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I listen to Sarah's yoga nidra on a regular basis at bedtime. She does a beautiful job. I listened to episode 54 but I prefer episode 50. Thank you so much!
Sarah is absolutely amazing! She has not only changed my yoga practice for the better, but also my life. I can’t thank her enough. I have had the privilege of attending Sarah’s classes as well as taking private lessons with her - I highly recommend both. Before working with Sarah, I truly disliked downward dog. Because of Sarah’s work with me, my relationship with downward dog has been transformed and it feels so much better in my body, something I never thought possible. Not only has she helped me to transform physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I can’t recommend Sarah and her services enough – it has been an honor to be a student of hers.
Sarah's yoga is for any and everybody. I have been able to build a home practice around her classes- these podcasts. Her cueing is so effective, and easy to follow; she is able to describe motion, direction, and take you through visualizations of postures that allow for unexpected growth and depth. She makes yoga relatable and approachable. I have deepened and developed my practice with Sarah. These classes have been a blessing for me, and I strongly encourage you to try!
I’m writing this after having done only one podcast; I’ve never met or even heard of Sarah before. And I am subscribing and downloading most of her previous ones — this is powerful yoga. The one I did was slow and strong, really an hour well spent.
I like how this podcast starts immediately. I don't really care for yoga teachers talking too much in the beginning. Sharing is okay but some people overdo it. If you want to have quiet, serious, meditative practice at home, try this podcast. I hope new episodes keep coming.
Perhaps you're like me. I've never met Sara. I've never been to one of her classes. I live in a rural area and at times the closest real, live yoga instructor is 90 miles away. Doing yoga while listening to a podcast is like canoeing a river blindfolded. Sara B as your guide shows you how to navigate that river successfully. Her recent releases incorporate the imagery necessary when you're at the disadvantage of not seeing someone model the pose. So many of the yoga podcasts available are simply a recording of a live class. It is incredible and rare to find person so mindful to include cues and descriptions for those following along after the fact. Thank you, Sara B, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Sarah is a wonderful teacher, precise as an OM yoga teacher always is. As an OM teacher myself it is fantastic to find Sarah's pod casts so I can have a directed practice at home. You will learn a great deal from Sarah. thanks Sarah
I've tried most of the other practice podcasts out there and this is by and far the best. The instructor does an excellent job with directions, intentions, and mantras. The soft music in the background is just enough. Not too loud and not obnoxious.
I took a few classes with Sarah while I was living in Cambridge and really enjoyed her classes. Her pacing is well considered and she has a nice range - i really grew in my practice through classes with her and others at Karma. When i moved out of the country, i was thrilled to find that I could take Sarah with me in the form of the posdcast!! Sarah is also incredibly responsive to contact - i was having trouble with the site and emailed her and her reply was quick and she was warm and engaging - even over the world wide web!
Boston SHOULD love Sarah Baumert, Minneapolis and St. Paul sure do! And we MISS her! Sarah is uniquely gifted in reaching every yoga student (in person AND online!) has a soothing, calming voice and manner, and puts all students at ease, while helping them strive to reach their personal potential and focus. I cannot sing her enough praise, and I'm a jazz singer! ;) I deemed Sarah "The Yoga Whisperer" when I first started taking classes from her in the Twin Cities, and this title will always hold true.
Sarah's pace is a bit slower than other vinyasa podcasts i currently practice with, but that's what i love about it. her classes allow me to focus on alignment, paying attention to different sensations that may come up, & i'm also able to be that much more present in each pose. this podcast has been so beneficial to my personal practice!! thank you, Sarah!
In each of these beautifully-crafted yoga classes, instructor Sarah B guides you with precision and warmth through a creative sequence of postures that leaves you feeling at home in your body and at ease in your mind. Technically, Sarah's clear instructions, intelligent sequencing, and deep understanding of alignment make these podcasts a wonderful basis for your home practice. Even over the internet, her wisdom and care come shining through. I feel so grateful to have these classes as part of my yoga practice and as part of my life. They are worth every second!
Sarah's teaching style is thoughtful, accessible and perfectly down-to-earth. I have complete trust in her knowledge of the body. As a dancer, I've taken a lot of yoga classes over the years and she is by far and away my favorite teacher. She's gifted at creating a practice that addresses the body, mind and spirit. I use her podcasts to warm myself up for rehearsals, I take them with when I'm performing on tour and I turn them on when I just want to stay home and practice yoga in my living room. She offers a range of classes and I can always find one that fits in with my needs on any given day. I'm so thankful to have them.
Sarah is one of the most gifted yoga instructors that I've ever met. She is truly a gem! Throughout my 10 years of practicing yoga, I have never found a more compassionate, graceful, gifted, intelligent and grounded instructor. Since moving away from Boston, I have continued my practice with Sarah through her podcasts. They are perfect for rainy days, yoga while traveling or for home! Her focus on alignment is unlike anyone you will meet. Each class is tailored to address specific ailments and Sarah always provides detailed instruction, which you can follow even if you are a beginner! After every class, I always emerge renewed, re-aligned and feeling more like myself. Like a breath of fresh air. A must for any yogi - aspiring or advanced. And, when in Boston, Minneapolis you must make sure to take a class with her live, too! Thank you Sarah and continue the beautiful work!!
I started yoga in 2003 and I have been taking classes with Sarah for over 2 years now. In the 7 years I have not met another instructor so careful of what her students need. Her classes are almost like they are custom tailored for any pain you might have. The way she suggests modifications and alternatives and helps correct your allignment enables you to enjoy challenging poses without fear of injury. I have recommended her classes to 4 of my friends who are at different levels of familiarity with yoga and all 4 have become regulars for her classes (vinyasa and hatha) and podcasts.
I have been a student of Sarah's for over two years (in both Minneapolis and Boston), and I haven't encountered another instructor that even remotely compares to the creativity and diversity of her teaching and her attention to detail. Each class of hers is a small, wonderful little journey! I had taken many yoga classes before I met Sarah, but didn't understand the practice well, and (despite the cliche) the first class I took of hers really did change my perspective about my practice. Her classes are wonderful regardless, but I found them extremely helpful in recovering from a back injury. I highly recommend Sarah's classes to anyone needing a small frame of happiness!
Sarah's live classes, and podcast classes are the best I have found. Sarah has a simple way about her instruction that really brings mind, body, and spirit together. Thanks Sarah. Keep up the good work!
Sarah is an incredible yoga instructor - the best you will find. Here are some reasons why: In addition to her yoga training and practice, Sarah's professional dance background gives her an extensive and intricate knowledge of body alignment and techniques of relating to the body. She has a deep understanding of the philosophies at the heart of yoga and incorporates them into her classes. Her wholistic, mindful approach leads to benefits deeper than fitness and flexibility alone (though these of course happen, too!) Sarah's classes are focused and challenging while simultaneously lighthearted and creative. You will rarely do the exact same sequence twice in her sessions. Sarah is open-minded and mindful of the needs of her students, often describing how to adjust practice to cater to personal intentions or limitations. She is a warm, compassionate person who lives and practices what she teaches. She is a truly dedicated and inspirational instructor. SPREAD THE WORD!
Sarah is an incredible yoga teacher and an inspiring source of humor, creativity, compassion, honesty, introspection, and proper alignment. Her classes are challenging for the body, grounding for the mind, and incredibly instructive towards improving your practice and your alignment. Sarah creates incredibly creative and fun flow sequences. Sarah is a dancer as well as a yogi and so I think her dance experience helps her choreograph the flow in totally cool ways. Often in a class, I will be doing a flow of familiar poses in a new and interesting sequence. Her style is creative and at the same time grounded in yogic tradition. She is truly a beautiful, brilliant, and inspirational yoga teacher. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend class and podcasts with Sarah!