The Takeover

Reviews For The Takeover

This is both very funny and has some excellent social comentary!
This was a great storyline. Hopefully someday it turns into an ongoing podcast series because the potential is limitless. I have loved every title from the author so keep up the great work Mur. And crap that song gets stuck in my head.
I have to say I became a fan of Mur Lafferty after this book my second favorite is playing for keeps. You not feeling good today like zombies? then listen to this one i promise you wont regret it.
Characters are great, love the twist on a comedy zombie podcast, theme song is hilarious. The only problem is tht theres only 10 short episodes. Please make more !!
I really enjoyed the story and the reader. It was funny and did not drag. Thank you for the podcast
Great characters, great fun. It's like spending Halloween with comedians.
I listened to the whole story and it so wasn't worth it. The beginning song was the only good thing.
I loved this audiobook, from the opening song, through the great scenes, to the ending song. What a hoot! Will there be a sequel? Please?
This is funny and well-acted by the cast. The theme song is great and reflects the humor of this audiobook. I liked the twist on office politics and enjoyed this book so much, I was done with it before I knew it. I am waiting for Mur Lafferty's next book.
This was a great story well played out. I enjoyed it so much. I wish it hadn't ended