Lovers and Other Strangers

Reviews For Lovers and Other Strangers

Back when L&OS was still on the air, I used to pick it up on CHFI FM 98.1 on just about every night. Sadly, it seems like L&OS is no longer broadcasted. Definitely a shame, as the program has gotten me through a lot of tough times and certainly the emotional rollercoaster-ing that comes with the rage and immaturity of my adolescence. Wish there were more of this. I miss you, Don~
I am so delighted to have searched, and found these wonderful gems preserved for our enjoyment! I used to lie in bed with my new husband, listening to and then drifting off to sleep to Don's soft and melodious voice. THANK YOU to whomever had a part in saving these for all to enjoy! πŸ’˜πŸŽΆπŸ’€
You must listen to these podcasts! They are amazing you will never regret downloading these, they will make you want more and be hooked for ever! I have been a listener for 20 years and how great to get them iTunes!!
Dreamy, relaxing, thought provoking, romantic, classy and very easy to listen to especially later at night.
The womderful music selections perfectly fit the programs theme. Don's words are: enlightening, soothing and very comforting. His show is a wonderful way to unwind or escape from the conflicts of the day.