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Reviews For Ave Maria Radio: Catholic Connection

She doesn’t teach the basics. Jesus said, “if you don’t eat my body and drink my blood you have no life in you”. Jesus did not start His church for no reason. Salvation only comes through the Catholic Church! Don’t be fooled by her. Listen to the podcasts of “sermons for everyday living “ if you need proof!
Love your program. God Bless you for the gift God gave you to communicate.
If the host would do a better job of questioning guests her show would be better. Teresa you over talk it! M.J. McKay
It is so refreshing to hear Catholic radio here in the west and Teresa adds nice insight to the news and the guests she has. I love her pro life perspective! It just gives her even more credence.
I used to listen to Teresa every morning via the internet. After my IPod, I got out of the habit. Other "portable" media took over. Glad to add the show on to my daily playlist!
Teresa does a fantastic job sharing relevant Catholic topics that address current events which impact moral values! Her interview style and direct questions with guests make this show very worthwhile. Keep up the great work Teresa!