The 20 Minute Runner

Reviews For The 20 Minute Runner

If u want a great description of chi running go back the #60's podcasts. Those, coupled with the current periodic reminders about form, make this podcast invaluable to me.
This is quite a good podcast devoted to running. Roland shares a great deal of info on running and running gear. He also shares stories about his life, family and the area where he lives. I look forward to each new episode. A great running companion.
I just found your running podcast a couple weeks ago. I have been listening to the Chi episodes on long runs to help me to do my body scanning and to remember to correct my technique. Chi running is helping me a lot however I do have to be diligent with it. I know distance and speed will come. Keep the podcasts coming! I enjoy listening to them and about your experiences on your runs.
Just heard this podcast on I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. It's thoroughly entertaining and definitely distracting on a long run. Keep up the great job!
Roland is just a pleasure to listen to. He has a passion for running. He is a man of faith. He is the kind of person that you would randomly sit next to on an airplane or bus for hours and at the end of that time you would have a new friend. I look forward to his podcasts. I have corresponded with him several times and he was very appreciative of my comments and input to the podcast. Enjoy!
Hey! First-time podcast listener (Epi #60) and enjoyed it very much! Don't know if I will be able to listen to all the back Episodes but will listen to all future ones!! I HIGHLY recommened this podcast for runners of all levels!
Join Roland as he endeavors to break the 20 minute 5k, not record a 20 minute podcast. Listening to Roland is like a conversation with a good friend.
Just the right mix of comments on running and side topics that provide additional inspiration for thought. Listening to Roland comment on his own running experiences keeps me motivated to the task at hand- running, while the other themes each week helps keep the bigger world in perspective and reinforce the value of one activity that helps in many areas -running. His speaking style keeps you engaged without requiring any concentration that takes away from your own thoughts or avoiding tree roots or cars. Overall a low key and well done podcast to occupy the time when running.