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It's a short listen, a novella in print terms, but it won't FEEL short. From the moment Hutchins starts speaking, you're hooked for the rest of the ride. First off, the quality of this is good. So many times I try out a chapter of an audiobook I really WANT to love, but the author is just reading his words, not actually telling us a story. Not so with JCH. He's not as good as Sigler in terms of terror-but he's right up there with the best. I love how our protagonist has a dark past, a terrible near-incapacitating fear, and a violent understanding of the real meaning of crazy. I wish the story was longer, but now I'll have to go and buy the sequel. :)
While I miss the reading of the story by the author. Reading Dark Art has been so are a great writer. Thanks for taking me on this fictional journey.
This is Totally captivating and did for me exactly what it was meant to do which is go buy the sequel "Personal Effects: Dark Art" at the book store. This is one of J.C.'s best, and that's saying a lot because I really, really liked his 7th Son series. The characters are craftfully developed in such a way that makes you feel like they are familiar to you. I love the main character, Zach and the granddaughter of the old bat in the Psychiatric hospital. You might even find yourself with a soft spot of the old lady if you're not careful! You've got to listen to this book, and then go out and buy the sequel. You won't be sorry.
Thank GOD J. C. Hutchens has come out with a new story! This one is amazing just like all of the rest. I am so impressed with his style of writing and love the stories that you can get lost in! If this is the first J.C. Hutchens story for you, you must go back and listen to the rest. It will be well worth your time
I love Hutchins- his work is excellent. This story is no exception to that- the plot is wonderful. I only had two problems with it. First, I didn't think that there was enough evidence in this for Rachel to suggest that Spindle may have stolen the blood sword- it just seemed to come out of nowhere & didn't seem like an organic suggestion- it seemed forced. The other complaint is that the characters themselves were a little obnoxious & pretentious. Every podcast they kept dropping little pop culture references to show how "quirky" they were... and it got sort of annoying. (Plus Taylor was a little self absorbed.) I was willing to accept the whole character thing b/c I liked that they weren't perfect & flawless characters- sometimes it's nice to have characters like that. Overall, the story was awesome & you can't beat getting it for free!


By Kebe76
I have loved everything written by J.C. Hutchins....this was by far my favorite. Okay, maybe they are all my favorites I loved the 7th Son Trilogy....Listen to this you will not want it to end!!!!
Browseing through iTunes audiobook section, I saw a wicked looking book cover with a triangle inside a human eyeball. OK, what's THIS about. It's Scott Sigler's "Infected". Excelent book, move on to do all of Sigler's stuff. Sigler keeps talking about Hutchins, so okay let's see what this 7th Son thing is all about. Took me a chapter or two to catch on but after that, Wow! Now, I keep heating about this book and the other he's publishing. I will be buying that book. I'm amazed that stories of this quality are free on iTunes. Good plan for exposure, I otherwise would never have taken a risk with buying a little know author.
this was my first downloaded podcast and my favorite! i'm just not sure when more episodes will be available. hope they arrive soon!
JC is doing awesome with this BUT he said there would be update (new chapter) in about a week. That was over a month and half ago :( I really really despise writing bad reviews but this is starting to be really common. The Leviathan chronicles, The Byron Chronicles, and now JC, I could name more but you get the point. What I don't want to see is this turned into something that just falls off like the Byron chrons did. Kick it into gear JC
I enjoy J.C. Hutchins' work, it is always filled with anticipation and exciting scenes. I loved his 7th Son Trilogy, although it made me cry and laugh out many times, and even when I hated Killroy 2.0, he turned it around so I eventually loved the maniac! Sword of Blood is captivating and I am dying to download the next episodes. I am really interested in this podcast because I am an artist and love listening about an art therapist, not to mention his girlfriend who plays video games! I love video games, especially Halo. I like Henrietta the best! She is quirky and sweet and has an iPod, which makes anyone cool in my book. No PC's for me! Apple all the way! I know I rambled, sorry, but too late now!
Yes I went there, 7th Son was good but it never grabed like the great FDO. Thes blew my mined and I need more NOW
Was eagerly awaiting something new from Hutchins - this doesn't disappoint. Jonesing for more chapters already. Nice to get a new world to explore and am looking fwd to more of this prequel and the main PE hardcover.
This is the prequel to J.C. Hutchins new book Personal Effects: Dark Arts, and it is intense. If you are a Sigler fan you should listen to the great and powerful FDO and subscribe to this terrifying horror podcast. Understand, the podcast is as good as anything J.C. has written previously (7th son trilogy) and the novel is even better. This is straight up supernatural horror as opposed to his techno thrillers he has written previously, and it is terrifying. The characters are well thought out, fully fleshed and will have you concerned for their welfare as soon as the blood starts painting the wall. So addictive, you won't even notice the DT's until you find yourself buying his Hardcover novel.
JC has done it again. I love his other work (7th son) but somehow this is even better. Sword of Blood is FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!! I don't know how he does it, I'm just glad he does.
This prequal to the book Personal Effects: Dark Art is worthy of your disk space. Check it out now and enjoy the show! You wont be sorry.
Such an amazing author, cant wait to dig into another!!! Leaves you wanting more and more! THANK YOU!!!


By ksquar
I loved listening to 7th Son! This book, Sword of Blood, is starting out very well. I can't wait to download more episodes!