speak very clearly (I am still learning English and this is a good show to improve it). Sometimes their opinion is very "black and white", where they could be more in the middle of the road, but still a very good show about the Entertainment world.


By J42B
Fantastic podcast! Entertaining and very informative. However, the last 3 podcasts won't download for some reason. I hope this glitch can be fixed soon. Keep up the excellent work guys!
Don't waste your time with anything else. Michael and Sperling are knowledgable and entertaining hosts. Pound for pound the best podcast in entertainment news.
3 fantastic parts to this show- worldwide box office, big deal/big whoop and inside baseball. The middle discussion section at times bogs down, depending on subject(s). The Olympics was overkill, but usually overall entertaining podcast
Showbiz Sandbox gives you great entertainment industry coverage without any of the fluff, rumor or innuendo. “Insider” enough to give you some really great insights, but never so much that you find yourself in over your head and your eyes glazing over. Covers the full gamut of entertainment from movies, television and music to print publishing (books, magazines and newspapers) and even theater.
For anyone who is interested in the media and entertainment business, this podcast is a must. I had been searching for something like this for a while and other than KCRW's The Business, there is nothing else. Every week you get a rundown of everything important going on in film, tv, theatre, the digital world, and so much more. This isn't a podcast about celebrity gossip. Its a podcast that features really intriguing insights and commentary on the business side of the entertainment industry. Its more in-depth than The Business and covers more topics too. Also, the two hosts - J. Sperling Reich and Michael Giltz - have a conversational and hilarious banter style. Its like you're just listening to their conversation at a restaurant. If you are at all interested in show business, then you need to add Showbiz Sandbox to your weekly arsenal. Do what I do ~ listen to it while you are running or walking to and from school/work. You won't be disappointed!
As an information junkie, I always enjoy finding out tidbits, behind the scenes, etc. What you told us about Jobs was remarkable! i knew nothing about the genesis of Pixar. Fabulous history that you guys told. thanks
I love this podcast. It's entertaining and very informative. I really like the news about streaming and the changing entertainment landscape. The only thing that could improve this show would be to have it as a video podcast. Sperling & Michael.... Great job!
This is a hidden gem of a podcast. It's like This Week In Tech, but for the entertainment industry. They make all the current news about movies or television or music funny, interesting and totally accessible. They usually have some pretty good industry people or entertainment reporters on each show. It's become one of the podcasts I listen to regularly. Two thumbs up!
I'm a big fan of this show. It's always interesting and very fun. It's an efficient telling of the entertainment news of the day. Bravo!
Informative and engaging show about all the latest happenings in the entertainment world. The guests are interesting and fun. It's worth listening to, especially if you want a quick recap or opinions on recent show business news.
I really enjoy this podcast. I only recently discovered that there were podcasts covering the business side of entertainment. I subscribed to a few and this one has really stuck. This show and KRCW's the Business are the first two I listen to when I download new shows. Keep up the great work.
It's a nice podcast to catch up on some of the movie industry news. But I have to say Karen Woodward does annoy me a little. I'm sure she's a smart, intelligent person, but it doesn't come across very well on this podcast.
Interesting news you can't find on tv or the radio. Keep it up!
This industry veteran trio bring the podcast world a smart, informative and funny glimpse into the overall entertainment industry. Well prepared, produced and delivered (with a perfect blend of spontaneous humor); Showbiz Sandbox raises the bar for podcasts related to this very peculiar industry. I am sorry, but Mr. Fischer clearly isn't paying attention!
What I love about this podcast is that it helps me catch up on all the important entertainment news each week. Now I never miss out on any big stories which makes me look really smart when discussing them with friends. As well, they always seem to have great, intelligent guests on. If you want to be well briefed on a week full of entertainment headlines in an hour or so, next to KCRW's The Business, this is the best podcast I've found. Believe me, I've listened to them all. Each of the hosts seems to have an area of expertise such as television, film or music, but take it from someone who works in "the biz", these guys know what they are talking about. I usually agree with their opinions and analysis of the news stories they cover. Even better, they can be really funny and often appear to spit out encyclopedic facts off the top of their heads. Thanks for the podcast and keep up the great work.
Not a bad podcast but the girl they use clearly knows absolutely NOTHING about movies and should be replaced forthwith.
Thanks again for another great episode. I always ejoy hearing knowledgeable commentary on the world of ShowBiZ! Keep it up. And if you are new to ShowBiz SandBox.. go ahead and subscribe to it.. well worth it. Kevin "Mistfit" Mist
This podcast is always entertaining with plenty of interesting people, especially Michael Giltz. I reccomend this as a weekly dose of news in showbiz for anyone's enjoyment.